10 Ways To Earn Passive Income With A Simple Website

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So I've discovered 10 different ways That you can make money with one simple Website you could follow just one of These ways and have some extra income on The side or you could use all 10 ways on One site to create a full-blown digital Real estate business I've spent the last Decade quietly locking down some of the Most lucrative Search terms in finance Across my portfolio of different blogs Since 2018 these blogs have generated Over half a million dollars in Revenue With 80 to 90 percent profit margins all As a part-time effort so in this video I'll finally be opening up the curtains On that business model here's what we're Going to be covering number one I'm Going to show you how to get a 51 open Rate on your email campaigns because This is something we have done ourselves With one of my blogs number two I'm Going to show you ways to monetize a Brand new website with one art article And zero traffic I'm also going to show You a 100 profit margin passive income Stream for your next website and then Stick around to the very end of this Video to learn about how you can stack All of these different monetization Methods in order to make over a hundred Thousand dollars in profit in 12 months Or less so before we talk about the Different ways to make money with a Simple website I want to talk more about

This digital real estate just so you Better understand the business model so We're going to use the words blogging And website and digital real estate Interchangeably here but we're talking About the same thing it's something That's out there on a digital format Where people can visit it and it becomes An information center that you yourself Have control of and so the best way to Understand this is to think about a Gatekeeper business and the one that Most people are familiar with is Traditional cable TV so through this for Many many decades millions of households Paid every single month for a monthly Cable subscription and then through this TV stations themselves controlled the Flow of media so just keep those factors In mind the gatekeeper component and Then controlling the flow of something So with old school television it was Controlling what shows got on air but it Also went above and beyond this because They were also able to control their Advertisers and all sorts of different Factors related to this thing that they Had built now with blogging you are Going to provide most if not all of your Content for free so the gatekeeper Component isn't necessarily charging People to access your content it's going To be free to be available from people Who are doing Google searches all across

The world so your articles are going to Garner traffic it's what you do with That flow of traffic that becomes the Gatekeeper component so once you lock Down a given search term which means you Rank first or maybe second Interchangeably over time you become the Gatekeeper for that search term so let Me give you an example using one of my Blogs investingsimple.com if you go on Google right now and search for best Extended hours brokerages you should be Getting a box at the Top Auto populated By Google which answers that question Sourced from my blog investingsimple.com That says the six best brokerages for Pre-market and after hours trading so Investing simple and the owners one of Which being me are The Gatekeepers of That particular search term meaning that We control the flow of traffic when People visit that article and we decide What to do with that traffic so for Example if somebody searches for this on Google and and finds our information box If they want to learn more about it they Can click on the article and then within The article they're going to get a Number of different brokerages that Offer extended trading hours one of Which being Robin Hood which we are Affiliated with so then if somebody Reading that article determines that They want to open up an account with

Robinhood they can click on that button At the bottom and get a free stock in The process and then we earn a Commission when they sign up so we Control that flow of traffic and this is Just one of the many Search terms we Have strategically locked down for Monetization so now that you understand This gatekeeper component of blogging And how you want to lock down Search Terms and control that flow of traffic Let's now talk about the different ways You then make money with all of that Free traffic coming from Google so the Most common method for making money with A Blog plug is displayed ads it's the Most basic and one-dimensional form of Monetization and it's really not going To make you a ton of money unless you Have a Blog that generates a ton of Eyeballs so on average the blogs in my Portfolio generate around 25 000 to 50 000 hits per month based on The current market conditions that we Are in you'd really want to have a Blog That had like a million hits or month to Make a meaningful amount of money with Display ads it's also important to Understand that where you place ads on Your blog is going to have an impact on What's called ux or user experience and Then that is going to have an impact on Google ranking your blog in search Results but if you do decide to do this

You can take advantage of the Google Display Network which covers ninety Percent of Internet users globally and You're going to want to learn about two Things here called CPC ads and CP PM ads Now all of this is going to be running In the background automatically but this Is how you're going to be making money CP is cost per click advertising where You pretty much wouldn't make money Unless somebody is actually clicking on That particular ad and that's going to Be automatically placed by Google and Then CPM ads are more for Impressions or Just views and it's a acronym that Stands for cost per Milli or how much You make per 1000 Impressions now the CPM and CPC that you get paid as an Advertiser is going to vary a lot based On the niche that you are in so for Example we don't run any display ads on My blogs but if we did we are in a Pretty profitable Niche so we would make More as a CPM than you would for example With like a dog food blog but on average You could expect to earn around a two Dollar and fifty cent CPM on your Website or 250 per 1000 hits so at one Thousand unique visitors per day which Is typically what many of my blogs are Seeing you'd be making 75 dollars per Month so because of the negative impact It generally has on ux a lot of people Skip this all together and move on to

Better forms of monetization but I did Want to include it because it's one of The most popular methods that you will See across the internet another thing to Consider is that if you plan on doing Affiliate marketing or other forms of Making money like that well oftentimes Your Affiliates are usually running ads Too so you always want to consider Whether or not one monetization strategy Could be cannibalizing the other and so What I mean by that is let's say you Have a affiliate relationship with Betterment where you make a set dollar Amount and they're also running cost per Click ads on different blogs that Automatically show up on your website Well what if somebody clicks on that ad And you only make like let's say four Dollars for example whereas if they used Your affiliate link you would have made Forty dollars well in that scenario you Just lost 36 dollars because of Cannibalizing your monetization Strategies okay so the question becomes If you're not running ads on your Website how do you make a lot of money With these blogs that don't necessarily Generate tons of traffic well the most Popular method is in body affiliate Links and this is pretty much what you See right here on the bottom right where We have that button or below it the text That is highlighted and those are

Different ways that you can just link Out to other partners and Affiliates and Earn Commissions in the process and so The best way I like to describe this in The blogging world is that if display Ads are preschool then in body affiliate Link are the equivalent of kindergarten Meaning it's a very basic way to make Money it's a little bit better than ads But you're going to find that doing Other things on your website will Generate a lot more money in the future So if you're not familiar affiliate Links are essentially a unique tracking Link that each person gets that allows Conversions and sales to be attributed Back to you and then you generally earn A dollar amount Commission in the Process which could be a flat rate or it Could also be a percentage based on what The particular affiliate opportunity is Now a lot of people get started with the Amazon Associates program which allows You to earn a small commission linking To most products available on Amazon but Over time the commission rates there Have dropped a lot and now you're Generally making like a one to five Percent commission on different product Categories so again you can make some Money there but it's not going to be the Lion's Share of your your profits Generated from affiliate blogs so moving On from that you have an affiliate

Network which is basically a place where You have many different affiliate offers So you yourself as a content creator can Go on there and partner with different Companies on an affiliate basis and Track all of that in one place and get Your money and get yourself paid so down There on the bottom left are some Examples of screenshots from one of our Affiliate networks called impact radius And this is for the investing simple Blog which is all about investing in Stocks crypto and real estate so the Blog isn't generating as much money as It was last year but even so you can see There that we had a balance owed to us There of 2300 bucks or so in this Particular affiliate Network and then Our pending payment was about 4 700 so Um you know for a Blog that doesn't Generate a ton of traffic it is a decent Amount of money I will say that now what I have found with my different blogging Endeavors is that well-placed affiliate Offers can usually convert at around Three percent of your traffic and this Comes down to having the right offer in Terms of the right affiliate product and Then High intent behind that particular Article so over time what we found is That having the right type of content Mixed with the right affiliate offer is What really allows you to make the most Money and then these other strategies

That show you you know different places Where you can put affiliate links for Example are just going to pretty much Accelerate that basic concept so just Keep in mind right offer plus High Intent is really where the money is at And so with affiliate marketing you're Going to have to start learning about The concept of a funnel and then Conversions through that funnel process So you're going to think about the top Of your funnel being the free traffic Coming from Google or maybe even paid Traffic if you decide to do that down The line and that is going to be your Total number of Impressions and from There a certain number of people are Going to click on your actual article And that can be based on wording and Different things like that and then you Have a number of unique site visitors Who actually land on your particular Article now from there you're going to Have people clicking on the links within Your article which are probably going to Be in body affiliate links there could Also be buttons and then we're going to Get into some of the other ways to add Affiliate links in tables and other Methods later on in the video so from There there's different places they can Click on your page that allow you the Affiliate to get paid and so for example On that three percent conversion from 1

000 unique clicks you may expect 30 People to click on your affiliate offer And then let's say from there this Results in 10 leads for your affiliate That you get paid on so with this type Of blog make you a ton of money or not a Lot of money well it really depends on Your affiliate offer so let's say for Example the affiliate offer is a 10 book On Amazon well you would earn a 4.5 Commission on that sale which would be 45 cents so from your 10 leads you'd be Making four dollars and fifty cents Meaning that that's really not going to Be a ton of money by any means but on The other hand let's say you actually Have an affiliate product that's 175 Dollars per accredited lead and that is What we get paid for one of my other Blogs well in this case those 10 leads Would earn you one thousand seven Hundred fifty dollars being a much more Meaningful Revenue source so you don't Need a ton of clicks to make a lot of Money you need the right offer High Intent and that's how you make money so If you want to make money with a ton of Traffic you know you can do displayed Ads and go after that type of strategy But in order to make money in a simple Manner you can just go after the you Know the right kinds of Articles where There's High intent behind them where The the reader is ready to make a

Decision about signing up for something Or doing X Y or Z and then knowing the Right offer to put in that person's Viewpoint that's also you know the Proper recommendation that's part of it As well is you know making the right Recommendations for people and then Building Rapport and trust with your Audience over time so the next one is Pretty simple and that is just email Marketing so one problem that you're Going to run into with your blog is that Your audience is anonymous and although You are probably tracking them in Google Analytics you don't have any information About them and as soon as they leave Your website well if they don't come Back on their own you you're never ever Going to have that opportunity to Interact with them again so your goal With this strategy I know it sounds kind Of weird but it's to own your audience Now you're never going to own your Entire audience but in the same way you Think about converting a percentage of Those Impressions to clicks on your Affiliate offers you want to think about Converting a percentage of those Impressions to sign ups for your email Lists for various different offers and So what I recommend doing it's a very Simple strategy is you take the best Article on your website which should Also be the longest it's normally called

Your Cornerstone content in turn that Itself into the lead magnet which allows You to collect emails so these days Nobody's just going to hand you their Email for free you need to offer Something and so this can be a really Simple way to accomplish that there is Simple WordPress extensions that allow You to create a pop-up that shows up as People are ready to exit at your website This is exactly what we do over on Farmlandriches.com if you want to see That in action and then all you're going To do after that is create an email Autoresponder to passively promote your Affiliates and offers or you can also Promote the best articles on your Website that then link out to your Different affiliate offers and what's Great about this is with an Autoresponder it's the kind of thing Where you just have to build it once and Then you can earn money passively and if Your final objection here is that oh I Don't want to pay for email marketing Well convertkit is what we use for most Of my blogs and it's free for up to the First 300 subscribers and so you don't Actually need to have a massive list Either to make money and get a bunch of Clicks for example this right here to Your right is the actual lead magnet for Farmland riches and in total we have 789 Email subscribers but they're very

Constant concentrated and specific and So as a result of this being so Concentrated we get a 51 open rate and a 14 click rate I'll cross our entire list So we've sent out a total of 13 000 Emails to just those 789 people which is A lot of emails and had a 51 open rate So think about how that compares to Maybe your email marketing efforts or Something else or somebody else's out There it's not a huge list but you don't Need a huge list to make a lot of money So there you go make a lead magnet use One of your best articles that you Already have and start owning a Percentage of your audience over time so The next strategy here is a sponsored Banner or sponsored posts or potentially Even doing sponsored email campaigns and One of the many things I love about Blogging and digital real estate is that Once you have another monetization Strategy you can then monetize that Strategy itself in many ways so let me Explain once you have an email list Established you can then sell that email List or basically rent it out in the Form of sponsored posts now of course You want to vet these opportunities and You don't want to alienate your audience Or do anything that's not reputable or Following the Golden Rule but if it Aligns with your audience you can make Money doing sponsored email marketing

Campaigns so per the FTC which is a big Government organization that you don't Want to mess with all sponsored content Must be labeled as such and this is also True even if you are just simply given Something for free the value of that Must be disclosed in a clear manner to Your audience but above and beyond that At that point you can have a company Paying you you know a monthly amount of Money or a set fixed fee for a sponsored Placement and everything is allowed so If you're looking to go the sponsored Post route the amount of money you're Going to get paid is based on your brand At the end of the day you'd think it was Your traffic but it's really the brand So if you want to get a lot of money for Sponsored posts you're going to have to Build a brand around your website which Might include logos and social media Presence and that kind of thing and Being omnipresent across many different Platforms versus just a simple One-dimensional informational blog but If you're looking to make money with a Banner which is something that we do With one of my other blogs we have a Monthly Banner sponsor which you can see Pictured here on the Farmland riches Website well in this scenario the reason We're able to do that is because our Traffic is so concentrated and targeted To the topic of Farmland investing so if

You want to do a long-term Banner deal Which could give you passive recurring Revenue so I would highly recommend it You need to focus in on one defined Topic and you can't be going after all Of these different topics because as Soon as you have many different Categories of Articles bringing eyeballs To your website all of a sudden you lose That laser focus which is what allows You to make a ton of money from a small Amount of traffic so all of these people Coming to Farmland riches are already Interested in land investing or Timberland investing or many of these Different targeted keywords and so it Allows us to monetize it very Effectively so if you decide to do Sponsored posts you're usually going to Find they're going to be about 500 up to Two thousand dollars per article Depending on largely like I said your Brand really the Holy Grail is that Sponsored Banner because then you're Earning that passive recurring Revenue But that is a long-term strategy where You have to lock down specific Search Terms over time with a targeted category Of reader in mind so the next way to Make money is taking your affiliate Links and instead of just putting them In body you put them in a couple of Different locations so if you do have a Blog that has traffic related to many

Different topics maybe you can't Necessarily do a sponsored Banner but You can still take advantage of that Digital real estate within your blog or That space above your header image to Make money with different affiliate Offers so that's where affiliate banners Come in and then from there you can also Put together tables that are different Ways that people are able to learn about Opportunities on your blog for different Affiliate offers and so those are both Different ways to just get more Affiliate links present on that page Which is just going to increase the Number of Clicks in and believe it or Not something as simple as putting Affiliate tables and there's one on the Bottom left there into a Blog can Literally double the amount of money That it's making when we first rolled This out on investing simple I will Never forget because it was just sort of Something we learned about as we were Trying to just make more and more money With the existing blog and we rolled out The affiliate tables and automatically We started making four thousand dollars More from the same exact Affiliates the Same amount of traffic at that point in Time just by adding these affiliate Tables and having more links present Also keep in mind that these affiliate Banners and affiliate tables can also

Enable you to make money from articles That aren't necessarily targeted or Geared towards a specific affiliate so For example a lot of the content you'll See on investing simple is related to Our Affiliates like Weeble Robinhood Etc So let's say we have an article called What is the minimum investment on Robinhood well we're going to make money With a Robinhood affiliate link but Let's say there's topics out there where There's people searching for them and we Could probably answer them and get that Traffic but we don't necessarily have an Affiliate well one example it's a search Term we have locked down it's kind of a Weird one it's is fifty thousand dollars Per year a good salary so off the top of Your head it would be sort of a Difficult article to make money with Because there's not necessarily a good Affiliate but that's a perfect example Of an article where you can just drop in An affiliate table or affiliate banners And just monetize that traffic even Though it's not related to that specific Article and then if you really want to Take things to the next level here what You can do is break off your articles Into categories and then have specific Tags for each category and then you can Have a different affiliate Banner Showing up for each tag so for example There's times when we do this with

Investing simple and we have a tax Related affiliate offer showing up on The tax articles a crowdfunded real Estate offer on the real estate articles And of course a brokerage offer for the Stock market ones and so this allows us To basically better slate those offers With the overall goal in mind of Increasing conversions and then once Again if you want to see those in action At the bottom left that is an affiliate Table and then on the bottom right you Can see an example of affiliate banners That can be used to make money on random Articles that would be difficult to Monetize otherwise now real quick guys I Do have to tell you about something Rather shocking did you know that 89 of Viewers here are not subscribed to the Ryan Scribner YouTube channel well I am On a mission to get that number to 88 Percent so do your part today by Following these three steps number one Most importantly click on subscribe and Then number two you're going to click on The bell and turn on all notifications That way you don't miss another video Just like this one there will be a Surprise if we crush this lofty goal so Do your part today subscribe and hit That Bell and then let's get back to the Video so the next way to make money here Is one for those who are rather Impatient and maybe you're not looking

To wait for Google to bestow free Traffic upon your website well that is Called affiliate Arbitrage so affiliate Marketing as we've covered already is Making money referring sales and earning A commission in the process and Arbitrage is the business model of Profiting from differences in price Markets so an affiliate arbitrager is Essentially combining these two things And their aim here is to spend money on Ads going to a specific article but Making more money in affiliate Commissions than they're spending in ads Now it sounds really cool but I will say It's easier said than done and it's Nothing we have ever personally tested On my websites so far we have totally Relied on free traffic and keep in mind Some of these blogs we've been operating Since 2018 so it's been over five years In some cases or close to five years of Traffic so these are very consistent Streams of traffic but nonetheless one Example you'll see a lot is the penny Hoarder and so they will deploy this Strategy quite frequently on social Media so you might see an ad on Facebook That has an article along the lines of Seven money moves on payday or this Example on the right here that says 12 Free mobile apps that help you earn Money for doing almost nothing the goal Is to get you to click on the article

From social media and then click on Something on that page and all of it is Going to be tracked in order to figure Out the conversion so let's say you had An article called seven money moves on Payday which was seven affiliate offers And your average earning per click Across those offers was six dollars and Then let's say from the paid traffic That you're running ten percent of those People ended up clicking on at least one Of those offers let's say you're able to Then buy one thousand clicks at a 50 Cent cost per click for five hundred Dollars now it's probably not going to Work out this way and this is just for Easy numbers sake for Um understanding the concept well at That point this is what your funnel Would look like 1 000 clicks on your ad Would result in 100 affiliate clicks Across the seven different offers on Average paying you six dollars in Earnings per click making you six Hundred dollars so in the process of Investing five hundred dollars into paid Ads you generated six hundred dollars in Affiliate Commissions profiting in the Process from there you would then scale Up your traffic making sure that you're Making the same amount of money and what You'll generally find is that as you Scale up with more traffic your Conversion is going to go down so this

Is why affiliate Arbitrage is a very Complicated business and you also have To make sure that your affiliate is Comfortable with you doing these things Now lastly one important consideration As well is you want to make sure that The affiliate agreement you have with Your affiliate Partners allows you to Run paid ads because some of them do not Allow affiliate Arbitrage so the next Way to make money is by offering free Trainings or what I call support tools And this can be accomplished in all Sorts of different business verticals But it works really well especially in Blogging I also do this across my YouTube videos where I offer free Trainings about my different affiliate Offers such as M1 finance and then this Allows me to generate more conversions In the process now this is going to be a Very important strategy for customer Retention and it's also going to be a Differentiating factor between why Somebody should use you versus your Competitor so for example if you decide To get into affiliate blogging there's Going to be dozens of competitors out There and so by offering free trainings And free guides on your website like That that sort of go above and beyond Just basic articles it differentiates You and puts you in a different quality Tier and it means that people may be

More likely to revisit your website Because it's higher value so my advice Here is don't just tell people what to Do you also want to show them how to do It this is also one of the many lessons From my upcoming book from sidehouse Muscle to main hustle to millionaire and So if you want to check it out at the Bottom right I took the screenshot of The particular section about offering Support tools and we're talking about Exactly this in this scenario here Whereby offering support and showing People how to do or use something you're Providing more value and increasing the Likelihood of conversions in the process So a few examples of this in action you Could create a free course around an Affiliate offer we have done that like I Said with M1 Finance you could also make A tutorial showing somebody how to do Something and what's cool about this is That these lead magnets actually then Become other ways that your email list Grows over time because every person That signs up for each one of these free Offers gets added to your system it Allows you to own more of your audience And so the more of these support tools You offer the higher your conversion Gets and the faster your email list Grows another way you can make money With your website we haven't done it Personally but it is to sell your own

Thing or things we like to focus on Affiliate Revenue it's very passive but There are many websites that sell their Own digital or physical products as a Viable method of monetization so a few Examples of digital products here Include courses that would be paid a Paid membership site with a gated Content that would be similar to cable TV the old model and then any type of Download for uh templates svgs things Like that and then physical products That work well for blogging and simple Websites include planners journals Merchandise if it's a personal brand and Then also any other type of e-commerce Uh which could also include Drop Shipping if you wanted to do that with Your simple website now one thing to Consider here is that if you are Somebody who is currently doing Drop Shipping and using Shopify or even if You're selling stuff on Etsy or maybe You're a freelancer and you put your Services on upwork or Fiverr well you Could just have this goal in mind of Having a simple website where you sell Your own thing directly and just cut out The middleman and any fees associated With that so that's also one of my Favorite ways to make money with a Simple website is just marketing your Own services and then collecting payment And cutting out that middleman to Simply

Make more money in the process and What's cool about this is that digital Products are 100 inventory free and so As a result of this it can be a 100 Profit margin if you sell a digital Product from organic traffic now I don't Do a ton with digital products anymore But I did make a decent amount of money With them in the past so for example at The bottom you can see this stock market Investing course that I put out in 2017 Which I made just over fifty thousand Dollars with and we didn't do too much With paid ads so that was like 95 plus Percent profit margin uh making it a Pretty decent opportunity at the time so Once you begin to run out of ways to Increase your conversion well how do you Make more money well another way is to Just start more sites because what's Cool with blogging is that there's a lot Of synergies between operating multiple Websites the longer you own and operate Blogs the more valuable they become and That's also one of the reasons why I'm Going to be really tripling down on this Business in general so if you operate Your blogs correctly and you keep Posting content they become more Valuable as you own them because of Something called domain Authority and This is pretty much a score that is Assigned to a given website domain and It's going to change over time based on

The quality and quantity of other Websites out there linking back to you As a res resource so if you keep the Same number of Articles out there and Just improve them over time or keep them Current you're going to gather more Links over time but if you add more Articles over time those new articles Are going to gather more links and then If you do both you know that's the best Of both worlds so that's one of the many Reasons why blogs just become more Valuable over time and so that's not the Case with all asset classes like think About a lot of dividend stocks for Example are these old uh companies with Archaic business models that are Potentially becoming less valuable over Time and are very intricate businesses With a lot of red tape so that's why I Like blogs and so just for an example Here of this domain Authority so Investingsimple.com has the highest Domain rating and you can see right here Three of our top uh links and that comes From moomoo.com a brokerage Thecollegeinvestor.com And then well-kept wallet so those are Three really high quality backlinks that Allow our site to have a really high Score there in the 42 being the number There and then Ryan o scribner.com is One of my older domains as well for my Personal brand and this has a score of

23 and farmlandriches.com has a score of 19. so you start out at pretty much zero And you work up to I think a maximum of Somewhere around 100 but somewhere in The 20s to 30s is a good goal to have in A couple years time and then maybe if You operate a website for 10 years or More that's when you get into that 50 Plus category and unless you're like a Media Titan you know that's that's how You get into like the 60 70 plus Category of domain Authority and all This means is that the higher your score Is it means in your given Niche you'd Have an easier time with having your Article show up as as the top result or Basically becoming the gatekeeper for Those Search terms now one thing I will Say is over time Google has done many Things updates to the algorithm allowing For it to be a more fair and Level Playing Field and that's what allows People like me with very simple small Websites to get in there and really Compete with some of the big players so I will say that this isn't the most Important factor anymore but it is still The biggest one that contributes towards Um you know whether or not your website Is ranking and what's cool is that once You have many different websites you can Link between them and share this ranking Authority across your different websites And think about just the different ways

You could link between different Websites that you have in terms of you Know best monetizing that traffic and Best navigating those people through Those answers so for example on Farmlandriches.com we do have a article That reviews acre Trader which is a Farmland investing platform now this Isn't something we're doing currently But what we could do is write an article On investingsimple.com called what is The minimum investment for acre Trader And then simply link from Farmland Riches to investing simple if we wanted To pretty much double down and you know Make money by linking out to that Particular answer on one of our other Websites so Um that's just one of the ways you could You know do that and basically leverage Content that you have across multiple Websites and make money directing people To your different sites but most Importantly it's sharing that ranking Authority that will allow you to have a Better faster easier time with getting Your articles to show up in Google Results and then finally as promised What's a skill that could allow you to Make a hundred grand in the next 12 Months well that would be selling Websites now you might be confused Initially here here but I just showed You how you can basically monetize

Simple websites in a very effective Manner and this took me about five years To learn and deploy all of these Different strategies so what you could Do now is acquire websites based on Their current level of monetization and Then you could simply improve the Monetization with what I showed you here And flip it for a much higher price Based on the higher profits in revenue Generated so I've already sold some Websites now in the past and they Generally sell for a valuation of three Times the annual net profit but what you Will find is that most blog owners out There just do not monetize their site Correctly and I'm not trying to throw Any shade but in particular if it's like A boomer operated blog they just usually Are up to date on things like affiliate Banners or affiliate tables and I Already told you about how something as Simple as affiliate tables enabled us to Make another four thousand dollars per Month so just think about how that would Bolster the valuation of that website so Let's say for example you buy a website On a place like flippa.com it's a Marketplace I'm not affiliated with them Or endorsed by them but they're they are A place that people do buy websites and I have some friends who have bought uh Some websites for around twenty five Thousand dollars over there but you can

Find them for way cheaper as well so Let's say you buy a website that's Generating one thousand dollars of Profit per month well based on the Multiple I had mentioned you'd expect to Pay around thirty five thousand dollars For that however right now A lot of People are looking for money because We're in tough times so I have seen Prices come down quite a bit meaning There are some deals to be had so let's Say you just take that website you just Paid 35 grand for it and you just add New income streams you just pick like Three of the ones I just showed you here And then you take that web website with The same amount of traffic from one Thousand dollars to two thousand dollars Of monthly profit by simply increasing The conversions well at that point You've just taken this website and Simply made more money with the existing Traffic you have which is really cool Because there's not a lot of other Businesses or asset classes out there Where you can just force the thing to Make you more money by deploying the Right strategies but blogging is Definitely one of them well let's say at That point when you've maximized your Conversion and the amount of money You're able to make per visitor this is When you then go out and try to maximize The amount of free traffic that you are

Getting from Google so with all of these New profits coming in you're going to Reinvest a lot of that into new articles That allow you to just grow the Website's total generated revenue and Traffic in the process so let's say by Doing that you scale up the traffic with SEO maybe you add an additional 10 12 Articles and you give them three months To marinade and then you know do their Thing and let's say that takes you from Two thousand dollars to four thousand Dollars of monthly profit well now it's Time to cash out and sell it for the new Profit multiple so if you sold that Website for the same three times Multiple that you paid you would now Generate one hundred forty thousand Dollars from that website so flipping Websites after improving monetization is Definitely one of the ways to generate The biggest amount of money from the Smallest amount of time but it is going To require you to have some upfront Investment Capital usually around ten to Twenty five thousand dollars to actually Purchase a website in the first place Now if you guys enjoyed this video and You're interested in learning more about Building an affiliate blog from scratch I'm actually going to be building one of These myself very shortly here and I'm Going to to be documenting the entire Process step by step as part of a free

Bonus for those who pre-order a copy of My upcoming book coming out in January So this is going to be a four-part bonus Called affiliate blogging 101 that's Going to walk you through the process of Every step involved with launching my Third affiliate blog so part one is Going to be about the planning and the Research involved because at the end of The day not every single Niche out there Is going to generate a ton of profits It's similar to how we talked about Earlier on generating clicks at you know A 4.5 percent commission for books is Never going to make you a ton of money Unless you have tons of traffic but Having the right offer can make you a Lot of money for a small amount of Clicks so being in the right Niche is Very important when it comes to making a Decent amount of money you know a couple Thousand dollars per month on a small Amount of traffic after that the next Part is going to be on content roadmap Where I show you how to outline your First 10 articles following the Hub and Spokes approach so there's not really Going to be any guesswork in terms of What articles you have to write in order To get that SEO you know game under lock And then get that free traffic from the Almighty Google after that part three is Going to be a live blog launch where I Go through everything involved with

Launching a self-hosted WordPress blog And then getting your content on the Internet and then finally part four your First year I'm going to leave you with a Operating plan for how to scale your Website and keep things going in the First year to set yourself up for Success so once again this is a Pre-order bonus for those who order a Copy of my book from side hustle to main Hustle to millionaire this course will Never be for sale and it's never going To be available any other way and if you Buy a copy of the book after it comes Out you will not get access to the Course so if you guys want to take me up On this offer all you have to do is Pre-order a copy of the book take a Screenshot of your pre-order Confirmation and then you're going to Block out any personal information and Then you just have to email that to me At info Ryanoscriptner.com or you could also Send me that on Instagram at Ryan Scribner official and if you do send it To me on Instagram be sure to include Your email as well as I will need that To enroll you in affiliate blogging 101 When it comes out later on in November So thanks so much guys for tuning in and If you enjoyed this video you're going To love the course this is going to be Shot in the same exact format just like

My YouTube videos and it's going to be Extremely high value and it's really Something I'm only going to be sharing Once because it's sort of my trade Secrets that have allowed me to you know Get to where I am at with my blogging Ventures and um this is really something I'm going to be focusing on in 2023 with Plans of launching at least one new Website probably every quarter in 2023. So if you guys want to pre-order a copy Of my book go to Sidehustlebook.info you can also find it Right on Amazon and don't forget to send Me that screenshot to get access to the Free course as a pre-order bonus when That comes out once again please help me Out with this goal here to get more People subscribed on my channel hit the Subscribe button hit the bell for Notifications and I hope to see you in The next video

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