1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin

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Since 1986 american eagle coins have Been recognized around the world for Their inspirational designs and as Enduring symbols of strength and freedom Signed into law by the father of the American eagle program president ronald Reagan these coins captivated the nation And inspired a new era of precious metal Ownership one of the us men’s most Popular designs the family of eagles has Now been retired after 35 years never to Be struck again to honor this iconic Image for the first time ever two former Directors of the united states mint Philip n diehl and edmund c moy have Joined forces on a brand new coin design A first in numismatic history Minted and designed exclusively for Clients of us money reserve the silver Legacy eagle coin takes flight from Where the original began in a spirited Tribute to the american family the Design shows twin eagles in flight Having finally left their nest they Soared together towards a brighter Future behind them the parental eagle Looks on in majestic profile a symbol of The values and traditions passed on by The previous generation The obverse features a shielded eagle Representing the protection of precious Metals against the backdrop of a waving American flag in the center of the Design three stars are emblazoned on the

Eagle’s shield the past the present and The future a nod to the importance of Preserving generational wealth the Silver legacy eagle is struck from .999 Fine silver and is authorized official Legal tender each government-issued coin Is backed for its silver weight content And purity each silver legacy eagle coin Is certified in the highest grades Possible by pcgs ms-69 and flawless Ms-70 each coin is encapsulated with an Exclusive pcgs specialty label enhance Your portfolio and build generational Wealth with the all-new silver legacy Eagle developed by u.s money reserve This exclusive release reimagines an American icon of precious metals Ownership and continues its legacy for a New generation You

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