China Moves To Flip The World Order – It’s Official Now!

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So China has said enough and in a Shocking move they are officially Warning the world about the dangers of The US dollar and I really think we are Moving towards an inevitable showdown Between the United States and China and It's likely going to be an economic War Because now China has publicly declared To the world there are views of America And more specifically the threat of U.S Hegemony now on the 20th of February 2023 China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Published a rather skating position Paper titled U.S hegemony and its perils And it's not some tabloid or speculation Piece is published by the Chinese Government itself now the paper is a Critical piece that points out five Areas of hegemonic power that China Believes the United States is abusing But for this video we're just going to Focus on the one that really matters to Most of us which is economic hegemony And it's very important to understand How strategic the timing of this paper Really was it came out just a day after The Munich security conference where Anthony blinken won China of Consequences if they supplied to Russia With weapon and just a few days ago U.S National security adviser Jake Sullivan Doubled down on this warning saying Beijing will have to make its own Decisions about how it proceeds whether

It provides military assistance but if It does go down that road it will come At real cost to China and the cost will Likely be economic sanctions on China And weaponizing the US dollar once again And this could hurt China's economy Badly in the short term especially as They are reopening after the lockdowns And what China is doing is prepping the World for eventual I Told You So moment Will China Supply Russia with little Aid I don't know and I hope not but it's Also unlikely that they will allow Russia to completely lose to the West Now we have China stop Diplomat wangi Meeting with Putin to deepen Thai saying Chinese Russian relations aren't Directed against any third countries and Certainly can't be subject to pressure From any third countries I think this is A clear statement that China will Continue to support the Russians even at The risk of Western sanctions and yes The United States isn't happy about this Turn of events the U.S ambassador to China Nicholas Burns calls the paper Crew propaganda and Unworthy of a great Power so I want to analyze China's Claims explain the points that they Touched on and once again you are free To believe if China's claims are right Or wrong and remember to leave your Views in the comments below Henry for Title like economic hegemony looting

Exploitation something tells me that China doesn't really like the US dollar Very much and China's first critique of The dollar is something that many of us Has known for a long time what is the Dollar really backed by and we know it's No longer goal and it's pure fiat Currency the paper States the United States exploits the world's wealth with The help of signing orange it costs only About 17 cents to produce a 100 bill but Other countries had to Pony up 100 of Actual Goods in order to obtain one now What China is pointing out is the main Benefit of owning the world Reserve Currency America gets to print up Trillions of dollars by debt Monetization through the Federal Reserve Which the rest of the world needs to Actually earn their dollars through the Physical markets now what does this mean This means you need to provide physical Goods or services valued at 100 US Dollars and get a currency physically or Digitally before you can spend it right So it takes time and effort compared to The FED which can just print money and China goes on to say the United States Enjoys exorbitant privilege and deficit Without tests creating by its dollar and Use the worthless paper note to plunder The resources and factories of other Nations and this is something that Peter Schiff have been saying for decades now

China has been sending America tangible Goods for paper dollars right and Obviously China still needs dollars to Suppress their own currency for their Exports to be competitive right but it's Safe to say they're unhappy with the Current state of affairs the reserve Currency isn't being managed well and Having the exorbitant privilege requires Deep responsibility so if a conflict Breaks out between the U us and China The dollar gives the United States a Tremendous Advantage for example if There's a rush for oil the treasury can Print up trillions of dollars from the FED to stockpile oil and push up Global Energy prices right and this will hurt China because they need to acquire or Spend more US dollars to buy oil from The Middle East they are supply of Russian energy isn't nearly enough and This will squeeze China's dollar Reserves and yes this will push Inflation up right but it won't be Instant and because dollar reserves are Held by almost every country at almost 60 percent the dilution of purchasing Power is spread out right and the person Who prints and uses the money first wins Now China's second critic States the Germany of the US dollar is the main Source of instability and uncertainty in The world economy and the people goes on To State how back in 2020 the U.S

Injected trillions of dollars into the Global market laying the seeds of the Inflation crisis we are having today and Remember that the Federal Reserve they Increase the balance sheet from 4 Trillion to almost 9 trillion that's a Ton of money pitted up by U.S bonds but That's not all the U.S increased the Money supply directly by injecting money Into the wallets of U.S consumers right And according to the IRS the payments Total 3 200 per individual from 2020 to 2021 so now people get more money to go Out and spend to buy stuff checking Inflation up while devaluing the Purchasing power of the dollar China Also goes on to point out how the Reverse is also true saying in 2022 the Fed and its Ultra easy monetary policy And turn to aggressive interest rate Hikes causing turmoil in the International Financial market and Substantial depreciation of other Currencies such as the Euro many of Which dropped a 20-year low and a report By the United Nations this currency Crisis is absolutely true just in the First six months of 2022 we can see Currencies in Emerging Markets all Collapsing against the dollar that Sri Lankan rupee fell by almost 80 percent In a Turkish Rock crash by 31 and the Argentine peso was down by 23 percent When Global currencies start to collect

Investors and capital or fly away from Emerging Markets to the US dollar right They swim to the ship they're sinking The slowest which is the dollar and this Strengthens the currency even further so Domestic inflation in the U.S is not as Bad as the rest of the world China knows This and the State of Affairs will Continue as long as the dollar is the World Reserve currency and I think every Country knows this by now as well but It's likely an agenda why China is Reminding every one of this fact maybe They are laying the groundwork for new Brics currency or maybe day one Countries to diversify out of the dollar Into assets like gold but the message is Clear guys the US dollar has the power To make or break your economy but the Next point is ugly China's biggest worry About economic war with the US and They've brought back a very interesting Trade war between the United States and Japan which America won and let's Quickly set the stage here back in the 19 80s Japan was Rising fast at the Economic power and began selling a ton Of stuff to the United States it reached A point where the trade imbalances were Getting locked sided right America was Running a deficit importing more stuff From Japan than exporting to them and to Combat this the United States went to Trade war with Japan according to China

To eliminate the economic threat post by Japan the United States leverages Hegemonic Financial power against Japan And concluded the plaza Accord as a Result the Yen was pushed up and Japan Was pressed to open up its Financial Market and reform its Financial system Now the plaza Accord was pivotal because It helped to devalue the dollar to America's Advantage the US they get it Germany France the UK and Japan itself To weaken the dollar against the Yen but That's not all President Reagan imposed 100 tariffs on 300 million dollars worth Of Japanese Imports and in the 80s 300 Million is a ton of money so if a car From Japan it costs 5000 was before After the tariffs is now ten thousand Dollars ten Grand double the price and No export-based country can survive such A blow for long and because of this you Make Japanese products and exports much More expensive and what happened next Was the chain of events that eventually Led to Japan's economic collapse in the 1990s and the last decade and this is What China is afraid of if economic Sanctions their step on China it could Manifest its tariffs on Chinese products Yes you heard American consumers by Increasing inflation right but damage Will also be done to Chinese Industries And we can see that the US Imports the Most goods from China coming in at over

500 billion dollars in 2021 and the Trade deficit between the U.S and China Stands at over 355 billion dollars so There's a lot of money on the line for China so China's laying out a focus of What could happen if economic War Happens down the road now China they are Laying down the justification of why They are pushing for bilateral trade Outside of the dollar right with the Middle East and with the bricks Nations Now the final point china made in their Position papers one that we are all Familiar with it is the biggest worry Many countries in the global South have Which is the power of U.S sanctions the United States had or has imposed Economic sanctions on nearly 40 Countries across the world including Cuba China Russia the dprk Iran Venezuela affecting nearly half of the World's population the United States of America has turned itself into the United States of sanctions and the worry Is Justified if we just look at China's Holdings of U.S treasuries they still Have over 860 billion dollars worth and These are dollar denominated assets held In U.S based custodians and broker Dealers so are technically within the Reach of American sanctions and China Still has over 3.1 trillion dollars of Forex reserves which includes Euro Holdings as well so if sanctions happen

China has a lot more to lose than Russia I remember that China needs a constant Inflow of dollars to keep the Yuan cheap For exports right and if they're cut Away from the dollar system you'll be a Huge crisis at least in the short term And I really want us to understand why China is starting to articulate the Dangers of U.S economic High Germany Today right they are basically outlining The reasons why they are moving away From the dollar system and more Importantly why the rest of the world Should join them as well and that's why I'm very interested in how China is Going to diversify out of the dollar Because there are only a few Outlets That really make sense the most obvious Is buying gold and they have been buying Tons of gold announcing their purchases For three months straight and they are Not going to stop gold is one of the few Central Bank assets that can store value And isn't subject to sanctions and the Other Outlet is to push the Chinese Yuan Far and wide as an alternative currency Now China's game going forward is to get Countries to use the Yuan directly to Buy their goods and services they need More bilateral trade to break away from The dollar system because if they can Buy goods from other countries using the Yuan then there's a lesser need to hold Dollars in their reserves and the moves

You are seeing today are basically China Trying to sanction prove themselves Against the US dollar right it's like in Business you're in a much better Position if you have 10 customers paying You 10 each then a single client that Accounts for 100 of your revenues so Let's understand how pivotal disposition Paper is it's coming before President XI Meets Putin and is setting up the stage For the bricks to discuss a new common Currency and I don't think China would Release such a statement unless they Know the momentum and the perception are Shifting against the dollar against the United States especially after it was Weaponized in 2022 and the confusion of Losing power is clearly showing on the Faces of the West and the Munich Security conference in Manuel macron was In a state of confusion saying that I am Struck by how we have lost the trust of The global South for just a few months Back he won that bystanders were Complicit in Russia aggression and they Have to take sides he's really no Surprise why the global South isn't Responding very well now things are Getting from bad to worse in Ukraine and We are on the verge of China and the U.S Entering another economic war and this Is why these few years are going to be Held for investors and a man on the Street right now will China Supply

Weapons to Russia I don't know and I Hope they don't but if it happens the U.S will likely sanction China and open Up the biggest Pandora's Box known to Man so let me know what you think what Will China's next move be to the Dollarize the world will they succeed Let me know in the comments below stay Safe be sure to smash the like button And subscribe as we navigate through These crazy times

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