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[Music] Let me ask you this YouTube Demonetized 50 of creators videos Overnight it's A source for this yeah that seems like a Lot yeah I said hello that's a bunch and A gut that seems like a lot I want to Make sure that we have the correct Information if not blame it on me take All take all mitigate all risks take all Liabilities but provide the asset big Lesson while we're looking for Cross-references YouTube what's up YouTube is demonetizing videos left and Right Um okay As the music industry is paying less Um so if you curse in the first eight Seconds of your video Um then they since Inception they're Gonna go and demonetize your Video Um because of course if advertisers have Less money to spend they want cleaner Content this is why I curse left here as Well Um thank you Now I'm joking no I'm happy too Um so they need cleaner content to run Ads against and it's a sign of recession Google stock is still down Um but I hate the entire sponsorship Pay-per-view Click per stream model anyway

Um so in some parts of it I love because I've always told everyone if you don't Build a real business around the content Or have a product or service to sell Against That viewership you're in trouble anyway [Music] Um so I think in this era people are Going to learn you have to build a more Sustainable business yes I think Mr Beast built an amazing model that is Very hard to be replicated and now he's Spending 20 million dollars on Production and I think that's incredible Right most people can't do that and also By the time you hear over Mr Beast At the time PewDiePie was the hottest Thing on earth and then he got surpassed You always have to look for the next Thing number two you have to look for a Business model that even if you have low Viewership Is able to produce High Revenue I can Argue there's probably 7 000 shows to Get more views than this I can guarantee You there isn't 10 y'all can name to Make more money than this show Number three stop relying on platforms To make you rich it is only their job to Make their shareholders and their Families Rich from that product You're going to see this happen too on Instagram Meta Even for reals like all That they want you to get 200 000 views

To get a 700 payout like what Why I'll just go get me 15 girls off Only fans like comment subscribe for More And be done and make way more money it Is Fibonacci girls come in 2023 probably Next week my guy hit me let's make that Happen Stop depending on platforms to make you Rich that is not their job to do so when Most of these tech companies cannot make Themselves rich Like if we have a real conversation About taking out Large-scale Venture Capital investments Into most of these companies most of Them will not be able to Generate billions of dollars and some of Them are making billions of dollars and Still at a loss Snapchat at a loss Everyone put in chat what are like five Of the biggest tech companies that are Negative in Revenue the last three years But they're publicly traded Gotta be careful Please be careful the content game is a Another Ponzi scheme too If I'm beat they got y'all making even Here 4K great and you sell your whole oh Let's talk about linza and AI oh it's Brilliant brilliant I had that app Five years ago right If you go through the terms and service Because I know everyone's saying well if

You're an artist you can take the AI to Make more art to sell your art here's The crazy part any photo or derivative That's what I have you load up 15 of Them they are able to sell all of your Creations that you put into their site In perpetuity plus the lifetime of your Children Without you making any money off of them Talk about a hell of a business model Like so let's talk about let's let's Talk about AI what are the two most Impromising features of AI that all Entrepreneurs are Implement in their Business before you do that can I just Clean up the the YouTube thing so yes There was some demonetization happening It was really focused on Gamers and they Were looking at gaming content as a Result the policy is taking an issue With the violence depicted in some video Games and more broadly and so they're Losing graphic video games that depict Graphic and dead bodies in a Non-educational video and Ultra graphic Filing Acts including those involving Law enforcement and injuries so I'm Thinking like when people are going on YouTube Call of Duty is one of those uh That's slippery because even fortnite Yeah it's right so even all these videos Had to pick that but there's also a new Policy and I would I suggest that people Read it um that they

How the demonetization is going to Happen starting in uh well it started at The end of last year so uh profanity the Rules have changed um and obviously Language and thumbnails thumbnails are Important to the viewership of videos And so there's a whole new thumbnails And titles and videos containing any Adult Links of Team language adult Material any sexually graphic acts um Are not going to receive Revenue there's A whole list and maybe I'll I'll Screenshot this and put this in and We'll put this up in the story or Something like that so people or let's Put it to the group text Yeah yeah but it's good and if you're a Content creator you should know these Things I know everybody doesn't read the Rules and regulations or the terms but It says it in here and so if you're Looking at your videos and wondering why Sometimes it's limited or not available For monetization they obviously have Changed the rules a little bit so good To know I forgot man uh AI artificial Intelligence Uh uh okay this is here and I will say That shout out to 19 keys he gave us a Dope um he gave us a dope walkthrough I Actually set up a a zoom call with the Team would earn your leisures team and His team

To give us Um best practices of how he's actually Been using artificial intelligence yep And I won't I won't say everything Um but he definitely gave us some really Dope Insight on things that I wasn't Aware of as far as how you can have Articles written for you how you can Have Um Titles written for you you know um Thumbnails different things that nature Made For You uh it was actually very Impressive And it was very interesting Um especially from a journalistic Standpoint I was very impressed with With the technology of how how I was Writing articles Um So I see a lot of benefit from there Especially and I'm sure a variety of Other different things but that's just The first hand experience that you know That happened pretty recently Um so what's your thoughts on artificial Intelligence I think suicides of a great I was having A conversation with keys on live I think The number one thing that Elon needs to Do with chat GPT is to have a paid Subscription for the top 10 000 Influencers to have chat GPT create all

Of The tweeted content to make it go viral Um since now he's speaking can you can You tell the people what Chad gbt is it Is a Um AI company that allows you to write Articles headlines scripts even if you Want to like do outlines for shows like We're going to see way more investing Content the top 10 lessons you need to Learn on investing from chat GPT right So it Aggregates all the information and It writes Um articles and information out for you I think it's great but even at the core Of it a lot of what is missing is soul And heart so you can have a list of 10 Things but if you don't have real life Experience with it it's not gonna hit The same Um but if Elon of course bought Twitter And he is an investor in chat gbt it Would be a great Arbitrage play to tell influences hey Instagram is dying slowly Um now use this and pay us a thousand a Month or three thousand a year and we'll Write all your tweets for you and allow You to go viral and get more reach and Have ai do it for you that is a win at Some point that will be put into test The software that I think will be a Great Advantage there and it will allow You to scale the thing that it will not

Give you go ahead Now I was going to say it's interesting Because the same things and the flows That you're saying they're aware of it So there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about um chat GPT I know Some people like what was the letters g Uh PT they actually took a survey of What people were saying about how the Platform is performing one of the things That they said is like even when it's Automated right so it's a language it Actually uh optimizes language for you It doesn't have an authentic feel to it It still feels a little bit robotic so a Lot of people were creating their Resumes on there and it was it was I Mean it was crisp but it didn't have Authentic stories from it was just Whatever you told it and so that thing Was like okay we're gonna go back now And our new Venture is how do we add That component to it and so they already Know the flaws and they're like all Right let's fix them before the the General because I feel like even now There's a majority of the population Probably doesn't know what it is yet Yeah but they will shortly right because It's one of those things and I think the Most valuable thing and kind of what we Saw was like how it allows you To get back your time right rather than Writing an article you can dictate a

Sentence and it can create a four-page Article for you which obviously takes Back a lot of time for you from from an Automation standpoint so it's Interesting they're very aware of the Flows and they're like the same thing That you just said and I was like wow That's crazy that you said it because The article is based on that like they Know what the performance flaws are They're working on them right now to Update them which makes it a easy Acquisition talk because it's really SEO Game it makes it a good Target for Google to buy it and even with that like I always say when everyone was talking Crypto and nft no one was talking Automation when I told everyone by 2030 They want to have all jobs automated 25 Off of human beings So look ahead because the thing that They're pushing to you is not the next Wave like by the time they're pushing it To you in your face they already are Working on something else I think it Does give you scale but let's say Hypothetically you make a show and you Call it Market Mondays part two And you write all of your content in Chat GPT what is stopping Google from Taking all the information and seeing The data the analytics from that show And then going to create it against you

With actual Artificial intelligence because that's Not really AI a skill that's like the consumer Version now the B2B and be the Government is different and way more Robust my fear as I Illustrated with Lindsay a lot of people are going to try To build their businesses off of Automation and guess what because you Haven't read terms of service they have Rights to all of your information and Data and can they can now take your Information in Aggregate and use it Against you to put you out of business And guess what there's nothing you can Do about it but you're gonna Sue Google You're gonna Sue Elon does not work Automation is key but if you are not Building some of your own proprietary Software to keep that data in-house That's why like I never Farm out when It's time for me to call the numbers for Weather invest I never farmed that out Because I don't want it to get stolen or Sold off If you're putting your best ideas up on These platforms and they're charging you 300 a year As we've seen with GameStop and Robin Hood when they're selling that data who Are they taking that data and selling it To why wouldn't Spotify come to chat gbt And say hey I'll give you 100 million

For every lyric song that was written in There and then if I get the AI robot to Actually work then it doesn't look like A buffoon and I make this go crazy and We create a digital Bad Bunny with all Y'all writing your songs in here it's Over with it You can call me conspiracy theorists They take the voice too just automate The whole voice over yep At scale It's robbery season right now man if Y'all not paying attention This era is going to produce people that Make 50 and 80 and 100 million dollars In like four or five years and then it's Going to be a class of people who are Just like broken destitute what side of The coin you're going to be on are you Going to get rich and wealthy in this Area era from this information are you Going to sit on the sidelines and Complain [Music] I know they can't stand it

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