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[Music] Uh what are top three things Traders Should be tracking in their trading law Oh man that's a great question I know we Haven't talked trading enough um in the Last couple of weeks but number one Um what is your return on investment Curve looking like So one of the things and it sucks Because in this market If trading has been more difficult for You in the last six months because of The recession please put yes in chat and Here's how to fix it once again I went Over it at the top of the show if you're Shorting you want to put your stop at The top of the market of the previous Day If you're practicing a future same thing I know it gives you a lot more risk on Your profile Or to make your also index go up a Little bit more but you need to give Your because how many of us have taken Trades we got the direction right but we Got whipped out Um number two if you're going along you Want to put your stop at the bottom of The low from yesterday Um and the second thing you want to Track after that is your time in the Market so time in the market is going to Tell you two important things if it's Less than a minute either your target is

Really really short which I don't like To do in a volatile market like the one We're in now or you're getting a Direction wrong so if you're in a trade For less than 45 seconds and you're Getting stopped out it's telling you Historically that you're getting a Direction Rome if you're getting a Direction right you should be in your Trades anywhere from 10 minutes to an Hour and a half If you're going for big targets Um and the third thing that I want you Guys to track in your Journal Yeah Man I don't want to say it but I want You to manage How consistent you are in every part of Your life leading into your trading so Are you meditating before are you Working out are you doing your push-ups Are you doing your reading because Normally The chain that gets broken is the Actions before like I know people who Will turn on a computer five minutes Before the Market opens I'm like man I Got the direction wrong I'm like Have you charted the S P 500 top 30 Companies dial 30 then once the Futures It's like no I heard a play on Instagram and from from a fake earn your Leisure page a fake Ian page and I just Want to hop in the market so I really

Think during this recession For those of you that are serious You need to Triple down on your chart Time and you need to mark off all of Your levels on everything that you want To trade ahead of time because that's Going to give you your ads so like if Mata is going to lay off Hypothetically 3 900 employees at that Amazing company what would the direction Of the NASDAQ future be Tomorrow if they lost lay off 3 900 People up or down please put that in Chat like invest in in trading is not That hard what is usually off and broken Is the discipline in other areas Like even at when you guys come to Market Mondays the number one thing I Want you to see you guys with is books Or journals of some sort that way I know You guys are doing the reading Um and and giving yourself the Informational ads that you need to be Able to dominate Mrs Marcus so those are The three things I want everyone to Begin to track to to be a better Investor Everyone please put in chat trading is Not hard the hard part is the discipline You got to get some of that David Goggins in you stay hard I want you to Get out there and start doing your are You reading and I know people make jokes On Tick Tock you need to be telling

Y'all to Read 50 pages a day that's Impossible Y'all be sending 90 DMS an hour in Invisible mode And if he's got the money baby Anyway so anyway invisible mode that's Dangerous hey And this screenshot the invisible mode Anyway Or so I've heard okay you screenshot Invisible mode oh yes you can yeah yeah Sure you have to hold it down to Screenshot it No once you I think once you swipe the Page down it goes invisible no no so Like if you get a DM it explodes it's Like it's like a James Bond thing like It explodes in like five seconds So you would have to theoretically hold It and then screenshot it before it some Of these girls be recording everything Fellas I know cause y'all be coming to Me hey King I'm about to get put on Child support what I do do what I do Paying baby you gotta pay it that's a Penalty for messing up baby You can't Euro out of that you got to Pay the fine baby Ladies can you screenshot the invisible Mode Come on Girls go go break go break girl code I didn't come here Ivy said yes Ivy Thank you Ivy has said yes you can

Scream she's she's done it before I want To hear about you getting covered you Can't come to Market money's lives in Madison Square cause you got caught up Charlie says I have no idea Charlie's Smart The invisible mode it was a was In-house the era Um it's even a Snapchat I'm not familiar little screenshot that Too so is the fellow hey ladies Notification if you screenshotted it so Now I I I was but if you have two phones Though though It is always away yeah we gonna make it Do what it do and let you know that you Screenshotted that was crazy that's Pretty good technology because now you Can't deny it yeah now I was like now Now you got some explaining to do it Yeah I know you saw it Now you know on your chat on Instagram IMessage yeah you can unsend really yeah Yeah that's the latest update yeah yeah Whoever did that at Apple kudos to you They must have got caught up at some Point I've had it for years Instagram had it For years like I don't know why Apple Took so two great Innovations by Mata And ran the company to the ground There you go Mark there you go At a curve they put one up on the Scoreboard for you my brother ahead of

The curve Um let's talk about this And Elon Musk make a mistake by laying Off so many employees this one as soon As he came in situation I think the mistake is the the brashness Of it because technically and I mean we Got to check California state law or Just where where's Twitter's Headquarters I don't know that's a great question I Would assume it would be in California But right I'm sure he's gonna move it to Austin soon I would have to check the State law on how you have to fire people Like do they have to get a notice of 30 Days or 60 days or 90 days is there law In place that goes into how people could Be about those I don't think he broke Any law I don't know I don't I don't Know what the the employee policies are You're the richest person in the world So yeah I'm sure he knows somebody said 60 days I'm sure he has good HR tonight I mean Kanye was one of the richest and He They said Cali requires a 60-day notice Or he was on a whole campaign but no no Kanye was never one of the richest People in the world Not in the world he was worth billions What do you mean no there's levels Though Elon must not be a trillionaire You know that you know that yeah there's

Levels you know you know what it is you Know it is By definition he is by definition why Definition That's different they're not even Counting what they were yeah Who also put money into Twitter that That's why I keep saying like the the Real richest people on Earth you're Never gonna see You're Gonna Fly under the radar or pay To stay out of the media but go look who Invested in Florida Diddy was one of Them I know black Twitter was clowning Him for investing in it but the Saudi Family Put up a considerable portion of that Money for him to be able to ascertain Twitter and take it private and That was interesting I saw Puff's name Come up in uh in the conversation shout Out to Diddy yeah he actually just um Invested 185 million dollars into a Cannabis company and has developed the Largest black owned cannabis company in The world yeah and that so like that Would be interesting he reposted it he Did Yeah no I didn't see that I've been on Social it was his birthday so happy Birthday So I did the green screen no you did the Green screen thing and uh he reposted it Liabilities Mark Diddy when you coming

To the Garden well we got the tavio I got to do a show over there to get him Up We can make something happen That I was just I was gonna say speaking Of puff and marijuana Depending on what happens tomorrow if Let's say the Democrats actually keep The position that would be an industry Obviously that you should be all right Well there may be some legislation that Gets passed in the next couple years In regards to marijuana so that would be Something like one of those Industries Like all right let's keep an eye on that If things don't go uh the way that They're looking right now what are the Top five tickers in the marijuana space Top five MJ Uh Those are ETFs though I know CNN still No good until Ray Oh look to her yeah So until I took it's taking a beat it's A great industry to be in but it's a Terrible Um it's highly taxed extremely regulated Yeah the only one I like in the space is Still irpr and that's that's not like 100 marijuana but but if you guys are in The industry great industry to be in Yeah until they figure out the the Taxing situation it just it's going to

Be tough The taxes that are paid on on marijuana Is they're just ridiculous If we stay in a recession long enough uh They'll be sure to pass some bills Though because you're going to need some More Revenue this is not going to come From tech for a while back to the corner Boys [Music]

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