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Hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad Radio show the good news and bad news About money and this is a pre-record Because we're um well you'll understand What we're doing But uh the Super Bowl is in town And Rich Dad Radio is located in the Heart of alcoholic country Party Central And we almost couldn't get in here Because all the booths and all this and Um So we'll be out tonight too because It's one thing great about Scottsdale It's a You know it's a great party place And the Super Bowl makes it even more Plus we have the Phoenix Open So it's kind of been it's going to be an Interesting time this this weekend in Phoenix Arizona Uh today we have what we're doing is We're going to do a little Pre-promotion events With an event where having the rich Teddy company is putting on a live Seminar something we rarely ever do It's April 6th 7th and 8th so I'll be There in person And we want you there in person Is it apricon April 6th 7th day it's Going to be at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch We're still formulating the plans for it So stay tuned visit richdad.com so we're Going to be giving you a little preview

Of You know the best radio station in the World is called w-i-i-f-m What's in it for me So that's a marketing tip anytime you're Marketing or selling something It's what's in it for the listener so Today we have one of this one of the Guest speakers The event is called Rich entrepreneur Poor entrepreneur Why most entrepreneurs don't get rich And so what we're going to explain to People on April 6th 7th 8th at Hyatt Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona Is why people some entrepreneurs get Rich very very rich And the reason is is they have a team And you're going to meet at on April 6th 7th 8th again my team and we have one of The team members today I mean we've Traveled the world together We actually are team members we play Rugby together for the Hawaii Hawaii Harlequins to where to leave the Communist republic of Hawaii So John John went to school with Barack Obama But anyway we'll all hold it against Them now you know I'm sure Barack has His points of view we don't share his Points of view especially in Hawaii I Mean it is so woke it's incredible But uh anyway that's life so we're going

To be talking about again this why Business is a team sport why some Entrepreneurs get rich and on April 6th Of the night you will meet my team so The first in this series is John McGregor He is he and I play for the Hawaii Harlequins rugby team we've traveled the World We're in New Zealand Auckland New Zealand The heart of Rugby's insanity and uh our Team went out on stage With all blacks jumpers on and the wild You know the went up racist All Blacks The name of the rugby team in New Zealand one of the greatest Rugby teams Ever And uh so we we stand up we're stood on Stage with the team we tossed a rugby or Rugby ball around And the crowd went wild but each each um One of our speakers or instructors Practices what they teach they actually Do it nothing I don't like about school If School teachers don't practice what They teach you know like I remember Taking accounting class in the MBA Program and I knew more about accounting Than that silly Accounting instruction because he had no Real world experience he's just as Accounting teacher But he wasn't an accountant

So our guest today John McGregor his Book is the 10 top reasons the top 10 Reasons why the rich go broke And John is our expert on paper assets So as you know the only paper assets I Have Are ones from my companies and I've Taken one more company public this year Was on New York Stock Exchange It's a gold mining company but I don't Buy paper assets I sell paper assets so John welcome to the Rich Dad Radio Show Thanks Robert always great to be on the Show appreciate it so tell us what tell Us the audience what it was like being In New Zealand standing in our All Blacks jerseys tossing the rugby baller Around oh it was electric you know the Fact that we were in All Blacks jerseys You know in Austria in New Zealand New Zealand and Auckland the crowd just Erupted they loved it and um tossing the Ball around each speaker you know you Toss the ball to another guy to speak And then he'd toss it to another person To speak and uh yeah we really related To that audience really well and of Course we're all rugby players so yeah It really made it a special event yeah It was it was so much fun Yes that's wiif and we just relate to The crowd the most important person is The crowd the people the guests so the People coming this time April 6th 7th

8th 2023 in Arizona What are you going to be talking about What do you do in real life that makes People Rich well it's going to be Hardcore education this is not textbook Educations like what we recently did at Arizona State University this is real Financial education that gets to the Core of why people are so many people Are struggling why so many people are Living paycheck to paycheck but for my Special expertise is on paper assets and I show people a simple strategy using Options to generate cash flow Immediately it's not a gimmick it's no Secret sauce it's a Well laid out Strategy that's been around for a long Time I just I've just been able to Codify it into a process it's the I've Said this before it's the exact same Strategy my 92 year old father today is Generating 10 to 15 000 a month Consistently as a hobby and he's been Doing this for over almost 10 years now So Um I use the same strategy and now I Teach it so so anyway for those of you Who like paper assets because they're The easiest of all the asset classes I Think that's why so many people are in The stock market Bond market or ETF Market And uh so that's why on April 6th 7th 8th again in in the Hyatt Gainey Ranch

In Arizona this year 2023 you'll meet John you listen to him but you'll also Listen to the rest of the team because It relates the other person is very Important to what John does is Tom Wheelwright you know his book his book Is called tax free wealth So Tom's going to be talking about Because you can generate a lot of money With John what John does you still have To offset with taxes So it's going to be an exciting event Because these are real people who Practice what they teach we do it every Single day So what what is what is the secret to Your formula here and all this well yeah Before I share that I just want to say One thing that I've noticed working with Hundreds of entrepreneurs Also give me a background your financial Planner yeah yeah I mean I I come from The Dark Side I'm a recovering certified Financial planner amongst other Designations but I've been in the Financial industry for over 27 years Working with thousands of individuals of All walks of life Rich poor young old Male female and all 50 genders in Between And I've been in the I've been in the Trenches with these people and most People struggle Financial I don't care How much money you're making most people

Spend more than they make so whether Whether you're a wealthy individual That's why 78 of people working adults Today are living paycheck to paycheck Working adults that's eight out of 10 People are struggling financially and It's a huge stress on people's minds so I really my my purpose is really showing People how to turn an asset like a stock Into cash flow generating it Consistently over time and it's a very Simple five-stage process that I teach And so we'll be in Arizona April 6th 7th 8th this year we actually meeting and Talking to the people it's three days Long We have VIP you know seating so you can Actually sit with John at dinner time And things like this and you actually Get to know him But this is person to person because a Lot of times we hear on radio or zoom And all this but then you get to come in And actually meet the speakers So Um the other thing that's happening Today why your your I mean what do you Think about the 401K as a financial Planner yeah I mean I've defended the 401K but you know for most people that's That's the only Avenue they have and um They're not willing to take that step And start their own business or create Their own cash flow so it is what it is

And it was never designed to be the sole Retirement plan for people it was meant To be a supplement to a normal pension Plan and as we all know pensions are Going away they're reducing the benefits That's what you talk about in your book With Ted sadell who stole my pension Which is an excellent book so now Pensions are going away and their Benefits are being cut Social Security Is going bust Social Security will be Bankrupt in 10 years that's not my Opinion that's just a factual statement Using math and now you have the 401K Where the average 401K balance for Someone 65 is around 80 000 I mean how Long will eighty thousand dollars last When you're 65 and you're going to Probably die around 90. and Biden's Jacking up inflation by cutting off the Pipelines and stuff like this absolutely And taxes yeah and so when inflation Goes up the FED is now raising interest Rates what does it do with the stock Market tanks it it the stock market is Extremely interest rate sensitive when Those interest rates go up that is a Huge drag on these companies bottom line And then hence a huge drag on the Performance of their stock so if I was a Four one here I am I'm I'm going to be 76 this year And I have a 401k and I'm counting on This let's say I have a hundred thousand

Dollars in it And they're going to raise the interest Rates what's going to happen to my 401k It's going to get hammered it's going to Get hammered as well as the pension System that you're potentially going to Get as well those assets are going to Get hammered as well because they invest In the stock and bond market as well so It's it's the perfect storm that so many People are facing right now and no one's Preparing for it I think that's why this Event is so critical for people to Attend it's real education from real Professionals that do this on a regular Basis and one thing one comment I will Add Robert having worked and coached and Counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs There's a reason why nine out of 10 Small businesses fail within the first 18 months Because they don't they don't have a Team around them they're solo Entrepreneurs thinking they can do Everything themselves and that's why You've been so successful Robert and Kim And myself and others we have a team Approach that's the difference of why so Many people fail and why so many people Succeed yeah so the next few weeks You'll be listening to the team that Will be teaching and our teachers are Real teachers they're not like those Fake teachers in colleges you know

There's something wrong with education On top of all this plus a student loan Debt is killing the students You know students come out they don't Have any money because the school Teachers took it from them via the Obama's student loan program I mean it Couldn't get much worse than this time And so John's going to be talking about How those of you who really don't want To invest I would invest in real estate Either because real estate is interest Rate sensitive also As a Fed keeps raising interest rates The normal assets keep going down now They keep printing money which is why I Like gold and silver and Bitcoin But you know you don't generate much Cash flow from it the other issue that We're having with it with Rising Interest rates is the cost of our debt To service the debt that we currently Have and right now our debt our national Debt is 31.5 trillion dollars and I Would urge everyone to go to the U.S Debt Clock dot org watch our debt in Real time U.S debt Clock dot org it will Blow your mind so as interest rates Start going up on this 31.5 trillion Dollar debt that we have and growing the Cost of that debt is skyrocketing and Pretty soon a majority of our income That we take in through taxes is going To go just to service our debt it won't

Be long before our debt uh before the Interest on our debt will exceed the Amount of money we spend on defense Which is about a trillion dollars it's Crazy and and of course that's going to Trickle down throughout the economy and Throughout people's bank accounts and Meanwhile Biden's going to keep getting The price of oil to rise up and oil Drives civilization oil drives inflation So I can't believe that where does that Program you have weapon flakes no what Was it The the deflate inflation fighter or Something oh the uh inflation protect uh Yeah the inflation inflation reduction Act I mean just look at who's doing it That's that's like asking an arson what Are you doing setting fire this house I'm a firefighter you know I mean what Do you do in the daytime I'm firefighter But you're setting fire to the house And so you know the thing I I ask Everybody I'm not Republican Democrat I Vote for the person But watch what a person does not what They say and what they're doing is what Biden has done since he took office his First Act was to take away the Keystone XL pipeline And I was selling I don't sell oil Stocks I sell oil period and my Instructor will be there I mean my my

Part my my the guy I buy oil from Mike Maselli will be at this event And he'll tell you how to invest in real Oil but not oil stocks So what happened when you know here I am I have oil wells in North Dakota Louisiana Texas Oklahoma And I'm worth selling oil for thirty Dollars a barrel this is and then Biden Takes office the first thing he does is Cut off the pipeline and anytime you Hear one of these acts the inflation Reduction acts You have to realize it is exactly the Opposite of what they're trying to do so We come back we'll have a more bad news About how screwed America is because of Our leadership again we'll say here Watch what they do not what they say Inflation reduction Act is like an Arsonist and where else where's that Fire coming from gee I don't know who's Setting it so we come back we'll be Talking more about what John's going to Be teaching but once again it's the Rich Dad program live in person April 6th 7th 8th called why some entrepreneurs get Rich and why most doubt and the primary Reason is most rich entrepreneurs have a Fantastic team April 6th of an 8th you Will meet the team we'll be right back [Music] Robert already warned us 2023 is going To be the year of lost wealth after all

Goldman Sachs predicts you'll see Zero Returns from stocks for the rest of 2023 And investors like you have already made A record number of emergency hardship Withdrawals from your 401ks now a Stunning survey reveals that over half The Americans making six figures are Living paycheck to paycheck combined With tens of thousands of layoffs in Just the last few weeks it becomes clear That a financial storm is brewing and Nobody is safe but if you think Brilliant investors like Robert are Letting their money waste away in a 60 40 portfolio think again for years Robert and other experts have been Investing Millions into low correlation Assets that can still climb when the Stock market flatlines and according to A recent Citibank report of the major Asset classes the lowest correlation Belongs to Art that's right Contemporary Art prices have outpaced the s p 500's Total return over the last 26 years by 131 percent now you can enter this Market without needing Millions thanks To Masterworks our longtime partner Their platform lets you invest in shares Of paintings by icons like Picasso and Banksy every single one of Masterworks Exits to date have delivered positive Returns to their investors with the last Three delivering 10 13 and 35 net no Wonder over 650 000 users have invested

More than half a billion dollars on Masterworks offerings have sold out in Minutes but Rich Dad listeners can skip The wait list by going to Masterworks.art Rich Dad that's Masterworks.art Rich Dad see important Disclosures at masterworks.com CD Don't miss your only chance to attend a Robert Kiyosaki event in 2023 this is The first official Rich Dad event hosted In 13 years learn exactly what to invest In to grow your wealth and protect it From our socialist government learn Robert's top five Investments that he is Doing right now which are safe from the Government's plan to rapidly kill our Money learn from Robert's actual Partners who are real investors Capitalists and entrepreneurs Robert Will disclose everything he's doing to Prepare you for these uncertain times Reserve your space for the only alive Rich dead seminar in 2023 and the event Is called Rich entrepreneur for Entrepreneur it's your April sixth seven And eight in Scottsdale Arizona [Music] Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad Radio Show down here in Old Town Scottsdale Super Bowl party central and We're going to go through the crowds Again and get out of this place but it Sure is going to be fun tonight and you Know there's nothing just not the Super

Bowl but the party's charge tonight Right John oh my gosh downtown Scottsdale Old Town Scottsdale I should Say is always a Party Zone but now it's On steroids with the Super Bowl and the Phoenix Open it's going to be wild it's Going to be incredible we're gonna have To come down here tonight So anyway Um we're talking about what this event Is what the bad news is we're all Screwed because we have drugs are Pouring in homelessness is exploding All Over America and where the homeless are Coming from well it's from the drugs do I mean this is this is the most nuts Time I've ever seen that's the bad news The good news is April 6th of the 8th You can come and listen to how we plan To get richer even though the economy is In serious trouble right John the only Way you're going to survive in this Market the Biden Administration is Destroying this country and it's all by Design folks if you think this is an Accident it is not it's all about Chaos Theory Theory and it goes down to the Ultimate goal which is total control and Power over our lives and the more chaos They can put into society whether it's Chaos with food shortages chaos with the Stock market High gas prices Um and now chaos with the words we use

They want to create as much chaos and Chaos at the border fentanyl they want To create as much chaos in our lives so We lean on governments so we basically Say I give up they have their boot on Our necks so hard that we just basically Say okay I quit please help me is this Incredible what's going on in our world You know it's just incredible so let's Get back to the good news here You know we have other people like Kenny Mackerel will be teaching real estate we Have asset protection from Garrett Sutton and the most important thing for Most entrepreneurs is sales so Blair Single is one of the greatest sales Teachers and he'll be teaching how to Communicate better and all that because That's where money comes from somebody Else's pocket you know if you can't sell You don't make any money I mean it's That simple that's why I said the most Important radio station is wiff Wasn't it for me whatever it is And uh that's what Blair will be Teaching right so John's going to be Teaching paper because paper gives it a Shot for everybody right yeah Um absolutely I and just to say Something about this this team you put Together for this event I mean this is a Rock star team of professionals and it's Going to be really hardcore uh education Because if you're not educating yourself

You will be screwed but I will tell you No matter what's going on in society What's going on in the markets whatever The fed's doing whatever Biden's doing There are ways to make money no matter What asset class you're looking at Certainly in the stock market even in Real estate gold oil I mean Robert's a Master at this so from my perspective What I'm doing is I'm showing people how To take stock stocks and generate cash Flow for that person who has that 401k Who's retiring it it's got a hundred Thousand dollars I can show people how To basically create a pension for Life Using that asset and that's that's why It's been that's why this has been this Is high demand and that's why I mean Your dad is what 90 92 9 92 and he's Generating how much a month 10 to 15 000 A month consistently for ten years he Doesn't spend that much at 92 does he Knows he doesn't even need the money It's a game day well it's like playing Monopoly it's something we're playing Cash flow so that's the point ladies and Gentlemen we're in service trouble Social Security Medicare is going to go Out the Baby Boomers are coming down Um last night Dr radical pollen was part Of the health wealth and happiness thing That the teachers protested are Interesting but the students loved you Know because the students know they're

In trouble Because they talk about over a Population the actual reality is the Stats show there's an underpopulation Like China's in Syria's Tropicals are The one child policy Japan's in trouble Because now they're for every one Retiree they have one worker America is One retiree for three workers by the Time in 10 years it'll be down to one to Two so there'll be two workers Supporting one old guy like me and the Good news is we're living longer bad News is you can't afford to live So I feel like living in a homeless Camp Get ready you know that's that might be Your best preparation because Sarah That's what we studied today is what's Causing homelessness right that's right Yep what did you learn from that The big problem It's exploding you know I think the Thing that I took away from this Discussion that we had this morning was On homeless we have a meeting yeah every Thursday morning on home or not on Homeless but different subject yeah and This morning's was the growing Homelessness problem and I felt like the More the government tries to fix the Problem the worse it gets and and that's The big takeaway and so where can you Know what's the solution outside of the Government can we you know I'm we can

Solve this problem right what we Realized this morning is you have a Bleeding heart and you try and help the Homeless only creates more home oh it Just reminds me of the war on poverty Right in the 19 mid 1960s they've spent Now up to 15 trillion dollars on this War in poverty and it hasn't put a dent In poverty at all in fact poverty's gone Up It's exploding it's exploding it's the War on Prosperity that's what it was the One of the examples was in I think in LA Los Angeles the city had spent you know Whatever it was to buy this building to House homeless people and they ended up Spending six hundred thousand dollars Per homeless person That was living in that bill I mean it's So ridiculous and most all those people Don't want to live there exactly they Like living outside amongst their Friends they don't want rules they don't Want restrictions so anyway it was a Great discussion but it wasn't Interested what we do it's just FYI is a Register and the whole organization we Watch a video it could be on any subject Could be a macro it could be an oil gas At this time we had three series on Homelessness because it's a growing Problem And it seems the more the government Tries to help people being socialist and

Marxist Homelessness explodes Right I mean that's what we understood Because they're trying to help them Right right and I think that's that this Lead up and I don't know if it was Intentional but this of us studying These you know problems with Homelessness Um the lesson is don't rely on the Government to cure your financial Problems and that's why this event is so Timely because we the goal is to teach You how to take care of yourself well What we say is God helps those who helps Themselves But the government helps themselves and Then they take from you too they take Everything they mess it up they can't They they I I won't say anything they Couldn't get their way out of you know What And one of the biggest causes of Homelessness is drugs You know and then they so homelessness Uh increases In like San Francisco and they defund The police And they have safe needle programs I Know so so they're not going to prevent You from taking your heroin they're just Going to give you a clean needle to do It And I was just in New York and those

Poor guys the Smashing grabs are going Through the roof and they can't stop Them You know if if you stop that guy Stealing from your store You're con so what they do is they just Lock the doors so I walked out I was on On Madison Avenue I walk up to the door And they check you out then they let you In because they don't want some Criminal to jump in there and steal and Run But that's that's what we're doing with Socialism Yeah and even if you're caught with a Serious crime more so than shoplifting By the time you're you're in the police Station you're out an hour later they're Just letting these people go fill them Go so anyways let's get back to the April 6th of the 8th event here is Phoenix Arizona Hyatt Canyon Ranch we Don't have the price right now I'll be Around 2 000 bucks for three days which Is pretty inexpensive what's up about Right yeah well we'll have the price by The time this is up so okay no just have Them go to the rich dad.com yeah go to Richdot.com but you'll actually be Meeting the real teachers because in Schools you meet fake teachers and That's why I get my ass handed to me by Those teachers because you know my book Here is called fake

And um Fake money fake teachers and fake assets I mean why do they hate me so much You'll remember one thing I was going to Say sort of a bigger picture here is we Talk about putting a team together every Single Thursday we are meeting for an Hour and a half to discuss a certain Topic and that's your team and we are Always studying always learning we are The first people to say we know nothing And so one thing I've learned from you Robert is just how hungry you are to Educate yourself because I'm on this Thing it's burning my brain out now Constantly Sarah knows because I don't I Haven't got much left have I that's Right I've I've considered disconnecting Put it like a child uh protection on Your internet at night to shut your Internet off at 11 30. well the reason I Said that is because Um A true teacher the more they learn the More they know they don't know And the trouble with academics they Think they know everything that was my Poor dad so my poor dad was a professor At University of Hawaii so I grew up With teachers And oh my God they're the most arrogant People I've ever met they think because They have a PhD they know everything I mean they can't tell them anything you

Know but there's something so screwy in Education going on right I mean that's The problem 100 and that was the comment That we got when we went to Arizona State and we taught uh summer along Where we're teaching right and the Comments we got from the students is Like wow I had no idea Um the textbooks aren't teaching any of What you're teaching us and they're just More and more comments along those lines That wow this is Hardcore Financial Education and that's what we're bringing In April and so when you taught at Arizona State this summer it was you and Who Mike Maselli your oil guy oil guy Why was that important well because he Was a real asset I'm a paper asset right And they're both important you know One's not right or wrong So I invest in the paper as and I mean The real asset but I also take the asset Public through a fine through a IPO so I Don't buy paper I sell paper just like I Don't rent apartments I sell apartments To rent you know there's a difference in Capitalism and that's why some Capitalists some entrepreneurs are rich And most aren't and that's what the April 6th of the event is So let's say it's around approximately Two thousand maybe twenty five hundred Depending on inflation and oil prices But I think it'll be the best investment

You can make for 2023. yeah I I wouldn't Even call it a cost it's an investment In your future especially now and There's no time better for something Like this than right now and right now You can it could be the best time of Your life because as everybody else is Getting hammered Because I got the money in a 401k or the Real estate property is crashing They'll be getting richer and that's Really what the Rich Dad radio program Is about we're educational this is one Of the few things we sell April 6th 7th Apron in Phoenix And I know it's time and money but what Else do you invest in Or you could be a passive investor and Just let the 401K do it for you and You know there's no way because the Boomers the baby boom is about to go Baby bust same as Social Security and Medicare so if you're under 50 right now You'll be carrying some old guys like me Because the bombers are screwed yep we Can't we can't stop age And we've all been buying houses and Stocks because it kept going up But now it's about to come down and the FED kept pumping these assets up as well And now they're stuck So the FED cannot the it's easy for the FED to stop inflation It's almost impossible to stop a crash

They cannot stop deflation they try it By inflating it but this time I think it Might just keep going So this has happened throughout history And it's a frightening time So we have bad leadership right now I Hate to say it you know I'm not Republican Democrat Trump is my friend But he's my friend because he's a real Estate guy And he was on he was doing this doing a Debate against Hillary Clinton Hillary Says you don't pay any taxes and Trump Says because I'm smart and if you want To get smart like Trump you may not like The guy but you want to get smart like Trump and how to make millions of Dollars and pay no taxes April 6th 7th 8 In Phoenix Arizona So anyway we'll be right back and um Talk more with the final final wrap up But this is our big pitch the best Investment you can make right now in my Opinion I wouldn't be selling if it Wasn't come listen to my team so John is The first one we'll have the other other Guys on who will be talking about what They are going to teach April 6 7 8 and These are real teachers not fake Teachers [Music] Once again we're broadcasting from Party Central Old Town Scottsdale Arizona and Tonight's the start of the party for

Super Bowl and Phoenix Open And we're talking about the April 6 7 8 So you'd be having the real teachers Because as I was talking about at ASU Arizona State University last night is How did when did you drop out of the MBA Program I said when I realized my Accounting teacher didn't know anything He had no he had no real world Experience he was teaching accounting But he wasn't an accountant And so if you play the cash flow game The cash flow game is about income Statement balance sheet statement of Cash flow And we'll be playing that at our event April 6th 7th and 8th because as Maria Montessori says one of the greatest Educational entrepreneurs ever What the hand does the Mind remembers so It's not going to be a lecture the whole Time There will be different price categories You can sit and meet the different Instructors you want to like I said Ken McElroy asset protection John on paper Assets Blair on sales because every Salesman's got us every entrepreneur has Got to sell because if you can't sell Sales equals income so he'd be meeting Real teachers who that's all we do And if you want to be a rich Entrepreneur or April 6th 7th and 8th And again it's not going to be cheap but

It's also not expensive compared to how Much money you're losing in real estate In your stock right now I hate to laugh But it's true but if what's even worse Is your student loan I mean those those The biggest thieves today are the Student loans 1.6 trillion dollars in Student loan debt we screw with a young Today what is wrong with this right John Absolutely between the student loan debt And just our overall debt in this Country anyone under 40 is going to be a Slave to debt and it's really sad it's Not your fault it's really our fault and If you don't live in them you have to Take care of the old guys because that's What socialism is that was Social Security but why I'm broke The Sarah final words yeah you know I'm At that age where in 10 years Social Security will be bankrupt so if Anybody's in that 40 to 30 age range I Suggest you get to this event because There's gonna what we traditionally know Our parents know as that safety net Won't exist so it's best to protect Yourself now and and then the 401K who Stole my pension all the firefighters Teachers uh police officers their Pensions are gone and it's going to Accelerate it's like I said the FED has Tried to stop inflation But they cannot stop a crash that's the Problem final words John yeah I was just

Going to say you know the reason your Accountant teacher is teaching Accounting rather than putting it into Real practice because he's not smart Enough to figure out how to do that That's why he's teaching right rather Than using it in a business or his own Accounting firm or what have you and That's why I think this event is so Powerful is because you have Professionals experts authors that Actually put their knowledge into Practice and that's why this is I'm Really excited to be a part of this it's Going to be a lot it's going to be fun You meet real people and all this but Again this is the last night was the Epitome of Rich Dad Poor Dad I went into Enemy territory Poor Dad country College Professors and all this 37 of them Signed petitions against us And that's what's going on education Today and you wonder why they don't Teach Financial education in school Because they don't know what it is this Is the final final final final word on This when they talk about 31 trillion Dollar deficit the real the real off Balance sheet with Social Security Medicare and pensions is almost 300 Trillion and when they go bust that's What the tax bill have to pay for so Basically America's toast anyway and What John teaches

Is how you get rich no matter which way The market goes up or down Kenny McElroy Or illegal guys our tax guys will be all On hand April 6 7 today so stay tuned They'll be coming on the radio show the Next few weeks to explain to you why This is your best investment you can Make for 2023 and tonight we party on at The party here Party on okay thanks for watch listen to Richtown radio show Foreign

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