TRADING & PERSONAL LIFE – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Oh yeah I was asking I was going to ask About uh yeah the red panda yeah because Um I know you were saying like yeah you From Jersey you know I want to know you Know I'm shooting my shot if I could you Know get that getting into a red panda Club you were at the show last night Correct yes sir so if you were at the Show give us two weeks you know we got To get calibrated got to get re-censored Focused on God and get some rest but Give us two weeks when we get the list Back Um everyone who is there now what I am Gonna do something special for Jersey I'm not going to do a call just for People in Jersey but everyone knows that The show will get a version to the stock Club for free and sniper one and sniper Two coming out in 2023 we're absolutely Free and I'll have you all I can for Life and we're gonna do a trading Session together but Jersey I'm gonna Lock in with y'all Um beautiful a little bit more so yeah So so Um in he gave everybody in Jersey all Those benefits the whole night and um Because that was going to craziest I'm Like um Bro we gotta make it out of here man Brooklyn not gonna make you out

Yeah I heard a couple of guys really say that Yeah My boyfriend the guys be with me with That too let not play I got respect for Everybody in the city but uh shout out To the Bronx man but Brooklyn Brooklyn different it's the biggest it's The biggest borough so whenever you go Anywhere yeah Of course I'm gonna send you that cash out um Yeah send it to me now okay I appreciate you bro all right Bros Thank you Thank you man I told you I'm sorry about about the Pizza thing though right In Jersey no New York remember remember When I said things oh yeah oh yeah you Try to play the pizza yeah yeah boy I Was on Canal streets go talk about that Piece I was like damn I didn't even know He wants to shut up That's when you ran into my student yeah That same day it was him When I left him me and Chrissy went to Lunch she left her car and uh left her Phone to Uber I went over to get it and Dude was like man quit talking about our People he was serious too They locked in I was like yeah I'm done I love y'all pizza every dollar slices We're talking about our pizza

Um all right well we get one more Question somebody from Irvington please Hoboken somewhere uh we got let me get Let's see let's go to James James we Coming to you James I'm mute yourself You've been unmuted James what's going On stay where you from yeah I'm from Long Island I was there last night Everybody last night was amazing uh Shout out to akinandra and Andrew I mean Um Aaron for the party I did just speak To you also and on Saturday you were mad Cool thank you actually said what up to My girl first was with dope as hell Um I didn't ask you I did ask you on Saturday but I wanted To ask you live maybe to help somebody Out if you're trading trying to get into It again If you got a lot of stuff going on in Your personal life yeah what you gave Some good advice and I think it would be Beneficial for other people as well Um before I give the advice can you tell Everybody in Long Island I'm cool and Protecting what I've got it Now Um three quick pieces of advice I want To give like if you're going through Something personal Um you have to look at the market every Day but not trade because when personal Things affect our lives they begin to Bleed into

Are actually trading like as a man like If we're going through I mean like even if you're going through Stuff with the kids or the relationship Or job is tough A lot of times we'll take our Frustrations out on the market and be Like well because I'm going through this I'm going because we are tend to take The things we use in sports And trying to apply them to the market Like basketball or football you can't Bully your way into victory in trading Um it's more like golf or Tai Chi you Like you have to be in flow with the Market so you have to a take some time Off be healed there Now wait till you're in a really good Space like uh trading is a lot like golf Like if your Mentor is not wrapped in The right place has anyone ever seen a Move or a trade and you know where the Market was going to go but like your Anxiety or maybe even childhood trauma Or self-sabotage cause you to trade Opposite of where you know where it was Going to go Yeah that's always tell you be very Mindful like if you like if I ever get Into an argument with my significant Other Um Get into any family of friends I try not To trade that day because it's going to

Be reflective of I try to meditate Before for an hour like I go to sleep Listening to like meditative stuff so When I get up I'm in a good space it's Um it's a much it's a very Strong correlation between the piece and I've never said this before But you can actually track the success Of your business and your trading life According to the levels of peace that You have in your relationship and in Your friendships I can tell you a few things like Personally That when I made sure that my circle was Clean and my business and relationships Were all clean everything took off to The upside a lot of times we know how to Trade but the people in our Circle Are sometimes afraid of us having Success And that will hold us back in some way Make sure you have people around you That want to see you when like that's Why I love seeing like our families at The event so you can see our court and I Can even see like the kids were up and Out late Troy like but but Daddy energy Was fire like the kid's energy was fire Um Rashad whenever I see your dad I'm Like man like I appreciate you nas Always fly thank you thank you for Giving them a hundred dollars yo he did It the coolest way he was like and I

Have a hundred or not hey yo man listen You gave them a hundred dollars right And then I think the next thing you said To the crowd was like if I made you Money hell yeah and my eight-year-old Son was screaming at the top of his Lungs Tell us about It and all your daughter Um but yeah definitely made money for me Um that those Google that Google price Hit for sure I got my interest on that Still waiting on my Apple price but you Know that's gonna happen soon yeah That's coming soon but yeah make sure That you have peace in your trading in Order to have profit and I pray for Everyone here if you are not surround That thing that Floyd said about the Five people and that point on Having trust and the people that you're With versus love that was one of the Most impactful things that I heard him Say Um but you won't be able to have Profitability in your trading if you Don't have peace in your life you have To eliminate the turmoil in order for Your trading to be effective All right thank you appreciate you James Yeah thank you for coming out last night Man yeah yeah I came out with my whole Trading team everybody we I met some People online started trading together

First time we met was at y'all event Last night Yeah no see how it goes yeah that's how It works the revolution right there That's how it works ladies and gentlemen Um This is my favorite part of the jacket Though That's my baby daddy who gave me some Words of encouragement before the show Shout out to the red pen oh shout out to Shout out to Bam man they just put Together this new yeah Shoddy that's my nickname assets over Liabilities in the in the corner pocket Uh that's what they when they see you Outside they say with Shadow Sharky most People say shoddy yeah yeah that's funny Yeah Shout out to everybody out there man Shout out to Jay Goodwin uh his birthday Yeah yeah Crew Love what up boy shout Out to crew loves my god Um Okay ladies and gentlemen The moment has come we were gonna we Were gonna have a short version of this Show but I know time flies when you're Having fun yes so we ended up having a Regular version two hours Um But you know Market Mondays is always an Enjoyable time it's uh it's like Therapeutic

Um to talk and have banter read the YouTube comments I gotta look at that Too I enjoyed what's going down over There huh you know YouTube is always Interesting uh love you guys It's a community you what I'm realizing Is that YouTube is actually a community Um and people have strong Opinions about things but but the most Important thing the portfolio and your Net worth and return on investment must Outweigh the opinion Well yeah Like opinions matter or not Can you put points on a board and get Returned or not And what's up Foreign

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