TOP 10 INVESTMENT LESSONS OF THIS YEAR – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Let's start off right right where the People want to know what are the top 10 Investment lessons Of this year Um for me Um Defense one pound of defense will save You ten thousand pounds of trouble So I know we all want the games but the Gains that we want are baked into Defense first so please write this down In the worst case scenario if your life Was on the line and all your money went Into one investment whether it was a Cryptocurrency a person a stock token Derivative what is the absolute Rock Bottom price that you should pay to get In for it Um number two your risk to reward ratio Especially in a recession or depression Matters even more so for me even with uh People that I hire employee work with The minimum that I'm looking to receive In 2023 going forward is 11x Secondly is 50 x Um Number three Regardless of what industry you're Investing in you have to look at the top Four in that space and don't deviate I Know we want Incredible gains to the upside and Sometimes we want to gamble in the space

But when the drawdown hits us and some Companies are like down 85 90 that's not Fun to go through number four Please write this down please stick with Your press process no matter what anyone On Earth tells you Um I remember when I was telling Everyone twenty thousand was coming in Bitcoin and what seemed like these crazy Prices And ethereum and what if Michael Saylor's fund potentially went under I Don't want Mike's fun to go under but It's at a level where I'm worried about margin could Be called pretty soon if we have one More event that's pretty bad for him Um and the thing going back to Making 11 for every dollar you put in or Making 50. in 2023 to 2026 if you get 11x those returns may have to stretch Out for you over a three or four year Period So you I don't think we may be looking At for a year over year returns if You're not a seasoned investor you may Have to look to get gains Over a two-year period that will last You for a one year that lasts you over Three Um number four always keep the Investment in front of anything else and Hunt for an edge in the market every day Um so in my walks on

Wall Street in the New York Stock Exchange Peter thank you Frankie thank You everyone I Citadel thank you the one Thing that I see amongst the traders That are really good and there's a Couple that I want to highlight in 2023 Um I met a gentleman who when he Initially went to a hedge fund only had Three clients he now has 30. Buck a Business at almost 300 million I asked Him what is he doing and I'm seeing him Every time that I'm there He's literally hunting for deals for Everyone and finding one way to get Better in the market every day whether It's fundamentals whether it's technical Analysis whether it's understanding Arbitrage on how to bring deals together Um so hunt for one Edge in the market Every single day Um Never give up on your macro research Even when in the face of all the noise On Twitter Instagram Tick Tock YouTube Etc Um that is telling you to deviate Because anyone who's been a seasoned Investor in more than four years Felt in 2021 the End of Time top of 2022 That we were going to come down and it May take a while for those things to Come true But Here we are now and those that play Defense are in an amazing position to

Capitalize for the next year and Um I go to number seven Detroit I'll Come to you and they were shot and I'll Circle around my last three but it is Mandatory that you know how to trade Swing trade and invest because if you Can't generate Capital while you're Going down I don't know how you continue to invest In the market Um A lot of my biases from the market comes From me being able to trade the Futures Market and be able being able to Generate the um Alpha on demand But trading also helps you allow to see When a market is going to turn over Faster so like if you only long-term Investor never practice trading your Entries won't be as sharp like you're Cutting with the ax opposed to a scalpel And even though you may be taking losses In your trades that will help your Long-term entries a hell of a lot better And also being a long-term investor Helps you to see the trend of your Trades a lot cleaner this is why you Need both and if you can Trend trade day Trade and long-term invest you have a Formula that will work for an eternity So but Troy I wanted to come to you Um where you left off is probably where I was going to start because you you Kind of nailed a lot of the points but I

Was going to say that that point of yeah Long-term investment and that's what we Do it's what we preach but I would say In 2022 was one of those times where it Was like all right you're going to have To adjust your plan a little bit adjust The person all right and so like you're Gonna have to you may have to make some Trades and so it wasn't even though it Wasn't a lot it was still an adjustment Because that was so long-term long-term And when you you're seeing your Portfolio turn red a little bit and You're like wait wow there's still ways To make money in this in this Environment and so it was like all right I've got to learn how to you know not Even learn but I have to actually Execute on now trading and the second Part of it so that was the first part The second part was Not falling in love with sectors yes so Everybody knows how much we love Technology and everybody knows how much We love uh consumer discretionary but it Was like there's money and to be made in These other sectors right like we always Say if if there's a recession somewhere Or if there's a bull market somewhere or There's a bear Market in another place And vice versa and so it was like all Right well let's really lock in in some Of these other sectors let's look at the Top two or three and maybe one emerging

Like I know we say that a lot let's look At the top two or three but I would like That was one of the things I implemented Was like let me find one emerging let me See what's one that's emerging in some Of these sectors and so it made me a Better like analyst right now I can see The game I'm looking at the whole field Whereas I used to just look at a few Pieces of the field like all right Technology good consumer discretionary Good Consumer Staples pretty good health Care is good oh but but what about over Here Utilities what about that you know what I'm saying and so having a wider range Looking at those top two but trying to Find one that you know what this looks Like it has some potential I think that Was one of those things too that over The course of the past 12 months I've Had to implement in my game plan I love it Shout what about you you have two more You want to throw in Um as far as less Lessons Learned this Year yes So I think that the lessons learned this Year is um never react off of fomo That's extremely important and even Switching gears to the real estate Market I think that that's something That people learned Um you know in the springtime when

People were paying 20 000 over asking And fifty thousand and in Miami a Hundred thousand dollars over asking and Then um the market corrected itself and Now it's like all right if you paid Fifty thousand dollars over asking Because you thought that the market is Gonna keep going up that's what that's The definition of fomo right it's Absolutely missing out so it's like all Right this house is only worth five Hundred thousand but They not they're not going to sell it to Me unless I give them 550 000. so I Would rather pay 550 000 because I think In two months it's going to be worth 600 000. Well that's not really the best way to Go about it you Buy Investments low And you sell high this is the easiest Thing this is rule number one it's like In boxing the number one rule in boxing Is protect yourself at all times the Number one rule in investing is Buy Low Sell High This is extremely this is probably the Most difficult thing to to master like You could have fundamentals you can have All of this stuff If you don't have emotional intelligence You're not going to be able to be a good Investor you have to be able to wait You have patience is probably

The biggest Virtue that you have in life where Everyone like you have to be a special Person To just say no not right now I'm gonna wait because human nature is That you're gonna feel like an idiot Because you're waiting and everybody's Making money and you're not gonna be Able to live anywhere and it looks like Just chill out everything comes down Everything comes down crypto comes down Stocks come down real estate comes down The nfts come down Watch values come down everything comes Down You have to be patient enough To wait and then when it comes down You have to have enough courage to act Because that's the second part of the Situation the second part of the Situation is that when it actually does Go down human nature nobody wants to buy At the bottom because something is 50 Off and you're thinking It's going to zero you see you buy Bitcoin at 50 000 but then when it gets To 15 000 you're thinking this thing is Going to two thousand I'm not I'm not going to lose all my Money so you have to have enough courage To buy discounted Investments And have enough fortitude to stay in it For the long haul so this was a good

Year because When we first started Market Mondays During the pandemic everything was going Up everybody's making money everybody's Trading options anything that you put Money in is going up right Um but now it's like okay who's gonna Survive the tough times who's going to Have enough education and enough Perseverance to patiently wait it out Yeah and on the other side of the coin Now in 10 years 15 years now this is the Long game right so this is this is what We're in right now And it's extremely important to go Through these adversities because it Makes you stronger but it also makes you More intelligent Very important yeah which brings me to My final three lessons number one the Most important thing that you have to Look at is the macro economic Environment that we're in I've given the indicator before but There is an indicator that prediction Sessions ahead of time and when you pair That with quantitative easing which is When the federal reserve prints money so When a quantitative easing stops when You tie that in with an indicator that Tells you when Um the market is going to slow down the Most important lesson That you've seen me struggle with

Um and thank you for Peter for telling Me this and then Um two people who run a hedge fund that I talked to on Exchange this past week It said to stop being offended when People do not want to hear your advice Your job is to make sure You your family and your friends get Rich from what you know And man I tell you that was [ __ ] freeing he's like I know you Want to save everybody I know you do but Your job is to make sure you sure that You first your friends and those with You and red panda get rich And whoever else listens leave it at That and this person is close to a Billion dollars From Trading Um sometimes our emotions can be so big That we want to help people who are not Ready to be helped or who have not put In the work to be beside you to get that Help so for all of you that watch crypto 901 and Stockton shorty like for all of Those of you Aaron P Dom Mack Drew who hearts are big I have to allow you to also be free and Make sure the number one rule is that You take care of yourself because at the End of the day if you don't monetize for Yourself what good is it all Um

And also too from a business standpoint I'll tell you personally Every time that someone said that I Ranted or that I was wrong on the retail Side people hated it But it made the hedge funds institutions Actors and actresses and ball players Tap in I'm not ranting there is education when I'm screaming and telling you certain Things are coming Um But yeah don't be offended and also too Sometimes Uh when the world is telling you that You're wrong The higher ups that are watching Are listening to you so stay the course Shout out to Alvin at meta John Wren Senior appreciate you John Ryan at meta Um Everybody at Citadel GTS trademos Morgan Stanley Rebellion has begun Diddy No Way Out Three I need train shot on the intro I'm Telling y'all my plan [Music]

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