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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm going to be doing An old-fashioned silver unboxing also I'll be talking about some gold that I Recently picked up and I will be showing You the new releases from the Germania Mint so stick around if you want to see That now this is going to be a fun video If you're wanting to buy silver or gold This is a great one because I'll be Talking about not only what I bought but Also why I bought it so let's do it [Music] Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel alright so let's start Off with this gold coin now this is a 20 Francs rooster coin these are so cool They are minted between 1899 and 19 14. Now if you look at the bottom of mine You can actually see this one was minted In 1912 and you can see the 20 FCS at The bottom as well that stands for 20 Francs now these are super cool they're 90 gold 10 percent copper that's the Alloy so they're kind of like pre-33 Gold these were minted at the Paris mint Which is one of the world's oldest Enterprises uh it's definitely the Oldest mint in the world that's still

Going today was founded in 864 A.D D so that's a pretty Old Mint Right now these particular coins there Was over 117 million of them minted so I'm not sure exactly how many of them Are still out there in circulation but I Love the French rooster coins I think They're absolutely gorgeous so now let's Talk about the reason that I decided to Buy this particular coin it's because I Got such a good deal on it now how much Gold are in these there's actually .1867 of a troy ounce of gold about 5.8 Grams now if you were to buy this at Spot you would pay 340 dollars today spots around 1825. I paid 305 dollars for this coin so I paid About 10 percent under spot which is Insane now appmex actually has these uh For sale at about ten percent over spot Right now so if you wanted to pick one Of these up Um I would not pay that much I would say In general if you could get five percent Over spot or less that's a decent deal Um at really on any gold if you're Buying gold coins gold bars you know one Ounce or smaller kind of five percent is What I look for so with these being on Sale from you know most of the bullion Dealers at around 10 percent over spot That's not a great deal but when I saw This at ten percent under spot I jumped

On it so I actually bought this private Party and the person I bought it from I've picked things up from them before In the past Um I know they bought this a while back And so they definitely made some money Off of it when they sold it to me but They were wanting to get rid of it they Offered me a great deal and I was like You know what I need to jump on that so That's why I picked it up that's one of The great things about being involved in The community sometimes you can find Really good deals so let's open this Silver let's see what we got in here now I recently picked this up from an online Bullion dealer and I'm kind of excited Because I haven't done an unboxing in a While but we'll cut open the top here And see what we got inside I picked These up from a company called Monument Metals so whenever you're buying silver Online you know shop around find a good Deal these are the Noah's Ark silver Coins and absolutely gorgeous silver Coin they had a good sale on those and Here are the krugerrands from 2023 South African crew grants usually the premium Is not too high on those so I picked Those up as well we got four krugerrands All from 2023 we'll see how long it Takes for the cheese to milk spot I will Let you all know and then we have three Of the Noah's Ark silver coins from

Armenia so that's what I picked up now The reason I picked all of these up was Because the price was right so these Crew grants were I think around three Dollars or three dollars and fifty cents Over spot what I like to do is shop Around from the different online bullion Dealers uh see who has the best price And buy from them so I buy from a Variety of online buoying dealers I mean I think I probably purchased from around 15 or 20 different dealers whenever You're buying online just make sure You're buying from a reputable dealer You know not someone shipping from China Or something weird like that when it Comes to premiums on Silver you know try And keep them I I guess under 20 percent Right now which seems like a high Premium but a lot of the stuff out there Has high premiums on it so that's just Kind of the world we're living in right Now hopefully premiums will come down Soon on Silver but you know I'm still Trying to pick up as much as I can also I like to buy one ounce sized silver Coins silver bars silver rounds that's My favorite size to buy so that's why I Picked these up and uh yeah really happy With that purchase also the reason I Bought seven ounces of silver was so That I could get over the free shipping Hurdle I think it was like 200 to get Free shipping So when you buy online

Always make sure you buy enough to get The free shipping and then make sure you Pay with a check or an E-Check something Like that so you don't pay any Additional fees and if you're buying at A local coin shop make sure you always Pay with cash so all right that was the Stuff I picked up uh really happy with The gold and silver now let's check out Some of the new releases from the Germanium mint I don't believe these Have been released to the public yet Um Germania sent me these to review you So thank you so much Germania and these Are Collectibles we're actually going to Start with the COA uh so we can read About it a little bit then I'll show off The silver round so this is from the Valkyries series ostara uh five Mark Denomination 2023 release is limited to 25 000 pieces okay so this is the second Release in their Valkyries series it's Like women Fighters or something like That but what an absolutely gorgeous Silver round I love the finish on this Thing it's just beautiful it pops uh Definitely a fun series to collect the First one in the series was Hildegard I Have that one as well Um absolutely gorgeous and here's a look At the other side you can see down below They got the five Mark denomination Germany up top 2023 so they're probably Gonna do one of these every single year

Which is pretty cool I think you know That's a good way to Lisa series just Have a new one every year and 25 000 That's not too big of a mintage it's low Enough to where it's still going to be Fairly rare and definitely collectible So I like this series I hope they Continue with it but let's check out the Other one that they sent me but we have A leaf okay so this is gonna be I Believe the third release in their like Wilderness Series this is the Linden Leaf from 2022 so this one's coming out Just at the end of the year also 25 000 Pieces but the first one was the oak Leaf and then they had the chestnut leaf I believe but this one is really cool I Love the look of it I believe Linden Leaves are actually used for like maybe Cough medicine or some kind of a remedy Or something like that I could totally Use some myself I actually had to record The audio a few times for this video Because I'm a little bit under the Weather so I I could totally use a real Linden leaf But uh no these are really cool uh it's A great series super fun to collect so I Wonder if the 2023 will come out at the End of the year next year maybe these Are kind of released at the tail end of The year I'm not exactly sure but all Right well that was the video I hope you Enjoyed watching I had a lot of fun

Unboxing that silver I need to get back To more unboxings they're just a fun Video to make and hopefully they're fun To watch as well but I'm curious what You are buying put a comment Down Below In the comment section also I want to Say thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one silver Dragons out

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