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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about Something big that may be brewing for Gold and silver and this is in relation To another alternative investment uh but Here's the thing I want to also give you A breath of fresh air I know a lot of People are looking at the midterms you Know I was up late into the night last Night you know saying okay who's gonna Win and what state if you don't know in The USA we're having an election cycle Right now and um you know a lot of People are maybe happy or are not happy About who's winning but the thing is all Of the media has been covering the Midterms basically every News Channel That's all you're seeing and so it's Kind of overshadowing other things that Are going on and there's something Really big that's actually going on Today which is what I will be talking About in this video so let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so what's going on With gold and silver right now well let Me give you a little bit of background So when people look to invest in really Anything there's a few main things that

People invest in right people invest in Stocks people invest in bonds and people Invest in property these are kind of in My opinion three of like the big Investment type things right and then There's alternative Investments you know You got Collectibles and and stuff like That you also have precious metals and Then you have Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies have Not been around for an extremely long Time but uh there's something really big Going on and if cryptocurrencies you Know sort of lose traction then a lot of The money that's been going into cryptos Over the last few years could shift into Gold and silver and that's what I want To talk about in this video so let's First take a look at what's going on With kryptos we got another kit code News article for you and the headline is Gold holds Tuesday's strong gains as Crypto markets still shaky so let's just Dive in here uh the first part says gold And silver prices are holding close to Steady price levels in midday us trading Wednesday the Bulls still have technical Momentum to suggest more price upside in The near term some Safe Haven demand has Been featured in the precious metals Markets the past day or so as the Cryptocurrency markets have become very Wobbly gains in the metals today were Limited by a higher US dollar Index and

Lower crude oil prices okay the Marketplace is still buzzing about the Turmoil and the crypto currency markets On Tuesday the spilled over into Safe Haven buying and gold and silver and uh Just so you know yesterday gold did very Well I think it went up around 40 Dollars and silver went up around 60 Cents and uh it was kind of a weird day Because cryptocurrencies were getting Crushed but precious metals were Actually going up and this is sort of What's going on I mean we're kind of Still learning about you know everything That's happening but this is the deal The crypto exchange FTX suffered a major Liquidity crisis and had to be absorbed By its bigger rival binance the cryptos Are still shaky Wednesday and the Aftermath of Tuesday's jolt the cryptos Are just like other markets when a Crisis of confidence occurs Traders and Investors all running for the exit door At the same time creates a severe Liquidity crunch so basically there's This crypto exchange FTX some of you Heard of it some of you have no idea What it is maybe you don't even know What a crypto exchange is but basically This is a place where you can go online And buy and sell cryptocurrencies and uh So if this exchange here was operating Normally and there was no problems then There wouldn't really be this big drop

In cryptocurrencies right but they were Having big problems people were losing Faith and essentially a lot of people Tried to pull their money out at once This you know so whoever had money in The FTX exchange they were saying oh my Gosh we need to get it out now because It's going to crash whatever and uh this Other exchange binance had to step in And say okay we're gonna we're gonna Basically take over FTX and try and uh You know smooth the transition Etc and There's some more components to it but That's basically in a nutshell was going On alright so they do have these ranked By market cap uh highest market cap to Lowest uh number one is Bitcoin they're The biggest cryptocurrency see out there And if we look at the basically seven Day change in Bitcoin we can see it's Actually down 17.4 percent which is a Huge drop for one Bitcoin which is in Stark contrast to the highs we saw you Know last year a few years back uh you Know Bitcoin was worth over sixty Thousand dollars a Bitcoin now it's Under 17 000 Um ethereum uh 25 decline in the price Uh and then you know if we look at some Of these other ones Ripple down 22 Percent uh Dogecoin down 37 that's Insane I don't even know why Dogecoin is So high on this list I guess a lot of

People invest in Dogecoin but I I don't Think you can really do that much with It but here's the thing I mean cryptos They are a number on a screen and there Is a lot of counterparty risk when it Comes to numbers on a screen think about All the things that have to be working King for you to access this uh wealth Right you need the internet to be Working you need electricity you need an Exchange you know this is the on-ramp And the off-ramp to get a hold of your Money and if you know that's failing Which is what we saw yesterday that can Be a big problem but also if the Government regulates it right if they Sort of put roadblocks on these on and Off ramps you know or make them really Difficult to use you know that could be A big factor as well so it seems like People uh at least recently have been Kind of losing faith in cryptocurrencies I know this is not true across the board I know there's a lot of people that love Cryptos you know I love the idea of Kryptos I love being able to make Transactions that are not necessarily a Hundred percent tracked and traced you Know if the government does go to a Central bank digital currency then Essentially all transactions are going To be completely tracked and traced and So cryptos would be a good way to get Around that if they're not too heavily

Regulated but also precious metals would Be a good way to get around that as well Because obviously you can barter with Gold and silver and stuff like that so That's the story that I wanted to talk About today you know people kind of Losing their faith in cryptocurrencies And potentially moving into gold and Silver we could see this happen a lot More over the next few weeks few months Especially if more of these exchanges Start to have problems or if the Government steps in and tries to Regulate cryptos even more which I do Expect them to do over the next few Years so you know a lot of this money Could flow into gold and silver pushing Their prices even higher so this is uh Definitely bullish for precious metals In the short term but also I think in The long term as well lastly I want to Say a massive thank you so much for Watching my video and I will see you all In my next one silver dragons out

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