The Real Benefit of Gold and Silver

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So everything that you've heard about Gold or silver put it out of your mind For a minute I'm going to tell you what I actually think matters And it's not that it's shiny [Music] [Applause] [Applause] So if this is the first two is one video That you've come across that's a good Place to start if you've seen a few Already well first of all thank you but Second of all this is the one that I Hope pulls everything together this is a Big one we're going to cover how we use Gold to actually help us so you know the Drill normally I keep this to the end But be sure to hit the like button on This one be sure you're subscribed and All of that because I'd love to see this Particular video get out there a little Bit and I need your help to do that To start this off I talk a lot about Saving with gold there are a lot of Reasons that I find it to be easier to Save with Metals than with cash but I'm Going to focus on one buying gold as a Hit and I mean that in a biological way It gives you the same feeling that you Get when you buy that new whatever Pocket knife wristwatch second or third Bicycle And here's the thing we all buy things That we just simply don't need we either

Buy them to impress others or just make Ourselves feel good and gold gives you That same psychological bump that same Endorphin hit as you would get from Buying that fancy new thing just to keep Up with the Joneses Now not only do we buy things that we Don't need sometimes we even do it with Money that we don't have either we buy On credit or we buy something free and Clear while ignoring other things that We've purchased on credit and most of us Have some kind of debt so anything You're buying is now keeping you from Paying something else down maybe it's a Loan against the car maybe it's a Mortgage now I'm not going to dwell on This particular point but we'll just say That wasting money is two strikes not One So regardless of debt here buying things Just makes us feel good it's called Retail therapy this is a real thing People stress spend to boost their mood The purchase gives them you know the Nice material thing that they can have In their hand but it also gives them the Feeling of being in control they just Made a decision nobody can stop them They've won it's a very temporary thing Usually that purchase was a bad decision It was a waste of money and it just Added to the problem that was causing The stress in the first place

Now buying a gold coin or a silver bar Whatever you prefer gives you that same Biochemical hit gives you that nice Material thing that you have in your Hands but it also allows you to be in Control of your decision same as the Other way you get that same boost to Your mood only now you haven't wasted Your money you've actually spent it by a Hard asset that retains its value and Actually appreciates over time If you've already started buying gold or Silver you know exactly what I mean this Stuff is pretty mesmerizing both the day That you pick it up and five years down The road but beyond that visual punch That gold or silver has you can sell it At any point and get back what you put In now I've spent a lot of time covering The sun costs a premium I've also spent A lot of time covering long-term Appreciation for gold you might not get It all back you might get back more We're just gonna look at the big picture Here your gold is not a purchase it's an Asset Now this isn't something that comes up a Lot in real world situations and there Are reasons for that so A lot of people Are going to turn to YouTube if you're Interested in Precious Metals you're Probably going to spend some time here You're going to watch the related Content and what you'll find is that the

Vast majority of content creators will Go back and forth between meaningless News on the topic and minor price moves Or some kind of tyrannical danger now The world is out to get you you need Gold and silver it's protection whatever It is I'm not even going to Discount That if you want to believe that you Want to prepare against it having Savings being Diversified it's not going To hurt you in that regard but that is a Very tiny aspect and an extremely Unlikely use case of what accumulating a Hard asset can actually do for you now One of the most important things that You should consider before you go crazy With gold or silver is why you're doing It in the first place how you might use It I own a business that means that I Don't don't have a set income so at the Bottom of the spectrum for me gold is a Backup Fund in case of emergencies in Case something goes wrong at work and my First goal was to save up three ounces Of gold now it's beyond any cash savings That was in case I ran into a bad Stretch at work now depending on where You're at that's going to seem like a Little or a lot but the important part There was that that three ounces would Not get used for something like a Furnace repair some kind of random Unexpected expense because there's an Added layer of selling friction here I

Don't want to sell it and there's a Little bit of effort required to do it If I need to and that prevents me from Selling it for dump things like second Bicycles or wrist watches it truly is an Emergency fund now that goal has changed Over time as my circumstances have Changed my life is just more expensive I Have kids now I have more things in play And I'm older so the reason that I'm Buying gold has evolved and if I was Starting out today in my later 40s well My reason for buying precious metals Would be a lot different than it was in My early 30s when I actually did start You should consider things like that you Should consider things like your time to Retirement or your time from retirement For those of you who are already there Your age or your place in life however You want to look at it that is a huge Factor in a lot of different ways but The big ones are going to be your need For saving versus your need for Investment capital I wish that I would Have started buying gold a lot sooner Than I did but I definitely don't wish That I would have bought it instead of Making the Investments I did now the Growth stocks and my business Investments those have far outpaced the Gains that it would have made in gold or Silver spot price had I just focused on Metals now I buy gold or silver one of

Two ways either I buy it by reclaiming Wasted expenses by not buying things I Don't need or by Rolling profits that Come outside of my regular income that's The only way that I buy it I would never Buy medals instead of investing and that Gets me to one of the big ways probably The biggest ways that my reason for Buying gold specifically has evolved Over time of the truly wealthy people I Know they have become wealthy one of Three ways they either have successful Businesses they had wealthy parents or They leveraged real estate now the lucky Ones they fall into all three categories There are a few of them but the variable There for most of us is going to be Leverage I know specialty docs specialty Surgeons who spend their income as fast As they make it and I know teachers and College professors who are way ahead It's less about income and more about What they do with it now the way that Gold and silver fits into this is pretty Simple if you build up an asset value by Replacing wasteful spending you have Capital that most people don't or at Least Capital that the wasteful version Of you wouldn't have so if we look back At those three common ways that I Mentioned people used to get rich well Having that extra Capital can allow you To take greater risks in business that Was the first one that can serve as down

Payment for Real Estate that was the Second and they might even serve as an Inheritance that was a third just not Going to be you that's benefiting from It it'll be your kids now the one that Any of us can take advantage of there is Real estate and I've sold gold to help Fund property down payments twice sold One of those properties last year Actually the purchase price of that Property was about 350 000 in the sale Price Ten Years Later was about 800. now This is a little bit deeper in the Personal life that I like to get here But I think that it's a fantastic Example of what I'm talking about now if We had to label it we'd call it a Vacation rental it was one that my Family could use when we wanted it was One that we could rent out when we Didn't and it required 20 down payment So 80 of the purchase price was finance And it was more or less cash flow Positive the entire time probably not The first year maybe not even the second But what that means is that the rental Income service the loan and most of the Expenses now we made some updates beyond That probably helped increase the final Value but mostly the appreciation was About timing we happened to buy when Real Estate was cheap it didn't feel Like it at the time but we sold it when It was ridiculously high that was

Obvious And the important part there was just Having the available Capital when that Property hit the market in the first Place that's what I mean by Leverage I'm not telling you you need to be in Real estate I'm just giving that example Of how leverage can work and this is the Most important topic of gold ownership As far as I can see it has nothing to do With zombies or emps or tyrannical Governments collaborating with socialist Think tanks it has to do with insurance It has to do with security and it has to Do with leverage it's kind of a layer Kick at the bottom it's a shiny Diversion from wasting money above that Maybe it's an emergency backup and if That means emps are government overreach To you well no problem because that's Covered here too but as you add to it it Becomes a wider risk offset that allows You to take shots at other things and Then at the top it's direct leverage That allows you to launch something big I'm not saying that you should buy gold Or silver with the intent to sell it all Down anytime an opportunity comes up I'm Saying that you should consider all of The positive ways that you could Possibly use some of it as you go now I've never sold Beyond 50 of what I own Personally but this way of thinking About it this is the the upside this is

The part that you rarely hear the door Marked private the part that can Actually have significant impact on your Finances this is the rabbit hole that It's not full of people selling you fear Of Bank runs or confiscation or Socialist takeovers it's the one that Actually makes sense I think that covers It today I'm going to take this further In future videos so I'd love to hear Your feedback I had a little bit of time To think about this over my vacation Think about what I'm up to with this Channel and I'm going to try to pay less Attention to what makes other channels Popular because I just don't think it's Helping anyone I think there are just Too many people selling the wrong rabbit Hole but let us know what you think I Want to know what everybody's interested In and then while you're in the comments Be sure to hit the like button if you Found any of this interesting be sure You're subscribed with notifications Turned on if you'd like to see more on The topic and if you're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care [Music]

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