The Influence of the New World Order on Gold and Essential Resources

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Welcome to my blog post where we dive deep into the intriguing relationship between the New World Order and two invaluable components – gold and essential resources. In this article, we will explore the profound impact the ever-evolving global power dynamics have on these precious assets, and how they are intricately intertwined with the concept of the New World Order. Join me as we unravel the complexities and uncover the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.


In today’s rapidly changing global landscape, the influence of the New World Order cannot be ignored. With China’s Belt and Road Initiative gaining traction, the world has witnessed global polarization and domestic deglobalization. This article delves into how the partnerships formed under the Initiative impact critical resources like gold. We will explore how the coup in Niger exemplifies how quickly partnerships can change, subsequently affecting mineral sourcing. Divided into three parts, this article will discuss the Death of the Dollar, China Bypassing the Dollar, and the significance of gold in China’s resource race.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Contributing to Global Polarization and Domestic Deglobalization

The Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the BRI, is an ambitious project initiated by China that aims to enhance connectivity and foster economic cooperation between countries. While it has garnered both praise and criticism, one of its notable contributions has been the polarization of global politics. As China strengthens its partnerships with countries involved in the BRI, it becomes evident that the world is shifting away from the traditional power structures.

Partnerships under the Initiative: Impact on Critical Resources like Gold

One of the critical resources impacted by the partnerships formed under the Belt and Road Initiative is gold. As China establishes connections with countries rich in natural resources, such as Africa, the demand for gold increases significantly. This surge in demand can have profound implications on the global gold market, ultimately affecting its value and availability.

The Coup in Niger: How Partnerships Rapidly Change and Affect Mineral Sourcing

The recent coup in Niger serves as a stark reminder of how quickly partnerships can shift, leading to significant changes in mineral sourcing. Niger, an important player in the global uranium market, was previously partnered with France, a Western power. However, with China extending its reach in Africa through the Belt and Road Initiative, Niger has begun to pivot towards Chinese partnerships. This sudden change in alliances directly impacts the sourcing and availability of essential resources like uranium.

Death of the Dollar: The Rise of China and its Alliances

As the influence of the New World Order grows, a paradigm shift is occurring in international trade. Western dominance, symbolized by the dollar as the global reserve currency, is gradually being challenged by the rise of China and its alliances. From establishing alternative payment systems to bypassing the dollar in trade agreements, China is actively working towards reducing the dollar’s supremacy. This transition has far-reaching consequences, particularly for essential resources like gold.

China Bypassing the Dollar: Implications for Global Resource Race

China’s efforts to bypass the dollar in international trade and create alternative financial systems have direct implications for the global resource race. As China secures partnerships and establishes its economic influence, it gains access to critical resources like gold. By bypassing the dollar, China can navigate financial barriers and strengthen its resource acquisition capabilities. This shift in dynamics can potentially reshape the global resource market and impact the prices and availability of essential resources.

Gold and China’s Resource Race: A Crucial Commodity

Gold holds significant importance in international trade and plays a vital role in China’s resource race. As China seeks to secure essential resources, such as minerals and metals, gold serves as a store of value and a means to acquire and trade these resources. With its growing economic influence, China’s demand for gold is poised to increase, further impacting its price and availability in the global market.

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The influence of the New World Order, driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is transforming the global landscape. With partnerships rapidly changing and essential resources like gold playing pivotal roles in this race, it is evident that the balance of power is shifting. As China aims to bypass the dollar and establish its economic dominance, the availability and value of resources like gold will be significantly impacted.


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