The Importance of Preparation for Receiving Blessings: Don’t Let Them Slip Away!

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In their quest for receiving blessings, it is crucial for individuals to recognize the significance of preparation. By adequately preparing themselves, they can ensure that blessings do not slip away. This blog post delves into the importance of preparation in embracing and maximizing the blessings that come their way.


In personal and business relationships, the importance of preparation before receiving blessings cannot be emphasized enough. It is crucial to understand that blessings do not simply fall into one’s lap; they require effort, dedication, and a willingness to improve oneself. Failure to prepare for these blessings could result in missed opportunities or even the denial of the blessings altogether. Ian Dunlap, in his thought-provoking video, sheds light on this concept and highlights the significance of preparation in personal and business endeavors. This article will delve into the key takeaways from Dunlap’s video and provide insights on why preparation is essential in attracting and maintaining blessings in relationships.

The Necessity of Preparation before Receiving Blessings

  1. The Importance of Putting in the Work: Many individuals have the desire to achieve great things without putting in the necessary work. They fail to realize that success is not handed out freely; it must be earned through tireless effort and perseverance. Dunlap stresses the significance of laying the groundwork and investing time and energy into personal growth before expecting blessings to come their way.

  2. Improving Oneself for Attraction: It is not enough to simply want a fulfilling relationship or a specific type of partner. To attract the desired partner, one must actively work towards becoming the kind of person they aspire to be in a relationship. This involves continuous self-improvement, self-reflection, and a commitment to personal growth. Through this process, individuals enhance their qualities and become more capable of nurturing and maintaining healthy relationships.

  3. Avoiding Entitlement: One of the key messages conveyed in Dunlap’s video is the danger of entitlement. Many people think they deserve blessings without putting in the necessary effort or preparation. This mindset often leads to disappointment and missed opportunities. By acknowledging the need for preparation, individuals can avoid falling into the trap of entitlement and instead focus on becoming deserving of the blessings they desire.

  4. Handling Blessings with Grace: Receiving blessings is one thing, but being able to handle them effectively is another. Without proper preparation, individuals may not be ready to receive or manage the blessings that come their way. Dunlap emphasizes the importance of personal growth and continuous self-improvement as a means to develop the capacity to handle blessings gracefully.


In conclusion, the video by Ian Dunlap serves as a reminder of the importance of preparation in personal and business relationships. Preparation is not just about hoping for blessings, but actively working towards attracting and maintaining them. By putting in the required effort, improving oneself, and avoiding entitlement, individuals increase their chances of receiving and effectively managing blessings. It is through continuous self-improvement and preparation that one becomes ready to seize and maintain the blessings they desire in their personal and business relationships.


  1. Q: How can preparation help in attracting blessings in relationships?
    A: Preparation, through personal growth and improvement, enhances qualities that make individuals more desirable in relationships. It increases the chances of attracting the desired partner.

  2. Q: What happens if one does not prepare for blessings?
    A: Without preparation, one may miss opportunities or be unable to handle the blessings when they come their way.

  3. Q: Is it enough to only want a specific type of partner in relationships?
    A: No, it is essential to actively work towards becoming the kind of person one desires in a partner.

  4. Q: How does entitlement hinder the reception of blessings?
    A: Entitlement creates unrealistic expectations and can lead to disappointment and missed opportunities.

  5. Q: Why is continuous self-improvement important in receiving blessings?
    A: Continuous self-improvement enhances personal growth and ensures individuals are ready to receive and handle blessings in relationships.

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