THE FALL OF THE METAVERSE – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] At the end of last year when we named Our stocks obviously when I named Amazon In the same way I I thought Facebook was Going to be the most important one just Because the amount of money that he's Going to be spending inside of the Quote-unquote metaverse obviously they Changed the name And it was for that reason I don't I Didn't know if people were going to Believe in it the way that he did and Now when you hear people especially in The tech World a lot of the CEOs like if You watch their interviews and they get Asked about the metaverse it's very Discouraging They're laughing at him Like they're like laughing they're Discouraging and mocking him and so when You said he didn't listen to his Employees I wonder at this level Do you block out everyone at this point And just really believe in zoning on What you write because if you're doing I Think the the investment is 50 billion Over five years On a space that no one is knows to be Cares about or yeah or even is Interested in being part of so maybe He's in his he'll you create his own World but like yeah this is a lot of Capital I mean like the number one thing That people were complaining about in The Meta verse is that the characters

Didn't have legs if we're being honest That metaverse product looks like Nintendo week Has any of your kids said hey I just Want to be in a metaverse so we're just Having a conversation last night people Like the meta versus the next wave and I'm like but Apple Or Google will probably run it and you Have to it's one thing we had a Conversation maybe a year ago and I Won't say a gentleman's name Uh Rashad you told me the gentleman had A very vile comment that he made to the Person and then led to part of his Downfall I always remembered that lesson 2016 Zuckerberg made a super vile comment to Tim Cook Tim Cook has been on his ass Ever since to go out of his way Apple's Not even interested in AR and VR but Because you made an enemy Was someone who too has an ego Tim Cook Who was tired of being in the shadows of Steve so if he was in the shadows of Steve why would he let Mark Zuckerberg Even lean into his Lane and let you Offend me when I didn't let Steve offend Me Let's go take their lunch just to be Vindictive and now Because and I told everyone this will Happen

Now advertising is getting really big at Apple now they're going to start Slapping ads all over that home page of The App Store what would you rather Advertise your product if you're a Business owner on the IOS app store or In meta Zuckerberg I'm coming to save you but You're going to listen and give up some Billions Do what you want to do but y'all got Five more years like I said February 24th is when I called the day What can they do to uh what can they do To uh reverse engineer the situation Give me 15 billion and then let the Culture run it or any other ideas I Don't I don't want to give shout out to Everybody it matters I love it and the Crazy part They have some of the best talent I've Ever seen in the building He won't listen to them Huge mistake man like even me I didn't Want to do stops like when I got tired Of time he was the one who made me do Stock Club I wanted to talk about Trading he's like most people know how To discipline for it I could have said No I know this I'm the mass investor he Was like bro I'm telling you you put Them in the trade first it's going to be A disaster set them up for long term Then leave them in a trailer

We got to take the ego out because even As leaders and Truth we were talking About it last night with Jaleel the Truth about being a CEO of running a Business it's not fun all the time I Know they see us moving around and you Think we're having the Glamorous this is Work Anyone who is the chief executive for Real shout out abdulillah Christy see Y'all You are putting out fires every day We as leaders have to listen to our Employee base our team members customer Base More often to get the wins because all The genius and Innovation is in there The crazy part about meta they have About 14 to 15 people who have some Amazing ideas that if they worked or They were allowed to execute them no Matter wouldn't be in this position Have to listen But what do I know but I did call on the Fourth and 24th of February Facebook Will fall apart most company and I'm Gonna say Zuckerberg is techshield night Incredibly talented incredible team but His ego will lead to the misery of that Company All right clip that up We'll monitor we'll monitor the Situation Um what stock do you believe is better

Than Apple Man I hate to say it and I love my baby Apple right I could argue though especially if we're Looking at beta I think Eli Lilly Probably is the greatest company right Now in the entire stock market Great question virtually no drawdown so The stock has not dropped and regardless Of what happens in the world Okay so if let's say we go into like a Zombie apocalypse which I pray never Happens Are people going to really be worried About face timing and well the cell Networks are going to go down but the Healthcare space is still going to rise And do well We've seen through covet through so we Go through these Hundred Year Cycles Um the black plague happened and of Course Um the the virus of 1928 and 1918 Happened covert happened uh with cancer Rates rise in health care rates Rising Excuse me um healthcare insurance rates Rising that Healthcare space is probably The safest space to invest in but Because people are always going to be Sick they're always going to need Unfortunately in the western Civilization they're always going to Need some kind of medicine to help them

And Eli literally leadership has reminds Me a lot I was talking to BD yesterday They remind me a lot of like Dan Kathy's Team they're really quiet it won't make A lot of noise but behind the scenes They're trying to find a way to own Everything in that supply chain but the Thing about it is that um Apple can go into Healthcare absolutely Which I predicted about the insurance Yeah they are going to health care but They want they won't go on a farmer Though Because they don't want that regulation Okay but Eli Lilly can't go into apples They can go into Eli Lily's house but They can't go into Apple's house that You know apple is They can do anything Apple literally Could do anything there's nothing There's nothing that Apple can't do in The castle he says that they can do it Too Eli Eli Eli Lily is extremely good At what they do but They can't do everything I I think it's a mistake to try and do Everything we we see that with Zuckerberg and meta if y'all do Marketplace they try to they're Destroying Instagram slowly but surely Tick tock's coming to take their lunch Um they're trying to do AR VR 50 billion Dollars invested huge mistake for a Product that no one wants

I think it's also one thing with apple Is that You're right you can't stretch yourself Too thick but they they don't really They stick to a few things and they Always dominated so it's like they start Out with computers and then they they Start dominating that space And then they go completely 180 to music People people just automatically assume Apple music and like it's just so Synonymous with music but at the time it Was a revolutionary thing like apple is A computer company that's going into Music Apple dominates music like if you Think about it apple is the biggest Force in music from Apple radio Apple was the first culture Vulture They dominate music right so now it's Like they're very strategic in the areas That they go into so there's talks of Them going into the EV space there's Talks that are going to the healthcare Space so I feel like if they do decide To really put a plant in those spaces Yeah it's gonna be years of planning It's going to be extremely thought out And you know they don't really lose too Often yeah you forgot I agree you forgot The biggest space Communications they Weren't a phone company but they Dominate the phone company right in the App Store and you think about tablets

Right they dominated that wearables Forget about it these by Dre was a thing And then they bought Beats by Dre great Acquisition but even like I said like The wearable space the earbuds are now When they you know obviously the glasses Are soon to come they'll be dominating Aspects but even online the app store is An interesting thing too because if you Really think about it that's that's an Online Marketplace for a variety of Things all things that you function with I don't even know how to fully it's the Greatest toll road ever Um and they dominate that space 30 Percent they dominate the space of no They get 30 of Revenue but I'm saying They dominate that whole Space their Only competition if you got if you have An app on it Everything they only the only Competition is what's the Android thing Called Google Play exactly they have no Competition nobody I know these are all Points that I've made throughout the go Watch every episode of Market Mondays if You want to be rich even two years ago I Predicted today we're gonna to the Insurance space I agree a thousand Percent if we're looking at beta though Everyone go Google what is the beta of a Stock Eli lilies beta is 0.33 You want to be in businesses where the Risk is very low

That is an amazing 2008 December 1st the Stock was at 29.38 as of today it was at 359.90 Average volume 2.8 6 million shares per Day And yield is 1.09 earnest per share 6.27 That thing is a cash Cow yeah and they're reporting tomorrow We'll get to see their quarter uh Obviously today yeah uh we had Uh who was it uh CBS is on Wednesday That you got Striker today so the Healthcare earnings is going to be Coming in now so oh yeah I need to say For the record I'm not replacing apples My top stock was still two Tech Two Index the two Tech all Michael Microsoft And Apple put yes and chat if you've Been hearing me say that since the very Beginning of the show I was saying this Back in 2015 Stance has not changed but I will say Eli Lilly in terms of How It's run and If you're looking for lower risk that Beta definitely tells the story Okay and I'm gonna say this too Historically if you tune into the show You don't need to listen to anybody else We've been right on too much we've told You Apple told you Microsoft call when a Recession was going to happen in October Told you when Bitcoin was going to fall Apart we'll get to those in a second Told you to reinvest in those at five

Cent it's been up 95 percent what more Do you want from me And everyone who said hey a bunch of People said I was wrong about Facebook Being a death of Why don't I ever see any of them at the Exchange or matter on the meters or Square or they have no meters for UTA or Not Come with everyone copied them out I Keep saying it Follow the Leader And what's up [Music] Standing

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