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So 2023 could be a big year for silver We're hearing that from a few people Industrial Awakening commodity demand Those seem to be the driving reasons so Should we stop buying gold and go all in On that hope [Music] [Applause] [Applause] So I guess I've just always seen gold And silver as different things I don't Really buy one instead of the other it's Not a choice Except when it is hold on to that Thought for a minute now normally I'm Buying gold for big situations I'm Buying silver for smaller situations at Least if I thought the premiums allowed It but one of the big reasons for that Distinction is that if you truly were Choosing between those two and you Wanted to spend a big amount for a big Situation well the final value being Equal the silver is going to cost a lot More in premium So just pick a number like two thousand Dollars a gold coin will cost five Percent premium on top of that give or Take and I suppose it's possible to find Some form of silver somewhere for a Similar premium if I don't at least say It's possible I'll get jumped into Comments but it wouldn't be similar it Wouldn't be equally liquid more likely

Silver is going to be double to 15 times That premium depending on the form Apples to apples that would be an American Gold Eagle versus an American Silver Eagle But that isn't even feasible now the Next thing that I would be looking at is Volatility I don't mind silver bouncing Around if I have it for smaller Situations but if I was all in on silver Or if I was replacing gold with silver I Think the spot price fluctuations Would kind of drive me crazy premium Fluctuations would drive me crazy too It's only recently after falling retail Demand for silver that the premiums have Actually started to come down low enough To say that they'd be double Gold's Premiums and again if we were looking at Like products comparable coins or Comparable bars Gold has a much lower acquisition cost Now that volatility is listed as a Positive thing by a lot of people I hear People say gold for wealth preservation And silver for speculation but Personally I just don't see how physical Metals Could be considered good for speculation There are just too many other things That outperform them with similar risks Now have some personal bias here because I had some silver leading up to the 2011 Run when it almost hit 50 an ounce it

Was a fun run and it was my first Experience with a big run up on any kind Of physical asset value but then I held On to it for almost a decade beyond that Waiting for that to happen again And it never did so I say that I'm Neutral on Silver I see both its pros And its cons but that unsustained run up To 48 dollars followed by 12 years of Nothing is top of mind for me 2023 could Be an interesting year for silver I Definitely don't know anything that Would argue against that but to carry Over hopes from 2020 2021 2022 have Pushed premiums up to a point where it Has to have a big year just to pay back Those premiums so if it did outperform Gold Will it outperform it by five percent to Seventy percent whatever amount extra That you'd be paying on premiums to buy It instead of gold that's where my mind Goes now I have some smaller biases Against silver too I've said this before I don't like how much room it takes up I Don't like the minor frustrations with Toning or milk spotting I mean if we're Talking about larger bars I just can't Get real excited about a big block of Dull metal unless maybe I'm at the gym That would really be the only time that I'd be looking to move them around For these smaller situations though I Like the price point of silver have to

Be honest about why you would want it Thirty dollars for a one ounce coin Three hundred dollars for a 10 ounce bar Hypothetically at least I'm told those Prices can be found I don't see them but If I ignore premium a 300 purchase is Just less painful than a two thousand Dollar purchase it's pretty Straightforward a thirty dollar purchase Even easier and having a few tubes of One coin or another having a few 10 Ounce bars it's not gonna be a pain to Store it's not going to be a pain to Move around But if I was going to make a video Telling you that I was going to be Buying one instead of the other it would Have to be about that last Point those Purchases would be less painful it's Just again easier to spend less money Any other reason has to be based on hope Hope that maybe silver will outperform Gold and who knows maybe it will but it Has to do it in a way that a beats it by Enough to cover the far more expensive Premiums and B doesn't do it chaotically It would have to sustain that jump and Those to me are pretty big hurdles for Silver So I won't be stealing any cash that I'd Normally be putting toward gold to buy Silver not now not in 2023 probably not Ever if I continue to pick up silver Here and there it will be in addition to

Gold in addition to those decisions the Reasons that I buy gold if anything I Would take from investable income and to Do that I would have to think that Silver is going to outperform some other Asset that I would normally be investing In or I would just buy it when I have an Extra three hundred dollars maybe an Extra thirty dollars and that to me is The more likely case Now I've seen this topic come up a lot Lately and I'm definitely not trying to Change anybody's mind but I put out a Few videos on Silver recently I don't Want to be part of a certain kind of Chorus I figured that I would add this One point there's just no way that I Would buy silver instead of gold if I Was going to compare the two I would Have to look at it like this if gold was Two thousand dollars an ounce and silver Was also two thousand dollars an ounce Both had the exact same premiums which One would I want I'll give you a second To think for yourself but I would go for Gold I'd go for gold all day because Gold is a tier one asset has a Widespread recognition and acceptance Seen as a safe stable asset and I just Don't think that volatility is a Positive for physical assets So 2023 isn't really any different for Me in terms of allocations for Metals Well I suppose it's a little bit

Different because I don't really have Any silver to sell but I will just maybe Buy some silver as price and convenience Allows who knows and maybe I'll even buy A little bit less gold but those two Decisions won't be related it's not a Zero-sum game to me the only reason that I would buy less gold would be if the Price shot up and it started to feel too Expensive or if maybe I got too heavy in Goal ratios now maybe I have a little Bit more patience this year because as History has shown if we see these big Spikes in price in either metal usually We see those prices retrace a little bit After heading up so I can wait I'm Already a little bit ahead of my goals So I'm not going to feel like I'm Missing out if we do see some big price Runs so what do you think do you think Of gold and silver as a choice between The two You follow gold to Silver ratios or Talking Heads telling you one is about To shoot the moon or are they totally Different to you too let us know and Then while you're in the comments be Sure to hit that like button if you Found any of this interesting be sure You're subscribed with notifications Turned on if you'd like to see more on The topic and if you're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time

Take care Thank you Enough

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