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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video we're talking about Investing in metals and we're not Talking about gold and silver today so We can just move these over to the side We're talking about investing in not a Precious metal but a base metal and I Personally am only invested in two Different base Metals one of them is Copper we absolutely need copper for Infrastructure and I think it has a Bright future but the other one I'm Invested in is uranium and I have talked About uranium a few times on the channel I don't have any here with me because Well it's illegal to own and it's also Radioactive so I could get really sick If I handled it improperly but uranium Is absolutely crucial to our Infrastructure here in the United States And across the world we need uranium for Nuclear energy and there's something Really crazy going on right now that I Want to talk about so let's do it Foreign Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it I want to Let you know that I have partnered with Uranium royalty Corp to bring you this Video and we will be talking about them And their great opportunity a little bit Later now the first thing I want to do Is show you the spot price for Uranium So you know where it is now and where

It's been in the past so currently it's Right around 52 dollars a pound however This is nowhere near its all-time high Which it hit back in the summer of 2007 A hundred and forty dollars per pound so Uranium when it moves it can move Extremely fast it's kind of like silver With its volatility which many of you Are aware of so if we see another spike In uranium price in the future I mean Anyone who is invested in uranium Companies would expect to get leverage Over the price increase so big things Could certainly be happening in the Future for uranium especially with What's going on right now so many of you Are aware that in the United States of America we have more nuclear reactors Than any other country so we use a lot Of uranium however most of the uranium That we use does not come from America Or any of our allies in fact it comes From Russia and their allies so this is Pretty alarming because it's no secret That Russia invaded Ukraine last year And there is an ongoing War right now so When the U.S decided to put sanctions on Russia they put sanctions on a lot of Their energy Imports but one that they Did not sanction was uranium because we Need it so badly we simply don't produce Hardly any uranium whatsoever in the United States of America and this is Obviously a huge problem problem here is

A recent clip of Amir adnani the Chairman for Uranium royalty Corp Talking about this very issue the Reality is we depend too much on Russia And former Soviet Union states and we Must be in control of our own destiny When it comes to energy here you are you Have a situation where or the dependency On uranium 60 percent of our uranium is Coming from Russia and former Soviet Union states and we don't mind any Domestically how does that make sense Why are we not talking about supporting Domestic capabilities as yesterday the White House has a briefing with the United Arab Emirates to invest a hundred Billion dollars abroad to help with Energy transition fine great to invest In energy but why are we investing in Energy in our own backyard why aren't we Putting a fraction of that into making Sure we have uranium domestically that's The source of fuel for one in every five Home in America we are currently in the Middle of a Nash National Security Crisis when it comes to energy and I Don't know how all of this is going to Play out over the next few years but I Will say this Whenever there is a crisis There also is an opportunity uranium is One of those things we are going to need Moving forward in fact uranium is one of The few issues that there is bipartisan Support for both the Democrats and the

Republicans like uranium because nuclear Power is the cleanest energy you can get So clearly there's going to be lots of Demand for Uranium moving forward on top Of that there certainly will be demand For Uranium companies located in the United States of America so that being Said I want to dig into uranium royalty Corp specifically and full disclosure I'm not telling you to invest in their Stock I'm simply giving you information And then you should do your own due Diligence to decide if you want to Invest in them or look at other uranium Companies so the first thing that I love About uranium royalty Corp is that many Of their assets are located in the United States of America as well as in Canada our allies to the north so Uranium royalty Corp is helping to bring More jobs here in the USA and also Helping to give us our energy Independence back and I absolutely love That so currently they have 15 royalties And some of the companies that they've Partnered with are the biggest uranium Mining companies in the world and two of Their royalties are about to start Production if you don't know how Royalties work basically uranium royalty Corp will give loans to uranium Miners And then once they go into production They start taking profits off of the top Line so they're in a real really good

Position right now it's no surprise that They've attracted top-notch investors Like uranium energy Corp kcr fund Rick Rule Sprott Global I mean the list goes On not to mention they're sitting on Around 75 million dollars of uranium They've got tons of cash in the bank They are debt free and ready to grow so You could see how investing in a royalty Company in general would be advantageous But if you wanted to invest in uranium And a royalty company at the same time You would have to go with uranium Royalty Corp because they are the only Uranium royalty company in the world Currently the price to buy one share of Uranium royalty is 2.49 however if we Look at this price Target from a company Who reviews different mining companies And things of that nature you can see They've given them a target of 5.70 Cents over the next year so this would Be a huge jump up from where their share Price is today I would say the timing For Uranium royalty Corp right now could Not be better with those two projects Coming online over the next few months Additionally the timing for Uranium Miners in America is excellent because We desperately need more domestic Production of uranium we are in a crisis And lastly if we just look at the timing For uranium in general we can see the Spot price is much lower than it was

About a year ago and then obviously much Lower than that Peak back in 2007 so I Would say if you want to invest in Uranium companies definitely do your own Due diligence see what companies are Right for you and your portfolio if you Want to take a look at uranium royalty Corp I will put one link down below Below in the description I want to say a Massive thank you to them for partnering With me to help make this video possible And I want to say a big thank you to all Of you so much for watching and I will See you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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