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General Rules For Investing – Leadership

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are finding out that the largest obstacle to successfully launching a product, service, or even company is no longer attracting financial capital. Instead, the largest obstacle is attracting intellectual capital – informational resources used to drive profits, attract customers, innovate new goods, and improve on the overall business. As an investor myself, there are general rules for investing that one should abide by.

Why You Need a Conservative Strategy

Should you have a conservative strategy? What if your goal is to build your portfolio, your money fast? In most cases the answer is ‘yes’ you should invest some of your money conservatively. By using one conservative type investment in your portfolio you can minimize risk and have a fallback strategy for when the markets go south and you want to move your other monies out of more aggressive strategies into a safer position until the markets start to surge again.

Understanding the Short Vertical Spread Option Strategy

The short vertical spread is a favorite strategy for traders looking to receive premium credit up front with limited risk. This strategy benefits from time erosion, decreasing volatility and knowing the risk upfront.

Understanding Keep Well Agreements

Keep well agreements or deeds were in vogue during the recent bull run of the Asian bond markets between Sep 2012 and May 2013. Several companies from China used these agreements when they came out with new bond issuance during this period. Keep well agreement or deed is a type of credit enhancement for the bonds.

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