Silver Price Manipulation – RIGGED SILVER MARKET

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And I want to take a moment to talk About the manipulation that goes on in The silver market now I've talked about This in videos in the past but I just Came across this article and honestly The manipulation that we're seeing today Is just absolutely Disgusting these banks these entities Should be ashamed of what they're doing There's no free market when it comes to Silver there's so many people uh Puppet Masters you know pulling on the strings And forcing silver price to go lower or Higher sometimes legally sometimes Illegally we've talked about that before In the past but it should be a free Market Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it now when it Comes to manipulation of silver price Obviously it could be manipulated up or It could be manipulated down and usually When we talk about manipulation we're Talking about the price being Manipulated lower because if there was Free Discovery if it was a free market The price should be much higher than it Is one of the things I like to show and Talk about is the paper to Silver ratio And currently it's over 400 to 1. what This means is that there's over 400 paper silver contracts being traded For every one ounce of real silver now

This is not just Futures contracts this Is ETFs and other products but essentially These are numbers on a computer screen They're a digital product they're not Actually paper they're all on computers Now right but it's a coupe upon it's not Real silver and if all of these people Who are trading this paper silver were Forced to go one-to-one with physical Silver my goodness the price would Absolutely explode even if they went ten To one you know we think about Fractional Reserve banking Banks they Can loan out you know 10 times the Amount of money that they're actually Holding and so even if it went ten to One it would be absolutely insane Because there's so much paper silver Being traded and so little amount of Physical silver actually available so I Want to talk about this article here it Did come out around Halloween last year So it's not terribly dated but the Headline is comex deliverable silver far Less than imagined as 50 percent of Eligible is not available now if you Want to read this whole article for Yourself I'll put a link to it down Below in the description of this video I'm not going to go over the whole thing Because this would be an hour video but I will cover the highlights so what do They mean when they say that comex

Deliverable silver is less than imagined 50 percent of eligible is not available So what's the comex this is an exchange Here in the USA and they hold these big Bars of silver right you think the Thousand ounce silver bars and if Someone has a Futures Contract and it Ends and they need silver to be Delivered then it would come from the Supply right so think of a big company Maybe Tesla they need silver to put in Their electric vehicles they have a Contract once the contract ends then They get the silver delivered from Somewhere like the comex and we're not Going to get into all the details of That but basically think of a big Vault Or Warehouse that holds silver bars Right that's basically what the comex is And they hold gold bars as well but Right here they're talking about sort of The sketchiness going on with gold Futures when they doubled the position Limits from 3 000 contracts to 6 000 Contracts and this is manipulation in The gold market absolutely but let's Move down to where they talk about Silver here we go silver bombshell Deliverable Supply with 50 percent Haircut so right here the February 2021 Eligible silver Revelation also came in A submission by the CMA to the cftc Dated 19 February 2021 certifying a Doubling in position limits this time on

Its silver Futures contracts from 15 000 contracts to 3 000 contracts the CME 5000 ounce silver Futures Contract is The world's most traded silver Futures Contract and it is physically Deliverable in five bars of a thousand Troy ounces each for whatever reason This February 2021 CME submission which Had great timing by the cftc and the CME And being teed up just as silver squeeze Threatened to jettison the silver price A lot higher seems to have gone under The radar until now and has not been Mentioned anywhere as far as I can see But it is critical in highlighting uh Given the massive outflows of physical Silver which are currently being seen Both from the lbma vaults in London and The comex registered silver category in Comex New York okay so I really wanted To go over this part right here because I think it paints a picture of exactly What's going on uh so right after the Tampa down here as an article on the Legal website JD Supra written by K L Gates LLP and Michael G Lee explains why It's so important to have realistic Position limits it also raises some Questions on why the cftc raised Position limits for gold and silver in April 2020 and February 2021 Respectively and in doing so made it Easier for unduly controlling those Markets the cea commodity exchange act

Empowers the cftc to limit the number of Derivative contracts that can be owned By any one person or group in order to Prevent derivatives from being used to Exercise undue control on a market which Can cause sudden or unreasonable Fluctuations in price Furthermore through the Dodd-Frank Act Congress charged the cftc to update its Regulations on positions to prevent Excessive speculation and manipulation While ensuring sufficient Market Liquidity for bona fide hedgers and Protecting the price Discovery process So check this out right here or will the Cftc maintain the 3 000 contract Position limit so as to allow the silver Price to be tamped down as the CFT sees Chairman rosston Benham said in March 2021 and I quote and in many respects The resiliency and the market structure Of the Futures Market were really able To Tamp down what could have been a much Worse situation in the silver market Are you kidding me the cftc's chairman This guy Roston he's basically Bragging that they were able to force The price of silver lower they were able To manipulate the silver Futures market And he's saying oh it could have been a Much worse situation in the silver Market if we weren't able to do this Right it's so great that we were able to Manipulate the price lower it was it was

An amazing thing right it helped all of These large Banks who were shorting Silver right they would have been Screwed all of these huge Banks you know JP Morgan Etc who are you know hoping That silver price goes lower their Shorting silver they have naked short uh Positions on Silver and so if they Weren't able to you know Tamp down the Price it would have been a horrible Thing this is the kind of stuff that Just makes me sick and it reiterates why We should buy and hold physical silver Because when all of this comes crashing Down you know when the Puppet Masters Are no longer able to you know maintain Control on the price to keep it where They want it to be when it all comes Crashing down everyone that owns you Know paper silver is going to be a loser All of them they're not going to be able To get a single ounce of silver there's Way too many uh paper trades going on Again over 400 to 1 paper trades paper Silver to physical silver the winners Are going to be the people that are Holding physical silver the stackers Those are going to be the people that Rise Above So when I see stuff like this It again just reiterates you know why we Should be buying physical silver you Know physical silver is real money it's Real wealth it has value anything paper Can be manipulated it's just a number on

A screen there's counterparty risk and It's just it's not a safe place to store Your wealth

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