Silver Premiums Are Down – NOW WE STACK HARD

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm so excited to be Unboxing some more silver to add to my Stack I'm gonna talk about what I got But also where I got it from because I Got such a great deal and I want to Spread the word about these low prices So let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it we're gonna Kick things off here with a good Old-fashioned unboxing Thank you Wow that was packaged extremely well but We have a whole tube of Canadian silver Maple leaves here these are the brand New 2023s so we will show these off but I'm going to be adding them to my maple Monster Box I'm super excited to be Stacking Maple Leafs once again so let's Check out the obverse on one of these Because it's pretty special so for 2023 Over on the left you can see they added A privy Mark it's 1952 to 2022 so those Were all of the years that Queen Elizabeth was the queen anyway let's Look at the reverse it's the classic Canadian silver maple leaf design so Nothing different on the reverse they've Got the radial lines going out from the Maple leaf which is a security feature Yes these are four nines fine silver so Definitely a cool coin I think that for The 2023 ones I mean I would not pay

More money for these than any other Maple Leaf if I would just buy Whatever's the cheapest but these did Happen to be the cheapest when I bought Them so I definitely got a great deal at Some point in 2023 the Royal Canadian Mint is gonna switch over from having The queen on the obverse to King Charles But they haven't said when that's going To be so in the meantime we still got The queen and uh it's not really a Special coin I don't think but it is fun To have these in your stack so as far as My Monster Box is going here we have a Partial tube which needs to be completed But other than that I need six more full Tubes and then we're done with this Thing so I definitely want to finish This year but let me talk about where I Bought the coins from okay so here we Are at and if you want to Check them out for yourself I will put a Link Down Below in the description but I Made a video about them last year and Since then the website has gotten way Better so it's super responsive super Snappy which is a huge Improv Improvement also the website you can Always buy stuff from it 24 7 that Wasn't the case last year I think on Weekends or something they weren't Always open but now it's 24 7 it could Be midnight on a Tuesday and you could Place an order from them which is great

Also their free shipping it used to be 500 for the free shipping now it's only 2.99 and it's still going to come super Fast and fully insured so that's a huge Improvement but the thing I've always Liked about pimbex is that their prices Are super low I mean check this out one Ounce silver buffalo rounds right now Silver spot price is just barely over 21 Dollars an ounce so this is under 24 an Ounce I guess less than a three dollar Premium on Silver rounds so that's a Great deal right there but if we look at The Maple Leaves we'll just click on This Banner here they do have the 2023s In stock and check this out if you buy 1 To 24 coins so less than a tube you're Paying 25 12 right now per coin which is Just over a four dollar premium but if You buy 25 a whole tube like me you're Paying 24.77 per coin so that's less than a Four dollar premium but also it's under 25 Per coin which is the price point for me That's basically when I stopped stacking Maples once they went over 25 dollars Per coin now that they're under that Again I feel comfortable paying that Price so this is a really good deal and Actually you could buy them like this or You could just buy all 25 with the tube This is kind of what I like to do Because you know you're going to get the

Free tube you probably would get a free Tube if you just bought 25 individuals Uh but this is how I like like to buy Them so you get the tube you're going to Be able to store them easily and all That kind of stuff but uh you can read About them here if you like but I'm not Going to go over this because you guys Know what Maple Leafs are but let's Check out some of the other stuff that They have on their website to kind of Show off their prices actually if we Look at their junk silver or Constitutional silver you can see the Prices are actually super reasonable so I mean if you buy a hundred plus uh Dollars face value you're getting under 18x so that's like under 25 an ounce That's a really good deal for Junk Silver the premiums used to be crazy on This stuff and they're finally coming Down but they do have low premiums on Some of their other stuff as well uh I Mean look at this we got Phillies for 23.55 so look at that if you get a whole Tube of Phillies you're looking at 24 Bucks an ounce for silver coins that's It's awesome gotta love the Philharmonics they got the kangaroos Great deal there we already talked about The maples uh but if we look at like Their silver bars for example you can Get a 10 ounce silver bar right now 23 Dollars an ounce which is crazy I mean

This is barely over a two dollar premium For 10 ounce silver bars and these Aren't even on sale this is just their Normal prices right uh so pinbacks Definitely I mean they're dropping the Prices for you guys which is great uh we Got the germanium mint that's a premium 10 ounce bar if you want to go up to the Hundo I think this is like a dollar Fifty over spot and again not even on Sale so you gotta love that uh when you Buy silver you want to make sure you're Buying from a trusted bullion dealer I Actually know the guys that own this Website I've known them for a number of Years and I bought twice now from them And never had any issues so great prices You gotta love that I mean it's Important to shop around especially when You're buying online you know kind of Figure out who has the best deal and buy From them because obviously you get more Silver for your money uh but last year I Did buy a buffalo from them and they've Got great prices on the gold buffaloes This is uh under a hundred dollar Premium so I mean that's a really good Deal especially compared to uh some of The other prices I've seen out there but They got a lot of stuff in stock lots of Options about a 50 premium on the gold Bars so yeah if you want to pick up some Cheap silver cheap gold at a great price This is definitely one of the places you

Can do it at all right there you go that Was pin Banks they are still fairly new But I think they're over a year old now So either way I know a lot of people Haven't heard about them before uh when You're shopping online and you're Looking through different websites to Find the best deal definitely check out Pinbacks because from what I've seen a Lot of the time they do have one of the The lowest premiums on many different Products so anyway coming back to the Canadian silver maple leafs I am so Excited to be finishing up this monster Box when I had to put it on pause Because the prices got too high it was Kind of a little sad you know I wanted To get this done I wanted to finish Stacking all of these maple leaves I'm Excited that the prices are now low Enough to where I feel comfortable Buying the rest of this box here so Expect more videos in the future more Unboxings of Silver Maple Leafs maybe I'll pick some up at my coin shop I Don't know yet but either way I'm Determined this year we're getting this Monster Box done so that's my goal I Want to say a massive thank you so much For watching and I will see you all in My next one silver dragons out

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