Should You GO BIG With 100 oz Silver Bars?

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When it comes to buying physical silver Should you go big should you buy these 100 ounce silver bars or should you just Stick with the smaller stuff like one Ounce silver rounds what is better What's going to be the best for you this Is something I've talked about before in The past but I recently have gotten more Questions about this you know what Should I be buying specifically so That's what I want to talk about in this Video Let's Do It Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it if you want to Learn more about investing in precious Metals or if you just want to watch Awesome videos about gold and silver Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel alright so what's going to be The best silver for you to be buying now I want to look at this from two Different ways I want to look at this From the point of view of someone who's Just getting into silver they're just Starting their silver snack but also I Want to look at this from the point of View of someone who's been stacking for A long time you know maybe five ten Years you already have a pretty big Stack built but let's start off with the Newbies so when I first started buying Silver I was only buying in the one Ounce size I started with silver rounds Because those were the cheapest thing I

Could find I would get a little bit of Cash together I'd walk into my local Coin shop with cash and I'd walk out With silver and if I ever needed to sell Well I could just sell my stack you know One ounce at time if I need money for Gas or food or whatever I didn't have to Sell a large chunk of silver because I Only had one ounce silver rounds so when You're first starting this is definitely The best size to start with I think I Tried to get several hundred ounces Before I moved into the sort of bigger Things you know 10 ounce silver bars Kilos 100 ounce silver bars I would say It's great to have the one ounce size Because not only is it more liquid but Also like I mentioned before you could Just sell a little bit at a time if you Ever need to all right now let's look at This from the point of view of a more Veteran stacker I've been buying silver For over five years now and I bought a Lot of different sizes along the way Right one ounce all the way up through 100 ounce I haven't bought anything Bigger than the 100 ounce yet I don't Know if I ever will this is pretty much The biggest you ever want to buy but I Would say if you already have a large Variety of silver over a pretty decent Sized stack you know maybe a few hundred Ounces in the one ounce size then it's Totally fine to move into the bigger

Bars it's great to have Variety in your Stack because you can choose what to Sell if you ever need to sell it but Also these hundred ounce silver bars you Know they stack up in the safe really Nicely they don't take up a lot of space Whereas if you have all of these tubes You know of the one ounce things these Kind of take up a little bit more space They're a little bit more bulky and you Know you got to keep track of all these Tubes so I kind of like buying the 100 Ounce silver bars you know if I had to Pick between a kilo silver bar or a 100 Ounce silver bar I would say they're Both very good options the only issue With the 100 ounce is when I started Stacking there was absolutely no way I Was ever gonna buy a 100 ounce silver Bar because I simply did not have the Cash it would have taken me a long time To save up for something like that I Mean right now a hundred ounce silver Bar costs more than a one ounce gold Coin so if you're one of these stackers Where you're kind of stacking a little Bit every paycheck then these might be Out of reach for you but if you already Have a large amount of cash that you're Slowly converting into silver these can Certainly be a really good option and One of the best things about 100 ounce Silver bars is they're usually one of The cheapest things you can buy when it

Comes to investing in physical silver so You can get more silver for your money And obviously this is a great thing when You're stacking if you want to pick up One of these fatties at discount bullion Max is actually doing a deal right now Where you can get a 100 ounce silver bar For literally a dollar 49 per ounce over Spot so right now as I'm filming these Bars are under 24 an ounce this is an Insanely good deal I haven't seen a deal Like this in a long time and they're Offering a limited amount of these so I'll put a link down Down Below in the Description that'll take you right to The sale it'll look just like this as You can see you're saving 260 dollars on One of These Bars and shipping is Absolutely free now I believe they only Have like 25 or something available so These are probably going to sell out so If you want to get one of the deals I Would suggest doing it sooner rather Than later also I will point out that The silver bar they send you will be a Random design so it may be something Like one of these or it may be a Different design entirely but you are Going to get 100 ounces of three nines Fine silver These Bars weigh almost Seven pounds they're incredibly fun to Own and hold in your hand so if you want To pick one up here's a great deal if You are going to be going big with your

Silver Purchase I would say definitely Wait until stuff goes on sale that's What I do I don't like to pay retail if I'm buying locally I'll ask my local Coin shop are you going to be having any Sales any deals coming up if I'm buying Online I'll simply just wait until what I want to buy is on sale and then I will Jump on it at that point so if you don't Pay retail if you only ever buy things That are a good deal obviously you're Going to get more silver for your money And you'll have a bigger stack at the End of the day so that's why I kind of Like to do that I do want to say thanks To bullion Max for offering this Discount to my subscribers if there are Any more good deals in the future I'll Definitely make sure to let all of you Know so make sure you're subscribed to My channel so you don't miss any of Those if you want to jump on them Because sometimes they do go really fast But anyway what are your thoughts on Going big with your silver purchases Feel free to put them down below in the Comment section I want to say a massive Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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