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[Music] Why was he allowed to go on a press tour After the financial Scandal has taken place with FTX and Before you start here's the interesting Thing about that we would as he was Doing about to speak we were at Bloomberg watching it and they were Asking the same thing like why why are They allowing him to do this so I'm I'm Interested I'll give a little feedback But you you gotta start I I don't know Why so I want to pose the question to The audience I'm being serious and this Is part of fundamental research this Isn't for like clicks right so if a Company Has no board no board of directors And they raise Capital they have no Record of How much Capital came in those security Protocols You don't know how many people is Employed there how long they work there Or were they work prior Alameda had a security exemption To not be under the same rules and Agreement that FTX was And he has not been arrested Was he planted there Prior to To destroy the crypto Market Or did they Takashi him and flip him After he got in trouble

It's one of the two Because if I am a bank let's say I sit At the right hand of Jamie dominant Um JP Morgan and I'm Samuel Jackson Character in Django and I just love Jimmy right Wouldn't it make sense Say Hey Kid Master gonna make a little way for you All you got to do is just turn over all The documents to everybody if you're Right on everybody in town Tell him did he get turned or was he Planted because shout out to all my Forex Traders all my options Traders Let's be real from a trading perspective If any of us that were black or brown Did anything close to what he did we Can't even trade on margin with Exemption Now I know his family is what to do Um there are political ties they're with Gensler and as a parent You want to protect your kid at all Costs no matter what happens but when I Start to see hedge fund managers say Maybe it was a misappropriation of funds Or a honest mistake trying to protect The consumers that were invested in the Token Huh What y'all worried about if I'ma drop The voice note of the day on Telegram Yeah and forgiveness obligations to the

People now because he up there with Peter no I'm not Here's the blueprint too if you are Black or brown and you bring black or Brown into institution you got a lot of Way more power than if you don't bring Them But was he sent there to destroy The grayscale thing wasn't true even When czcc was well played but from those Of you in the crypto space you tell me Hey binance is better Than FTX but They aren't pure Still well played why has he not been Arrested because when Bernie Madoff Collapsed so he was the Fall Guy for 2008. he didn't get to sit next to Andrew Ross working who I love dearly he Didn't get to hop on Twitter's faces and Give his perspective on why all that [ __ ] money was gone had I ran off With however many billion Shout out to everybody in California Y'all would have called bonawin M500 Mr Two weeks out Mike go get in Ashley from making everybody in Atlanta Would have been on me Why does he get to just chill And do interview like for those who Don't know the Press hot to get a Interview in New York Times if you have A PR agent that represents you probably Cost you 30 to 50 000 a month to get the

Interview Not easy who the hell is paying for him To get that so he does not get fined but We see Takashi out here back in New York Buying bags Brian Brian Armstrong CEO of uh coin Baseball guy did you see that today Ian Yes I did I I will read it for the Audience so they can uh be aware of What's going on he took the gloves off Today y'all he said I don't care how Messy your accounting is or how rich you Are you're definitely gonna notice if You find an extra 8 billion to spend Even the most gullible person should not Believe Sam's claim that this was an Accounting error it's stolen customer Money used in his hedge fund plain and Simple And the crazy part is I don't want to give anyone this idea if He would have put it in a term because People were saying what banks do it you Have to have a certain exemption even I Know some of you have been sending me The video on fraction Reserve lending Right you have to have exemptions for That but if you would have put it in Terms of service and in case of Emergency we can use your funds It'd have been okay and part of it is The arrogance to think that Um you can get away with these things Because of the back end let's be very

Honest if I'm donating all that money to These political parties too I think I'll Have a way out myself as well Be mindful anytime that anyone is Selling you too hard on a project it is Normally because the gains are not there All the people that I know that really Have money they don't pitch me nothing I Got to pitch them I made Charlemagne Money and I'm still waiting to do a deal Like people like yo you canceled I'm Like we went to breakfast club I flew And found out the day of the interview Wasn't there life happens Life happens anytime a project is pushed Too hard it's because the value is not There I think they're doing this to ruin The crypto space and I think They probably made him an offer that he Could not refuse But you guys put in comment let me know What you think Well Rochelle let's act like we about to Fight about something so we get the Views oh my God we really care about Instagram versus Tick Tock oh God okay We're going to monitor the situation how Much money should you spend on a first Date like I probably need that I want Royalties for that man like I saw a CNBC Put up the average the average cost for A first date is 99 for the average American male like what like they've Made a whole genre of dating financial

Literacy things after this like and then All everybody's on Tick Tock like yo bro Uh 300 yes or no under over what do you Get like they made a complete my career This whole dating situation you know you Know who got one of those fire posts Though I got to give them credit Um Todd How much man how much money have you Spent on women over your lifetime On women that have not become your wife Everything yeah A lot a lot most for the average person The average person Yeah everything you mostly most Samuel Not much my answer is not much I'm sticking with it great investor Great man great husband great dad Yeah College 2023 Ain't no more spending Watch it budget cut alerts the dates Have been cut in half Budget cut they got mad over that 500 Y'all heard my first three days boy how To sit in the [ __ ] Frenzy Budget cut alerts and for sure enjoy the Last month enjoy the last month of the Year What's up ripping

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