Russia’s Victory In Soledar Is A Reality Check For The West

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You know I think for months now we have Been hearing that Russia was on the Brink of defeat right the sanctions are Draining their warches dry and put Things on the verge of surrendering well In a sudden Twist of events it appears That Russia isn't collapsing and is in Fact gaining ground in Ukraine now the Russian forces are apparently Experiencing victory in solidar and I Don't think I've seen such amazing spin From the mainstream media about how it Is actually a defeat now we have Russia Claiming victory over solidar's salt Mining town in Ukraine now the town is Just next to back mode the front line City and by capturing solidar Russia is Actually reading closer Striking Distance of the city now definitely Improves their positioning but it's Probably just one piece of the greater Battle for bark mode but what I want us To focus on is the narratives that are Being told around solidar because it's Really interesting seeing the Spin Doctors out in full force right we are In a narrative war between both Russia And the collective West now putting up a Story from routers we have the Ukrainians claiming that solid is still Under their control with the donets Governors saying solidar remains under The control of our military and the Enemy which is the Russians is incurring

Huge losses we also have stories about How the fall of solidar for Russia is Actually a pirate victory that the Russians might actually be winning but The casualties suffered are going to their efforts in the long term And here's an interesting one from the New York Times apparently Russia's claim To seize a Ukrainian Town exposes Rifts Among forces which is referencing how The credit might be stolen from the Wagner Group by the Russian military and Here's the thing all those might be true But it is obscuring what's actually Happening in the front the Ukraine Conflict is about to hit the one year Mark guys and all the events we are Seeing tells us that both sides they are Entrenched deeply in the conflict right And there's going to be more fighting on All fronts now if we listen to Russia They are claiming that Ukraine has lost At the salt mining town of Salida has Been captured and according to the BBC Themselves solidar does matter it Provides the Russians with a secure Artillery position within range of bark Mode which could put further pressure on The defenders in the city and we can see Just how close the town is to the city Of Bachmann which is just six miles away Now what's more interesting is how Solidar being a salt mining town of Course has deep salt mines where the

Russians could station troops and store Equipment right they could turn into a Staging base of salt to entrench Themselves further in this conflict but I think the victory or ongoing battle Whichever side you believe is truly a Struggle for morale it is a symbolic Victory that both Russia and NATO needs Because if we zoom out and we look Beyond just the fighting on the ground Guys there's a big Joe political and Financial War happening between Russia And the G7 and we need to recall what Happened last month in the United States And I'm of course talking about the 1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill of which 45 Billion went to Ukraine now that is a a Lot of money guys and if you're in Congress you need to justify that Spending is effective then it is working To keep the Russians at Bay so if Soledad falls to the Russians that is a Big stain on a spending bill is the West Throwing good money off the bat that's a Big question and it isn't just the Optimus bills that policy makers have to Account for the inflation disaster in 2022 was in part caused by all the Western sanctions slab on Russia it's Not just the money printing for the Federal Reserve and there's the Sanctions on Russian assets that led to A treasury done by China that's the Sanctions of Russian oil and gas that

Led to higher energy prices especially For Europe now all this needs to be Accounted for people in the west they Need to know if the price they are Paying in the form of inflation is worth It and if Russia manages to take solid Out or back mode this is a PL disaster For the west and that's why we are Seeing so much Spin and angling in the News now the Russians also need this Symbolic Victory it's also the country Supporting them especially bricks and OPEC they aren't collapsing just yet so The ground battle is just as important As the financial fund because they are All interconnected now what if Russia Claims is true and the ground situation Is indeed a Russian Victory then the West is probably going to double down on Their efforts and I don't just think They're going to put boots on the ground Just yet I don't think they're going to Do that because it could trigger the Unthinkable right but more money and Weapons are going to flow to Ukraine and Here's the thing about all this extra Funding when you pour money to the Conflict it's going to go into Commodities and into the defense Industry you need oil and gas to fight Battles you need base metals to build a War machine and this means more Inflation is coming guys even if we Don't see it today we have Europe now on

The brink of setting Western tanks Ukraine and this is serious stuff France Poland and the UK they have all pledged To send in battle thanks to zelinski and Germany is also about to deliver their Leopard tanks as well now this is an Escalation and by all measures we are in A proxy war the EU setting India tanks America is sending India money while Russia is basically sending in Everything right and that's why solidar Is significant not because of his Strategic importance but because of the Timing of this conflict it could very Well just be a sleepy town on the way to Buck moon but solida could represent a Turning point for the Russians which NATO will want to stop now I think we Are on the Collision Course for disaster Sooner or later because both Russia and Ukraine have Hardline positions for Negotiations and they are not going to Budge Putin obviously wants to Consolidate his gains Annex new regions In the East and retain control of Crimea But zielinski he has a 10 point peace Plan for any negotiations right Specifically Ukraine day one Russia out Of the country a compensation amongst Many other things now we know that none Of that is going to happen so the Fighting is going to continue and both Sides are going to grind each other down In the field and every time Russia gains

A semblance of Victory we are going to See the West just point more money as Applies into the Battlefront but let's Go beyond just the battle on the ground Because we are on a multi-front wall Where the real battle is financial and By now we should be able to see the Agenda of both Russia and the West when It comes to this financial fight now the West is trying to stuff Russia out they Are desperately trying to deplete the Russian war chairs and that's why they Force 200 billion dollars of Russian Assets and why the G7 came off the price Cap back in December last year now Russia's agenda is a little different Their agendas to make the world Incredibly expensive to fund for America And Europe right Putin wants to bankrupt The west by making them go further into Debt and ramp up deficit spending Especially in the period where interest Rates tear going up and this brings us To another big escalation that's going To come for Russia and I'm talking about The G7 oil price cap 2.0 now this is a Tricky one because now the G7 Coalition Is planning to cap not just Russian Crude but there are oil products like Gasoline and Diesel what they want to do Is to prevent Russia from refining dial On crude oil and bypassing the sanctions Right Russia is the third largest Refining capacity in the world so they

Could technically refine their own crude Oil into gasoline Diesel and kerosene And sell them off at market prices now The West wants to cut that off and Squeeze Russian revenues even more but If that happens you'll see more supply Issues in the oil markets especially in The West for example in Europe around a Third of their diesel Supply comes from Russia and when the ban starts on February the 5th the EU is going to have To replace those supplies and that means They have to get more expensive diesels From the United States Saudi Arabia and Even China let's talk about China for a Little bit China has been getting cheap Russian crude for many months now and The exports of diesel have been growing Because the refining margins are just so High right they have almost 10x they are Diesel exports in just 12 months the Refining business is booming in China so As we can see the price caps might be Hurting Russia Avenues but it's also Hurting the West especially the EU which Isn't a huge oil producer and I think This shows us how determined the West is In hurting Russian revenues that they Are willing to suffer higher prices Themselves but we need to be careful of Narratives in this conflict right many People are telling multiple story sets All about hyping up their own agenda That's the NATO side that's the Russian

Side and that's the truth and it usually Lies somewhere in the middle we have a Biden advisor claiming that the oil Price cap is working and Russia is Suffering from lower revenues the fact That the discount on Russian oil has Widened is a good thing we hope that it Continues and we'll see where it takes Us and taking a look at the price of the Euros it is at 56 dollars which is Indeed lower than a 60 price cap but the Euros have almost always traded lower Than the price of brand crude so Russia Might be indeed taking a hit but is it Really sufficient to end the war I Really don't think so and if we dig Deeper we can see the break even cause Of Russian oil production is around 40 Dollars a barrel and that means the Price cap isn't doing enough damage to Hurt Putin's revenues and the war isn't Going to end anytime soon and if the Numbers are true Russia can still Continue making a profit on their oil Sales without really cutting production Yet and from a report by Bloomberg Russia's rallying Dr oritaka Fleet to Beat the Western sanctions and if you Didn't know by now the West is actually Ban tankers from transporting Russian Crude that is priced above 60 dollars The price cap so Western vessels they Are unfairing around the majority of Rational because Putin isn't playing

Along with the price cap but if you look At the share of Russian crude exports we Can see whatever select the European Vessels have left Russian ships are Picking it up the share of Russian Vessels has actually risen from 22 Percent to 35 percent and this means They are mobilizing their Shadow Fleet And picking up where the sanctions left Off so Russian crude is still flowing to The markets because of the profits the Ground war back in Ukraine is it going To stop anytime soon as well and we have To prepare for a world that is going to Get Messier guys and I mean a world of Supply shocks and energy inflation that Could probably get worse there are Always two sides to the story and we Need to cut through the noise with our Own independent thinking I think solidar Has exposed the greater narrative war That we are in the west like Russia has To fight tooth and nail for every Territory because symbolic victories is Everything in this conflict and a battle For bug mode it's going to be the big One because if Russia actually takes it We are likely going to see even more Money poured into Ukraine now the West Is going to fire another Salvo of Sanctions on Russia is going to come and We even haven't discussed about the big One which is the EU moving to confiscate Russian Assets Now Germany is on board

With the idea to seize Russian assets For Ukraine as repatriations but that is A really slippery slope because if that Line is crossed we're going to see Financial chaos being Unleashed Frozen Russian money will now flow directly Into the economy causing even more Inflation and the global treasury Dam Has ability from China is going to Continue we're going to see more money Flow into gold like never before because Inflation is going to get worse and Counterparty risk will be the biggest Worry around for central banks and how Would this conflict and I honestly think That for either side it's going to be a Complete Victory on their terms or none At all and I don't think there can be a Compromise anytime soon so let me know What you think in the comments Below Guys how important was the battle for Solidar Will the west escalate their Sanctions even further let me know in The comments below stay safe be sure to Smash the like button and subscribe as We navigate through these crazy times

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