Russia and Saudi Arabia Deliver Shocking Revelation: The Economy is Set to Endure a Heavy Blow

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Russia and Saudi Arabia Shockingly Reveal: Their Economies are Set to Endure a Heavy Blow In a surprising revelation, Russia and Saudi Arabia have recently announced that their economies are on the brink of enduring a significant blow. This unforeseen development has sent shockwaves throughout the global financial community, as both nations play vital roles in the world economy. With the potential for far-reaching consequences, the implications of this revelation are sure to be closely monitored by economists and investors alike.

Russia and Saudi Arabia Deliver Shocking Revelation: The Economy is Set to Endure a Heavy Blow


In a recent video created by Sean Foo, an expert in global economics, the shocking revelation that the economy is set to endure a heavy blow has been brought to light. This revelation comes as a result of OPEC Plus, the organization consisting of oil-producing countries, cutting production by up to 2 million barrels a day. However, instead of oil prices rallying, they have crashed, indicating that global demand is collapsing. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events and the implications it may have on the global economy.

OPEC Plus Production Cuts and the Unexpected Outcome

  • OPEC Plus, which includes major oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia, made a decision to cut production by up to 2 million barrels per day.
  • This decision was aimed at reducing the global supply of oil in order to increase prices and stabilize the market.
  • However, contrary to expectations, oil prices crashed instead of rallying, indicating that global demand for oil is collapsing.
  • This unexpected outcome has left many experts puzzled and concerned about the overall state of the global economy.

The Role of Saudi Arabia and Russia in Convincing OPEC

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the largest oil-producing nations, played a significant role in convincing OPEC to join in on the production cuts.
  • These countries recognized the need for a collective effort to stabilize oil prices and prevent further decline.
  • Their persuasion skills and influence within OPEC were crucial in mobilizing other members to agree to the production cuts.

The US’s Response and Competition with OPEC

  • In response to OPEC Plus’s production cuts, the United States has been ramping up its own crude oil production.
  • The US is also securing additional production in South America, aiming to compete with OPEC and reduce its dependence on foreign oil.
  • This increased competition from the US poses a threat to OPEC’s market dominance and further complicates the already challenging global oil market.

OPEC’s Fear of Additional Supply

  • OPEC is deeply concerned about the possibility of additional supply hitting the market, which would further depress oil prices.
  • The lifting of sanctions on Venezuelan oil opens the door for increased global supply and competition with OPEC.
  • Currently, Venezuela produces 800,000 barrels of oil per day, and it has the potential for even more production in the future.
  • OPEC’s efforts to cut production can be seen as a strategy to increase oil prices before the demand further decreases or additional supply hits the market.


In conclusion, the video created by Sean Foo highlights the shocking revelation that the global economy is set to endure a heavy blow. The production cuts by OPEC Plus have not yielded the expected results, and instead, oil prices have crashed, indicating a collapse in global demand. The role played by Saudi Arabia and Russia in convincing OPEC to join in on the production cuts, as well as the US’s response in ramping up its own production, adds further complexity to the situation. OPEC’s fear of additional supply and competition with countries like Venezuela also contribute to the challenges faced by the global oil market. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact the global economy in the long term.

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