Roth IRA Tax Benefits Explained: Roth IRA Withdrawal Tax Rules & Rates

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What Is the Root of Home Shortages in the UK?

Speaking of ‘the UK housing shortage’ misses the point. Cities Outlook 2013 says that localizing the problem might be the national solution.

Safe Investing and Scenic Wonders

A few weeks ago we went for a drive into Glacier National Park. What has this to do with safe investing you ask? More than you may realize or in the case of our visit to Glacier, more than we could see. When I look at the overall long term results from my back tested investment software strategies I know than if I don’t follow them I will mess up and be more sad faced then if I stick with my plan for safe investing, for profitable investing.

What Are the Risks of Real Assets As an Investment?

All investments, including property funds and other real assets, carry risk. Following years of poor performance by market-traded securities, investors are choosing real assets as an alternative. But all investments are subject to risk.

Alternative Investments: Minimising Risk in Unknowns

The nature of alternative investments such as land makes it difficult to quantify risk. You can overcome the unknowns by understanding the investment opportunity.

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