Retire Sooner Highlight: George Jerjian reveals the primary challenge faced during retirement

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In this Retire Sooner Highlight, we will dive into the primary challenge faced during retirement as revealed by the expert financial advisor George Jerjian. Whether you are already retired or planning to retire soon, understanding this challenge is crucial to building a secure financial future. With George Jerjian’s insights, you’ll gain valuable knowledge to help you overcome this obstacle and retire with peace of mind. Read on to discover more.

Retire Sooner Highlight: George Jerjian Reveals the Primary Challenge Faced during Retirement


Retirement, often termed as the golden years, is the much-awaited period of relaxation and indulgence. People retire with dreams of traveling, pursuing a hobby, or simply spending time with family. Retirement planning, for most people, involves envisioning a sound financial future. However, have you ever thought about the psychological and emotional aspects of retirement? According to George Jerjian, a retirement and mindset coach, it is the loss of identity that poses the primary challenge faced by people during retirement.

The First Casualty of Retirement- The Loss of Identity

George Jerjian speaks from his wealth of experience about the challenges faced during retirement. He believes that the loss of identity is akin to a virus or termite that weakens one’s sense of self gradually. For years, people have identified themselves with their work, colleagues, and profession, and retirement rips apart this identity. The abrupt end of something that has occupied a significant part of an individual’s life can leave a void, leading to depression, anxiety, and in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts.

The Hidden Challenge That Most People Don’t Realize Until It’s Too Late

The loss of identity is a hidden challenge that most people don’t realize until it’s too late. They realize this too late when they are unable to cope with the after-effects of retirement. Suddenly, life turns monotonous, and the days stretch out, offering nothing to look forward to. “Retirees should be mindful of this fact and start planning for their second innings far in advance,” cautions George Jerjian. The mind should be trained to think beyond work and retirement, to identify other areas of interest or passion that can give a new lease of life.

Retirement Planning- The Psychological, Social, and Emotional Aspects

Retirement planning should go beyond financial management to include the psychological, social, and emotional aspects of this major life transition. Preparing for retirement should involve identifying interests and hobbies that one can pursue after retirement, developing a new social network by joining groups and clubs, and finding new ways to stay engaged with life. It is essential to look beyond the financial aspect and create a more holistic plan that considers the emotional and social well-being of a person.

The Retire Sooner Podcast by Wes Moss

Wes Moss, a renowned financial expert, hosts The Retire Sooner Podcast, which aims to provide guidance on preparing for early and happy retirement. His guests include some of the top retirement and financial experts who share their insights and experiences, offering actionable advice to the listeners. The show provides a roadmap to help retirees navigate their way towards an enjoyable, purposeful life after retirement.

The Retire Sooner Podcast and the Facebook Group

The Retire Sooner podcast has a Facebook group that allows like-minded individuals to share their thoughts and ideas. Wes Moss answers financial questions from listeners, offering expert guidance and actionable recommendations. The Retire Sooner Podcast also has a website, YouTube channel, and Instagram and Twitter feeds, offering regular updates and information to help people plan for their retirement.

Conclusion: Plan for Retirement Holistically

Retirement planning is not just about the financial aspect, but it is also about preparing oneself for a new phase in life. People need to start planning for retirement years in advance, considering the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of this major life transition. Retirees should identify their passion, stay engaged with life, and create a new social network to lead a purposeful life. Podcasts like The Retire Sooner can be a great resource to help people plan for their retirement.

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