Record Gold Demand – Did You Get Some?

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2022 was the strongest year for gold Demand in over a decade It's because we've been buying it all Right So the world gold Council just released A little bit of data 2022 was the Strongest year for gold demand Since 2011 and 2011 was a pretty crazy Year for gold and that demand it came From both retail and from Central Bank Purchases not just one or the others so It was a huge year really at a time when Gold seemed kind of boring And I don't mean that as an insult Boring not really an insult to me I'm Going to tell you about boring in a Minute but first i'm coming up on a Three year mark here on YouTube I've Been watching them longer than that of Course but I've been posting here for Just about three years I think I'm a Little over a week out and in that time I posted what I've been up to with gold I've given some tips I've given some Things to avoid some things I've screwed Up some things maybe I got right but Something that's hard to demonstrate When you're talking about a financial Asset is that even if I was upside down On my gold purchases even if I was Buying through a boring time maybe you Even caught a price slide even if the Spot price of gold had dropped since I Started posting about it I'd still call

The whole thing a win Now let's keep things straight here I'm Not actually upside down in February of 2020 when I started posting the spot Price of gold was around fifteen hundred Dollars and the year prior to that it Was thirteen hundred dollars so I'm Doing fine with it but this was never About multiplying my money not in February of 2020 and not now we're Coming off of a record year for gold Demand 2022 we're seeing a strong year Already starting out in 2023 coming off A particularly strong January so I'm Just going to put it out there even Though I'm not buying gold for the gains It does feel pretty good right now now Sometimes I think you just have to stop And allow yourself maybe even a pat on The back because it's a good game it's Not painful to save this way probably Least painful way I can come up with and The bonus is that it's also been growing In value it's not always the case I Don't even need it to be but it has Worked out in that regard and I think Probably a lot of you are in the same Place using it as a practical savings But you're seeing some gains on top now The current price current demand and the Current Trend they're all a little bit Secondary to me I'd probably be buying Gold even if spot price was only Reported twice a year it's more about

Locking in assets dropping them in the Metaphorical freezer and then repeating There are always going to be people out There who won't see it through that lens They'll compare it to equities or bonds Or Bitcoin or something else and in the Three years that I've been posting these Videos I've noticed that there's always That person out there looking to let you Know that you made a bad move I've been Called dumb for buying gold I've been Told I'd be sorry for selling silver Called an idiot buying Bitcoin a youth Have been called a bat patter when I get Some of that Capital back into gold and I've been all the things not necessarily In the full court of public opinion but There's always that one percent Fringe Okay maybe it's more like two percent on Those silver decisions but there are Always going to be people out there Who are just against you now I'm the First to admit that I do make some happy Idiot moves now and then I definitely Make some mistakes but gold ownership Has not been one of them I don't mean that in any kind of I Told You So away to the haters 95 of you out There have been buying right along with Me and for that four percent the people Still on the fence not hating not buying Just kind of not quite sure about this Stuff maybe this means something to you If you're on that fence I've been buying

For what I consider to be a long time Now it hasn't been painful at any point And it's something that I enjoy a lot More than I thought I would it's Something that has redirected wasted Cash into another thing that actually Grew and value what like 30 since we Started talking about it here in 2020. I'd say that's pretty good Now back to the macro Trend and Global Opinion the world saw an increase in Overall gold demand of 18 year over year To 4741 tons now you have to go back to 2011 to see numbers like that and in the Fourth quarter 2022 demand was 1 337 Tons and you can go back as far as you'd Like but that's a record so if you've Been buying you've been making that Decision along with countries and Kings Well probably not a lot of Kings in play Anymore but the only boring part is that The price of gold in 2022 It gained 0.08 percent so not even a tenth of a Percent so any of those gold is surging Or gold got pummeled stories that we Told in 2022 well it turned out to be Kind of foolish the real story here has Been that more people than ever are Buying it at the personal level I just Think it's smart regardless of what Anyone else is doing or what the spot Price is doing more or less simply

Because I've found ways to do it that Haven't been painful it's actually been Kind of fun now what I'm having fun with Right now is just working on tubes and Picking up minor numismatic pieces every Once in a while and try not to overthink Things too much I do watch spot price I Watch it because I know I can save some Costs each month but that's fun too it's Kind of the game aspect it's like Betting on horses where the results mean Maybe you win or lose thirty dollars Towards a purchase so pretty low stakes And The Wider plan So if you've been at it for a while if You just got into it more recently or if You're just now considering it Well you Aren't alone we're seeing record Activity we're seeing a six percent gain So far in 2023 even with spot price Bouncing around this week and the new Inflation and jobs data so it's been a Good decision however you look at it so Let's call it good there hit up the Comments with your take on the ideas as Dumb as it's smart crazy Like a fox let us know and while you're In the comments be sure to hit the like Button if you found any of this Interesting huge help to the channel be Sure you're subscribed with Notifications turned on if you'd like to See more on the topic and if you're Still here thanks again for watching I

Always appreciate your time Take care Nothing

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