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[Music] I've never seen a union boss act Responsible because I remember you had a Student that got killed by cops well They aren't allowed to that's the other Part of it yeah when they killed he was Your student he was my student so when They killed how old was he he was 17 at The time so 18. that's correct in the Bronx yep so when they killed him And they went to the um the the union Boss and all of these cops went to the To the courtroom and was like Intimidating the judges and them and Like laughing like celebrating when the Cops got off Like this is an 18 year old kid so Like I said I mean right is right and wrong is wrong Of course every single cop isn't bad but These unions they need to be broken up Because they only are on the side of the Cop No matter what a cop does I've never Heard a union say this is wrong this Isn't right they're going to stick up For him no matter what this is why they Say it's a game because gangs stick up For each other for somebody even when They write or even when they're wrong And this is what happens every single Day So eventually people people are Going to get tired of it and it's like People like well you still got to

Support the police why why do we still Have to support the police I don't Understand police unions the point Associations spent over foreign police If they if they're not supporting us Unions and uh police Union spent 48 Million dollars on state lobbying and Contributed almost 71 million dollars in State level candidates in the last Decade alone according to data tracked By open Secrets it's a financial warming And of course politicians can be bought Easily I know sometimes you guys get tired of Us talking about money and it's like yo It's not the solution for everything you Have to fight at the end of Machiavelli Tupac said when I get my money right now It's time for war we need money to hire People to Lobby to be lawyers to press Charges and for those who are law Enforcement if you know people in law Enforcement the good cops can't speak Out you ever heard what happens to good Cops when they speak out of issues like This Yep this is not good yeah that's the Other part of it like it's a game inside Of a game They get bullied yeah so so this just Happened I just got this and so the Three Memphis EMTs that were on the Scene were fired just now in the seventh Police officer was released of his duty

In The Tyree Nicholas case so that just Happened just now as we were speaking About it Wow all right well we'll see what if They want the EMTs to do stop the police Uh no so the EMTs obviously you're a First responder firefighters First Responders police officer also First Responders and so if you see somebody That's in distress yeah your your job Your duty is to administer them and so If you watch that video if you're Watching this entirety you're talking About almost 15 to 20 minutes where They're watching the man who's Handcuffed who's going in and out of Consciousness who's literally fighting For his life Yeah and everybody's just standing there Just like completely like like it's like It's not happening having conversations About what just happened you see an Officer limping from actually kicking Him and hurting his leg Right he's getting treatment like but The victim The senseless crime His life is waning in the balance and Nobody's paying attention or even to Minister him to give him first aid which Is that's what I said it's just inhumane And so they didn't do their Duty and so Um the report just came in that they Were fired as well

Unfortunately All right let's get back to stocks if we Can Um Intel Intel shares fall sharply on a quarterly Loss uh what are our thoughts and is This a good time to buy Intel or should We leave it alone I can't put the dead signature on a chat But they are on life support I mean I've Been screaming put yes and chat if you Remember me saying don't touch Intel I Know they were had a strong PR push Um that they were going to make a Comeback once again the high of intel Was in 2000 when Nelly was wearing a Band-Aid on his face underlay underlay Mommy hey 75-83 was a high in 2022 got To 64 bucks since then it went from 64 Bucks down to 27.95 No It's not dead yet but it is uh on life Support I'm going to Signal Espiritu Santo it's almost over and video is a Better competitor especially in this Place that we're in now uh with gpus Being so important Intel has lost their way a long time ago It is a legacy brand that used to have Incredible value like IBM but it's no Longer Of any value Um shout out to everyone who works there If you happen to watch the show it

Doesn't mean that I don't like you just The stock overall is not Valued how it was 22 or 23 years ago Yeah so Intel had a 25-year ring it's Interesting I'm gonna actually shout out To again I'm gonna put this in the chat The market Monday's channel I'm gonna Give people a video that I saw on Wall Street Journal about the history of Intel and its main competitor which is AMD right in the City of Hope space Because everybody hears AMD it almost Feels like this is a new company but It's actually invented in 1969 like two Years after intel was you know became a Company and it came from workers who Were actually at Intel and decided to do Their own thing to leave yeah but over The past five years Um and this is you know Lisa Sue is a CEO that we don't talk about but if you Watch the CNBC she's always on there Um so she's talking over AMD in 2014 Things have changed and I think when we Look at intel if it's going to be a Company we're going to invest in I think The biggest thing we have to look at is Innovation Like what are they going to do that is Going to be Innovative because Intel Into well I'm not that that's why if We're going to invest I'm not saying That we should I'm saying if we're going To yeah in 2022 AMD passed it in market

Cap for the first time in history which Is like for uh a company like Intel Which was big on CPUs which is central Processing units for computers They had a Stranglehold on that A Stranglehold and so to see a company That used to just copy what you did and Kind of like passing along to get a CEO That becomes Innovative that now passes You within 10 years What's your response going to be we Haven't seen anything bad leadership We've seen quarterly losses from Intel So The the Intel is the Dallas Cowboys of The chip space A bunch of promise never delivered the Best thing they can do this Innovative Self-transition self to Apple the Cowboy Fans somebody take it out to the pasture I'm cool with the Cowboys smoke yeah I'm Not going to win for the next 20 years Anyway don't matter shout out ish get a New team Get a new team Intel needs to just go Jump off a bridge somewhere and call it A day Not dead but it is online support I Wouldn't touch it so what about Um Nvidia which is having a a very good Start of the year I love uh it's been one of my babies I Like them in AMD Um but Nvidia has been doing incredibly

Well Was down today five percent but I do Like let me see if there's a price that I love for Nvidia stock Club don't kill Me stock Club prices will be out Tomorrow I like Nvidia at 86.29 By 2024 End of 2024 I have it going to 376.67 So it doesn't change into the guard like John moranton is it now like I love AI hey I was my favorite player But obviously ai's not in the league Like you have new players to take over In videos like John Moran like it may Not like sometimes you see the Highlights and be like oh my God and Then when I got to the graphics card in My desktop that thing is powerful feels Like it can start up a go-kart Um they have a huge space and the thing That I do love about Nvidia versus Intel The leadership is very quiet and they Have a good management team that has Done a great job and making sure to Focus on the products and if you're a Gamer you already know like I I haven't Heard any person that games or makes Content like I want an Intel chip It's all like wearing lugs or something I know y'all from New York Nobody in New York but but no one in New York as well oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah That was a cash money thing Shout out to cash money I may see you

This weekend I'm learning yeah yeah and This is like a great I know he you Didn't give a homework assignment but This is like one of those things if We're talking about like chips and Semiconductors especially learning the Difference between a CPU and a GPU GPU Huge difference it's a big that's why we You know we always talk about every trip Is not created equal they're not all the Same they all have different Functionalities when we talk about GPU And especially the spaces we're talking About AI artificial intelligence and You know web3 and these things You're gonna need graphic cards and if You want to know who the leader in Graphic cards I mean it's it's pretty You know it's Down the open Nvidia has been leaving And if anybody is second it's A distance second right now um so if That's the way I mean and then they have A big competitor and one of my favorite Companies been working on my espanol Manzana Apple like you you have to Compete against Apple That's why I say your competition is Everyone on Earth they're gonna try to Outsourcing those chips and now okay Bring that in the house in uh I have my Meeting with meta next next month y'all Better cut this chat because when this VR headset coming with apple y'all gonna

Be in trouble As spiritual Santa Hey you have to move faster so when You're looking at a company to invest in Always ask yourself what would you do With apple Microsoft Tesla became the Competitor do you still like it If not I would invest with the most Quality Companies but Intel is on its way to Being dead I'm sorry Um You'll remember That we are up for an award yes yes NAACP award Uh Troy and myself are up in the Category of best social media Personality Um best person best social media Personality shot below Troy millings Um NAACP award very honored but the Reason why I'm saying that is because We need your help it is a public vote Meaning the way to win is if the public Votes for you for People's Choice People's Choice Awards so um There's a tab on our website you can Vote one time a day yes uh set a Reminder please until February 24th so Yes set your alarm clocks please Um yes there's a tab on our website Which will allow you to vote And uh hopefully uh yeah we can win Shout out to miss London I see you on

The tube she's actually moving every day Shout out to you I appreciate it Greatly appreciated greatly appreciated [Music]

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