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[Music] Let's go look at Tesla I was just Talking to trap and uh Texan in a group Text with the guys and um There have been no net buyers over the Last 12 months from the Insiders in Tesla Does it mean that it is a horrible Company long term no Our Teslas still viable long term yes Um but this is why I say everything in a Five Year cycle no matter what and not to buy At the highest so if we look This 213 15 area is the 50 off so this Is where the market was literally half Off Here 213 15. And anyone that's really great to say I Was talking to my guy Vic shout out Vic Um and we were having a conversation I Think two weeks ago about when to deploy Capital and when to put money on the Sidelines please write this down I must Deploy Capital One of the greatest Institutions on the planet Earth are Doing so as well So like hypothetically if Steph Curry is Not taking threes from 52 feet out if Your kid is in AU he shouldn't be taking Threes and 52 or 53 feet out either Right So

This was a decent buy level also Tesla Had a hell of a run up as a result of Kathy Woods push And Alignment into that company at a Time and matching it with Bitcoin when Others didn't see number one please Remember that the macro economic macro Economic environment always comes first It's something I talked about with Caleb Um when I had a chance to talk to them At Investopedia thank you guys for Having me macro environment Matters first which means what is Happening in the world right now that Could impact money in the market So inflation recession and the truth is We are in a recession it's just that so Many lobbyists are probiding they Technically cannot announce that we are In a recession because it would Technically affect how the elections pan Out and his viability for running and Because I think Kamala wants to get from Underneath the position of VP and the Democrats have no eligible candidate Right now There's no way that they can announce That because it's going to destroy the Democratic party for the next Eight years or so then comes Fundamentals which is just the breakdown Of the business And then three Are the technicals

So it's not a is it macro is a Fundamental or is it technical it is a Hierarchy And then technicals are just the best Price To get in right So Tesla half off point and if you do Nothing else but do this you'll be good You will be a okay I promise you Um you don't need a lot the number one Thing you have to do in this market is Ease and eliminate the noise So I now let Trey even put in the Comments even for the past few months When I talk or text to Troy unless it is Incredibly important he is not replying To it Please finish that I will only respond To and react to the things that are Going to change my family's life for the Better [Music] Everything else is noise it is a Distraction please do not give away this Opportunity of a lifetime because Hypothetically let's say if you did Catch Tesla 213 and 50 and then it Shoots back up to 414. You are going to have An amazing time in the market and it Will give you confidence to build Your positions in other companies 426 30 is when your money will double if

You're doing options you guys would be Up 600 800 percent as a result please Keep your eye on the key lesson that you Must buy on the trenches Too many people were buying Um prices that were one two and three Percent off the high so please write This down if a stock goes to half off Over the last five years and the company Is of quality it's the top 50 company or Top 25 company it is a great Buy That's when you so let's say you have Ten thousand dollars If I had only had ten thousand dollars To invest hypothetically let's say into Tesla five thousand I will put in when In Fall 75 from its high the other five Thousand I would put in when it's 50 From the high so once again if a company Is top 50 And It is 75 from the high I will put half There the other half I will put when That is 50 off of that high also for That CPI report we had the 200 200-day Moving average the S P 500 this is a Monthly chart over the last two years so If we look back from covet because if we Look back now technically the recession Started doing covet and we was given a Bounce because of the stimulus we now Know that that was not sustainable but This Um turquoise line is the 200-day

Moving average so hypothetically if you Rent money Master the game the the one Of the best zones where you want to buy Is the 200-day moving average please put That in chat and there's different time Frame so hypothetically If you look at I5 or let's say a tenure Moving average 10-year moving average Price will be down here at 2 25 13.50 I don't think we'll get that low but if We do on S P 500 and I don't believe That we'll get there for indexes right Um because if a company is not doing Well in the index the index is going to Move it out like an All-Star team and Draft a better player into it but Hypothetically let's look at something Like So if we look at Peloton Peloton is Underneath this 200-day moving average Oh oh that's even better let's go to Square Let's go to square [Music] So Square doesn't have 10 years worth of Data yet but the 200-day moving average Was here and let me Mark off this price For you really quick So down here the moving average 260.99 so when I'm telling everyone hey For a five-year hold I'm and no the crystal ball isn't the 200-day moving average nor the 72 but it

Is a calculation but if we look at Square We can see here the high was 289 the Halfway point off is 150 105. as I know The only talking point that many people That may not be the biggest fans of me May have is he called squares square is Going to be the new JP Morgan if they Acquired ethereum As I stated before anyone in the space Did I'm telling you that they have chance to Be the new JP Morgan and then as a Result I started doing business with JP Morgan could have suggested and Nicole I Appreciate you may be hypothetically Maybe there's some information there That I know and they know that has not Been reported yet but in a higher Inflationary environment all Companies that were doing incredibly Well during A low inflation environment won't work Immediately but the recession or some Will call it the great reset will allow Companies to die and there will be Mergers that would be put into place as A result that will allow it to then go Up so if I'm looking at a macro time Frame and for those of you who actually Listen Shadow crypto 901 Shadow Reuben My God I appreciate you Um Dream Team These are the trenches prices in which

We want to buy And also and I'll say this about Square Too Um I've always historically told Everyone on here invest in Apple Microsoft vo and vti first if square is Dragging your portfolio down it is only Because you didn't do vo on vti first or You turn them into options and I don't Have an a problem being wrong Right I also stated hey hold it for a Five year but if it's this is the 1l That I'm gonna hold on my jacket great I'll hold this for right now until I Make meta by square [Music] If we want to get to talking but use the 200-day moving average And go for a longer time frame out to Know when is the best place you should Buy so if I'm looking at Let's say let's say a company like MGM Right a company that I normally don't Talk about or mention a lot And this is not a recommendation to buy This just for examples of illustration Is that a company I think you should buy But if you want to buy MGM I would go to The maximum available amount of data I Will click on a monthly chart The 200-day moving average will be there And it will tell you a Zone in which you Should look if you're looking to buy for The long term for my Traders I wouldn't

Use the 200 as a buying area I would use It as a signal or I would use it as an Alert to know when other institutions May be looking to buy it as a result so Here for MGM the price would be 26.37 let me go to another one really Quick here's MasterCard so if I'm doing The same thing and the worst case Scenario I know institutions will be Looking hypothetically around 160 37 and The great part about this is that it's Automated we're going to talk about Automation later when Keys gets on here Shout out to the good brother and I've Been telling you in 2030 they want Majority of the jobs to go away so that They can put processes in place to have Ai and robots and [Music] Um other technological tools automate a Lot of the processes so for you you Don't even have to guess So 200 day a 200-day moving average here Is a hundred dollars 160 37 that is the Place I will look to potentially put a Target if I am interested in Master cart let's look at PayPal real Quick ironically enough PayPal Competitive square is down at their 200-day moving average at 84.06 another Company I may need to come in and save Because there are some issues that They've been having Um the idea to to

Fine it's uses twenty five hundred Dollars per False information or fake news is not One it's not a measure that one should Take during the recession So look at this as well this is a Fundamental metric that I have not Talked about a lot Prior to today But during a downtime or recession Look at the things that our a company Are doing and make a list down the Middle do Pros on the left cons on the Right and write down what a company is Doing and is it favorable to Their Audience or customer base or is it Something that's bad so even for Market Mondays Tickets are 79 bucks I know we're in a Recession that's why I put together a Super bundle I think that is a win for Those of you that attend PayPal choosing To find people 2500 bucks And not then be able to talk to a human Being I think is a huge mistake So when a recession comes if a company Is not doing incredibly well or they've Treated their customer base horrible During a downturn they will have a more Of an aggressive slide down but as a Result we can see they are at their 200-day moving average it is a place That I would potentially look to load The boat if I was to believe in PayPal

At this time I am not for the long term Square is sitting right on this 200-day Moving average I took a Visa another competitor Visa is Not there yet but if I were looking at Visa and I'm going for a Max time frame 107.81 will be the place I would be Looking to get in it's going to be very Interesting to see when stripe goes Public how they will do because if that Price does way better than square or PayPal It would be incredibly interesting [Music]

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