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Do you think most people right now are Trying to buy like is it less people Have you noticed coming in to sell yeah So 95 to 96 is going out the door really Yeah everyone's buying yeah everybody's Buying Did you know SD bullion is giving away a Monster box of 2023 Silver Eagles sign Up today at sdbullion.com sweepstakes Here we are at the local coin company in Tualatin Oregon and uh we're gonna check It out we're gonna meet the owner hey Man how's it going going good I'm silver Dragons nice to meet you local coin Ian Hey what's up man hey Tyler nice to meet You wow look at this you guys got a ton Of stuff So this is more uh maybe fun stuff over Here we got some slabs we got Junk Silver what's uh what's the deal with Junk right now junk silver man is flying Off the shelf uh what are we doing like In terms of pricewatch yeah yeah yeah Pretty Priceless let's come over here Real quick take a quick peek boom I saw It at 25 times face and buying it 22 Times face That's insane that's a good price yeah That's really good I mean some other Places are a lot higher than that yeah I Think it's uh yeah especially for in Town it's great and I think everybody Else is like sold out of it right now We're bringing a ton of it in so it's uh

It's crazy yeah I mean I feel like your Prices across the board are really good I mean you got Maple Leafs That's a that's a smoking deal so what Uh what are you moving the most these Days what do people want to buy Um probably the government like eagles Yep and or there you go And or just generic the cheapest stuff You can possibly get sworn ounce rounds So why are people buying the Eagles Still because the premium's pretty crazy On those I mean the premium is nuts I Think they just like the fact that it's Government-backed in its U.S Government-backed yeah like the maple The other thing we're selling a lot of Is a lot of gold bars are typically Going out but we've got Eagles and Maples in terms of gold wise Gold's Pretty hot right now too yeah I mean uh People are starting to wake up to the Fact that they need precious metals and Uh being able to just walk into a coin Shop like this and buy it locally that's The best way to do it right yeah Absolutely where do you think things are Going to go from here because I mean We've been on a crazy ride gold is Almost at an all-time high silver is Like half of its all-time high but I Mean do you feel like it's going to keep On moving up or what I think that you're Going to see it stick right around here

In terms of the spot price 2025 kind of Thing for silver okay I think Um as the economy gets worse you're also Going to see it jump up but I think if You see any dips the premiums are going To hold silver up right Um which we're seeing right there with The Eagles you know forty dollars for an Ounce of silver that's absolutely absurd Right but it is what it is right now Yeah and people are paying it yeah what Do you think Tyler next six months man I Don't know it's hard to say it's hard to Say but I would assume it it's gonna go Over 30. yeah it's my prediction but Obviously you can never predict the Price of silver or gold I put out a Prediction a while back it was for uh End of the year and it was like 32 bucks Yeah and I I feel like it certainly Could happen right I mean if you go back And look at the charts from 2008 to 2011 When the economy came back straight up Yeah so we could be feeling that coming So uh tell me how long have you been uh Here at this coin shop uh officially Four years so Um getting our feet wet in terms of the Industry we've been in it for 10 plus at This point uh started out as just a Collector really I'm collecting with my Grandpa you know buying these things Right here Buying the Eagles building an eagle book

Yeah yeah that was the fun part no way Yeah and then uh I actually sold them in 2011 all my eagles which was perfect Because so it was through the roof yeah Yeah and at that point I didn't even Really realize what silver was so as I've gotten older it's been like oh yeah That makes more sense working here how Have you seen the demand for silver and Gold change over the last few years is It increasing so in terms of popularity Silver for sure has gone Skyrocket uh It's just the amount of orders that come In are absolutely absurd really yeah It's just continual boom boom boom Online side of it's blown up No way we're going behind the counter at The coin shop see I don't know I'm just Kidding yeah yeah yeah no this is great So you guys have look at this setup back Here This is insane So you sell some of this stuff online Too then huh yep Tyler does most of the Selling online for us it's uh on whatnot Under local coin company the nice part About this stuff is that we can reach The world pretty much we're selling to Canada U.S where's the furthest we've Got Israel I think Israel's been the Relationship to right off whatnot the Nice part is that like this side of the World where people used to be confined To their like local coin shop now we

Reach everybody so if you can't find it Or if you need it it's just boom click Away right on the app and you're done so Would you say most of your sales are Kind of online now is it moving that way Or is it people walking in the door the Big orders the large bulk of an order is Through the door okay onesie twosies the Amount the quantity that we push is There for sure really in terms of like One two three items at a time that's Definitely there so in terms of like an Actual perspective it's 50 50 right now It used to be like 75 stores 25 online But now we've definitely gone 50 of the Business at least is now going through There wow which you know between the Three of the guys that are here you know We're shipping out 225 packages a day And just making it raw crazy that's Crazy so uh you said the big orders come Through the door yeah what's what's a Big order like I mean how much are People spending do they go over 10 000 Ever or yeah and there's typically we See you know eight to ten thousand okay And then the big ones are 150 plus you Know wire kind of money coming in right And so on something like that you're Gonna need to give us a heads up we'll Get it locked in same day boom wire hits Boom locked in and we're gone you know Right now with silver I think we're out 10 to 15 days in terms of a large

Quantity obviously Yeah in terms of if you wanted like two Or three thousand ounces right at a whim Sure we can get it but you can 10 to 15 days and if you don't want to Come back we'll drop ship it right to Your house too so wow you don't even Have to come back in just for security Reasons some people don't like want to Be carrying out big monster boxes out The front of the door right so we'll Just have a drop ship it's all insured Well that's a great way to do it I mean Come in locally figure out what you want Talk to you guys so like if if someone Is new and maybe they don't really know What to buy or whatever Um what would you recommend we can go Back to the case here and take a look But I mean because there's a lot of new People I've noticed just over the last Month so I'm going to ask them what They're doing it for are you looking for An investment are you looking for uh Protection of an asset are you looking For you know this kind of stuff is 90 Stuff maybe you're getting into this Idea where we might be in a bartering Situation with our neighbors whatever it Might be Um so I first want to find out but then I'm going to want to obviously it's not Financial advice but I want to push People to towards the cheapest premium

That they can get because that's going To be the best bang for buck okay in Terms of when you walk in here and You're buying a 40 Eagle you got to get To at least 40 before you're cashing out Yeah so in terms of if you're looking For Investments you're going cheapest Way one ounce generics that's what I Would coach towards Um what about Utah what do you think I Would probably say generics too I mean The ASCS you know over time for the most Part ASDS have have held their premium Yeah I mean there was a time where they Were You know a little bit lower in terms of Like closer to spot but Um at least they've always had a premium So even if you are going to be buying Ases and spending the premium we're Still going to be buying them back if You go look over there right now I Believe yeah I think we're at seven Above spot on like 32. I love spots so That's crazy you know so over time it's It's just it's just the premium to hold And you should be fine so I like the Silver eagles to be honest I also like Generics but my biggest thing is vintage Kind of like these uh big bars down in There oh okay let's see what we got for Vintage a little uh 25 ounce vintage Bars that's crazy People love that stuff were these like

70s or 80s probably yeah probably right Now yeah 70s for sure this is sharp yeah you cut Yourself with that little box knife that Is a cool piece yeah did someone bring That in and sell it or where'd you guys Get oh we actually got lucky and picked It up out of a wholesaler a lot so so it Was just a group deal that we got so Sometimes things come in and it's just Like wow that's cool yeah so I I think It's cool you guys are paying seven over For Eagles I mean if I wanted to sell my Eagles which I don't I probably would Come here because I think I get more Money than I would at some of the other Shops sure do you think most people Right now are trying to buy like is it Less people have you noticed coming in To sell yeah so 95 to 96 is going out The door really yeah everyone's buying Yeah everybody's buying that's crazy Yeah it's wild man Um and the stuff that we do get in it Trickles in you know somebody needs a Bill to pay and they bring in 20 ounces Well 20 ounces is gone within you know The first 10 seconds of business and Especially on there yeah yeah yeah I was Over there Eagles at a time this stuff to me is Super crazy just because of the history Lesson that it teaches as well that is Well yeah you're looking at the coin

Especially in like a I guess ms-66 from 18 what 1868 Never been circulated it's just an Amazing piece of History I guess I've been a history buff my Whole life so I just love that kind of Stuff I geek out on that what I think It's crazy is have someone had that in Their pocket I know right you can lose That how much uh how much does this cost Uh I wanna say that was not cheap yeah No it's not cheap it gets your price It's based on Gray Street so okay yeah I Mean but like if someone wanted to get The most gold for their money obviously This is not the way to do that yeah Correct nope that's going to be down in Here you're gonna have the cheapest Option we have in tray right now are the Maples okay so one ounce gold Maples Next next best bet would be kangaroos And then the all-time favorite of it Almost everybody is the eagle Yeah the Eagles one ounce Eagles And then if you even want to dabble with A little uh Platinum there's a little Platy there too oh yeah a little platy a Little platy most people aren't really Into Platinum I think uh nowadays Everyone just kind of wants silver and Gold yeah for sure man look at that 1979. look how skinny she was back then That's a good point look at that thin Neck Lizzy the neck Lizzy yeah on the

Later stuff it's uh a little more uh Filled out a little uh thick neck Lizzy Yeah there you go isn't that amazing People are coming in here for coins Maybe they're into other Collectibles Yeah check this bad boy out We actually got this pretty much on day One of starting out it's a A Navajo white wolf belt buckle but look At how big that thing is I think it's That's massive it's massive isn't it I Can't imagine wearing that is it heavy Let me feel it wow yeah is that for sale Yeah really yeah how much is that 50 100 Bucks oh my gosh the original retailer Was 3GS so wow that's crazy I really Appreciate you showing me the shop yeah Thanks man thanks for coming in yeah for Sure absolutely for sure sweet and if People want to uh to check you guys out It's in Tualatin Oregon so Tualatin for Local uh people Tualatin Oregon and then Instagram local coin company and then on Whatnot if you guys want to see and buy All of our stuff that is right here as Well it's what not and it's local coin Company on there as well so If you're not local to us hit us up on There we're there all day long so six Days a week 10 hours a day so that's Awesome yeah well very cool nice to meet You nice to meet you as well thanks for Showing me the shop we'll see you next Time huh

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