JIM CHANOS STILL SHORTING TESLA – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Jim Crono says he will he's still Shorting Tesla as EV competition Increases Um profit margin Peaks how do you feel About him shorting Tesla is this the Time to be shorting Tesla I wouldn't Um they have too much fanfare hedge Funds like them too much now Michael Burry said this I would Michael's normally like in his positions 30 higher than I mean lower than I would like But if you look at the stock Historically for Tesla the range Too Short it would be like around To 350 Mark or even like a I can understand that 312. it's at 166 Right now like this is an area in which You should be like accumulating a Position like if I go look at this chart All time so like uh the ideal areas to Buy Tesla all I can add 12.42 range 69.92.38 So it's He's starting to short in the area where It's like 70 off of the ideal value for What a company should be huge mistake I Mean we were saying that before the show I'm like he's gonna get his face ripped Off Because if a couple of institutional Funds get behind it and they keep

Performing how they have And once again like if he gets focused On one company where he integrates those Into a portfolio company kind of like Alphabet did with Google That's going to be a tough position to Be shortened so I think it's a mistake I Think he's a good investor but I think A little bit of hubris Um got involved here I wouldn't be Shorting Hustler here oh Um yeah I concur Huge mistake and also there's very Little upside to shorting equities long Term unless you have Swaps on them or futures or like options To like just flat out short the stock Like you're capped in what you can gain From the upside Um and I can see if we have like a Tailwind in the market where it's just Like 2008 level everything was falling apart Uh there was like a systemic ruining of Capital markets at one time and there's Still money flowing into the market I Think Although Tesla could fall a little bit Further I just take the price of it in Which I love Tesla to load the boat a Bet Um shortening here is a huge huge huge Huge mistake so no kudos to him but this

Is not going to play out well the only Person I listen to blindly probably will Be Michael burry and Paul Tudor Jones And right now Michael Burr is not short Tesla at all and he and he was Previously It's a bad price to get in there's no Such thing as a bad Market only bad Entries into it so Let's talk about FaZe Clan Whatever FaZe Clan legendary Video gaming how about I give you the Ticket and you can tell us what happened FaZe Clan legendary video gaming crew Who made history by going public on the Stock market last year via spat billion Dollar couple million dollar valuation Had a high of 24 dollars And it's currently at 70 cents And faces possible delisting after six Months of being on oh okay and NASDAQ Now fave Clan is a company that I have Said several times that I I can see eil Kind of modeling a path forward I retract that statement [Music] I still respect I still respect Everything that feeds out to them in the Interview but and what they have built What we don't want to follow that Footstep of getting delisted six months Into this situation Uh yeah we can say this one that as big You would say nothing but slow singing

And flower bringing The burger alarms start ringing like if We look at the volume It's only 12 11 million shares traded Yeah this month in the natural Um at its peak 52 million that was August of last year I mean and any company that took this Back route I mean you know we both got Pitched to take one public thank God we Didn't so a couple things weren't adding Up he was like well you said he's going To be a ball like you're gonna say no Change and I did not say that I need 10 million before I do that Um yes the companies that had no value Are going to die normally if you have to Go stack route and you're not publicly Traded and you're not on a big exchange There's a reason why that's like the Guys who like well I ain't gonna say That about basketball players never mind But like if I'm great at playing Basketball and I never made it to the League there's only so much ish I can Talk right Um The spec is like what's lower than the G League Uh Uh you gotta go like my country after That Like so if I'm playing in I don't want to say Puerto Rico but

Armenia no we're not gonna do that crazy Armenia yeah if I'm playing over there Like I'm not as good as I think I am so The stack route I mean All the specs fell apart Is the back door way to get listed on a Stock market without having to go well You're not good enough to go to main Route without having to go through all Of the red tape and Regulation and all That stuff that you would do Traditionally to get listed on the stock Market and that was very popular in the Last couple of years a lot of Record-breaking numbers a lot of specs Um the day breaking records now falling From 24 to so is that over And go to the Grammys and the Oscars and What do you like this so here's what Happens in the D listing process because It feels like this is going to be Inevitable under NASDAQ rules any Company that fails to close above the One dollar Mark for 30 consecutive days Issued a deficiency notice which can Trigger a delisting they're on Pace for That it's not an immediate action but Once the notice is issued the company Has a 180 calendar days to return to Compliance meaning it must close above One dollar for 10 consecutive days and Some companies receive a grace period of 180 days if they meet special Requirements so okay it's time to raise

The red well I guess the White Flag it's Time to get the caskets out yeah this Does not look good Um for the good folks over there and Trading was halted for Bed Bath and Beyond too the other day Because they defaulted on that long yeah Let's talk about this Bed Bath and Beyond so Bed Bath and Beyond halted After the faulting on their credit line Uh what can we learn from this situation And it's Bed Bath and Beyond stock day Espiritu Santo Muerte right I actually Guys two weeks ago going to Bed Bath and Beyond after the episode I went in Stayed in there 45 minutes was on Instagram Saw nine people walk in two people Bought things I'm not a business Expert And I know Milton Friedman of any sort But if you buy I have nine people coming And two people buy and the average Purchase is probably 40 bucks Not too well These this business these businesses are Dead like we're going through A revolution and where things are Changing people are going to leave their House to buy anything Who's Bed Bath and Beyond's number one Competitor Amazon Tough competitor in half even if you Want to go Wayfair a restoration Hearth

Where tough competitors to have this is Not 19.99 2003. we're gonna go in there Get your little candles and get it Cracking it's over with bad management No matter how many 20 coupons you get is Is not which even on that if you do if You sell on price and discount Alone Look at what happens on average disaster As you take Hermes or Chanel I know some Of y'all still wearing Balenciaga Rolls-Royce Mercedes when you're at the Higher uh tier brackets you're able to Stay in business a lot longer have more Profits because economies of scale do Matter when you have a luxury price Point that's why even people tell me I Charge too much I'm like I hear you but All the ones that charge too little to Go out of business too fast Like I don't see a hedge fund doing zero Percent management fee and then getting Three percent on the back end for the Culture some are doing 4 and 40 now Pricing matters Pricing matters but rest in peace of Bed Bath and Beyond Hold Your Hand I would Like for you to pay me by the hour Hold your hair in the words of Dwayne Carter The Legend Um all right last thing what are three Of the biggest industries or Opportunities we should focus on in the Next decade Um number one it's a really tough uh

Industry to crack into Um homework assignment you need to go Look up a nuclear fusion I talked about This last year But now we're starting to see Some breakthroughs in that space Um and unfortunately like when Scientists get moving in a lot of money Is invested there we usually don't Receive a lot of capital but nuclear Fusion is going to be like an industry That is going to be ginormous Over the next 10 15 years Number two while everyone's focusing on Automation I would love for one of you to make an Enterprise version of Chad GPT or some Automation so we can take it to every Company on Earth and say hey if you lay Off 10 of your Workforce I can give you The results as If you hired 60 of the Current stats that you have now and do It for our 190th of the price pay us 15 Million dollars up front companies are Looking to do that now they just haven't Been able to crack the code you think They are building chat GPT and having New versions come out every month so you Can make fire Instagram posts and blog Posts no No that slack deal didn't look so damn Well so it's pretty smart if they took That technology over there and helped CRM rebuild their business for Adobe of

Cisco which is falling apart by the Seams Um so automation on the Enterprise level Is going to be a multi-billion dollar Business and um The last one is on is back on the Science side we need more research we Need more people from the culture on the Research side to prevent And understand what the next pandemic is Going to be One of my favorite video games you know I don't play many Um amazing TV show last of us Um I talked about this last year as well So Toxoplasma Gandhi eye which is an Infectious disease that attacks the Brain Going back to this always foreshadowing Um in these shows Consultants from Different organizations are paid to be On the writing staff uh we need to Provide a find a preventative cure if There's like a mass fungal outbreak at Scale and I know everyone's going to Black is crazy but then we have the Little cough and a little bat to lie Conspiracy theory that happened that Turned out to be covet Um so on the scientist side of the life Sciences we need more of us there and Then on the business side we need uh Commercial automation at scale so those Are the three Industries like if you

Want to get really rich over the next 10 Years our three that you should focus on For sure good those are good I think I'll add Um Because I thought you would go there but I'll add cyber security in there Um and I thought you were gonna loaded When you were talking about data but uh Data and analytics companies Um if One of the things like we said after we Came back from Switzerland was like yo They're collecting data at a different Rate and the way they're getting yes Like it'll blow your mind what they're Insane what they're going to do with it They're never going to tell you you're Just gonna you'll be a product of it and So I think with data and analytics Obviously we spoke about palantir but Companies like Oracle IBM who are Already huge in this space I think it Only keeps going and then obviously Healthcare right if we're talking about Yeah spaces and we're talking about Disease and we're talking about Treatment This is one of those things that is Recession Proof is going to be around For every decade because we're always Going to need treatment and we're always People always want to get sick people Always going to be born people always

Going to die Um Healthcare is probably number one Industry and if I was a black Creator Starting if one of you can find out what The value I'm Gonna Go My Little Joe Budden right What's the value of a stream is right if You can identify with the value of a Spotify YouTube stream is really worth It put that out to the public and help Them get those streams But then you will be attacking the Entire industry of spotify and how They're in bed with the labels but the Great part about the music industry is If you build Great Tech they'll let you Come in and destroy the industry on Their behalf just to partner with you Can anyone tell me what the real value Of a stream is on YouTube Spotify right Now That's a lot higher than what they're Paying out And what's up [Music]

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