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[Music] Is Twitter the perfect blueprint for What most tech companies should do to Make companies profitable in this new Era Yes Short answer is yes Um I think because of quantitative Easing and the money flowing easily and Everyone on Instagram telling everyone To be entrepreneurs That they confuse the audience and to Thinking that it was easy to grow scale And be profitable Um now going into this recession which I Called November of last year You have to find a way and I've been Telling my team this Even when I went to the street normally You know CNBC their shows have a bigger Set Kramer himself is down to him a Producer in three screens His biggest mad money is I'm watching The halftime report shout out to God I Mean everyone I met there everyone's Producing like when I was talking to Loon I'm like you have to be able to Create your own segments be your own Field producer we see you guys you got To be able to shoot audio engineer edit Color grade And do social The world is changing the era that from 2023 to 2030

Is if you are not able to do the job of Five people you will not be hired this Goes for every business in the genre and Behind the scenes with what Elon has Done even though it's been sloppy A lot of venture capital firms are now Expecting companies to do the same thing That he is doing which is to have a Lighter staff produce higher returns and It also gives you a longer runway for Capital so you have more capital in your Business and you don't have as short of A Runway so companies that were thinking About maybe going out of business in 12 Months by scaling down the workforce They not have 24 36 months of cash Available you're going to see every Major tech company and as much Because I hate to say it because I've Had a chance to meet some great great People of matter matter probably needs To cut 50 of their Workforce In order to be viable We're going to see this at scale As a person if you have a job or if You're an entrepreneur Wanted about I can't say it but I'll Give you guys a rounded number I asked someone on the floor I'm like Hey I saw a trade to get preferential Treatment She's now going to become partner I said Hey what does she do to become partner He said she replaced the work of 10

People In one year with people who were here With me four or five years prior In one year she replaced tea and these Were not low level and these were big Dogs and she came in and replaced Minimum 10. that's why I always go back To risk's reward if I'm putting a dollar In can I get 10 out can I get 11 out can I get 50 if I can get 50 I'll do that All day Um so yes this era we're going to have To go back to being Ultra efficient Because the capital is not there in a Recession you have to make drastic Cuts In order to be more successful Yeah I'm with you on that and now that I Think of it I'm um you you you're dead On especially in this space and you've Seen it a lot of times when we're on the Road you're like wait there you guys You're doing everything and it's like Yeah we do everything because we want to Know every piece of our business but it Makes it more efficient right we're not Even thinking of the standpoint of like Yeah we're more profitable because we Don't have to pay people to do it at Some point we obviously do but it's like We want to know how to make this work Even if no one's here and so if you're Talking about from that from a tech Standpoint it makes perfect sense to cut Back and figure out who's the most

Skilled right not even how many skills Do you have but who's the most skill Because the most skilled person is Probably going to be the most efficient One that's going to get the job done at A expedited time I'm thinking about it From the standpoint and when we're Looking at tech companies because you Said it was sloppy yeah and if you look At the reports of the inverse of what's Happened obviously with the Twitter but What has it done to the other company That he he also you know owns right so That inverse of how it's affected the Tesla stock It's been a negative impact just because Of how you know the investment is going To to to Twitter and people are trying To figure out how is this going to be Profitable will it affect the other Company yeah like that's the piece That's interesting to me as well The truth is A great company but Tesla is highly Overvalued and I would argue if John Malali was there or any other American Car Executive The price of Tesla now would have been There last year the only reason that the Value of Tesla was so high is because He's sitting in that seat but I think Everyone is thinking too short-sighted We are in a recession even though they Won't announce it breaking news we're in

A recession And if he's able to get this SpaceX off And the neuraling thing Icon living Jaden Smith right Different level of wealth easy to Trillion dollars right so I think um and I've said it before and I'll say it Again please listen up please write this Down the stock market is at the actual Price where it should be once they took The steroids out of the market I don't want to tell you anything though Apple Microsoft as much as we've hided And then You know I make the statement about Going into cyber security and people Like oh they wouldn't do it why wouldn't They Now Apple has announced they're going to Finally put out that car and and I put In a group text the reason why they are Launching that car in that particular Year Please be mindful there's only maybe 10 Or 15 great companies you don't need More information you need to double down And put more Capital into the companies That run the world so you can be rich The question is do you want to be rich Or do you want to debate And not be accountable because the truth Is whenever Trey Rashad gets to do by Whatever the hell they're going right And I uh get next to Ken Griffin that's

Citadel and four years when you run it To us my first question to you is going To be that you put in enough work for You to make 10 to 15 million dollars in A year You have the same information that we Have and the crazy part is I'm giving Away all my real information in real Time Are you building every day they just Told you Robert is already rich but he Is still up and punctual every day put In chat yes and for the last 365 days You haven't missed a day of work no Matter what happening in your life The recession proves who really and we Hear all these stories in 1929 and 99 And 2001 about people who seize Opportunities I don't see enough people Seizing I see too many people talking And I want to see you guys back right so I think Elon although it was sloppy Things are going to change and if that Happens in Silicon Valley what do you Think is going to happen in the middle Of America I told you guys a story Apple team Has a two trillion dollar cash fund that Is Matters by seven people It is a minimal requirement for Everybody in red panda Rebellion to Bring in 10 million dollars himself so You will not be able to take The hell I need 50 people for

If they have seven But and if you want to be an asset to a Team You got episode outside liabilities this Week no you're at the final season Revolt time to renew I appreciate you brother Um but if you want to be an asset to a Team find out how you can come in and 10x the business of 5x the business it's An easy way to get a job I think the era Of easy jobs easy Partnerships easy Stocks easy nfts which will crumble and I said they will fall and no one believe Me It's gone now we're in the era of the Super producer And it's going to get to a point where You're going to have to 5x for 10x and [ __ ] just to get in the door otherwise You can do it alone and keep the capital Cost down What are your thoughts do have to Yeah thank you hitting the the nail on The head anything you want to add to That Troy no I think you edited Perfectly keep the capital course down Find the most efficient people that's Going to be the theme of of this week Right look up do an analysis of the People that you're around especially in Business and in entrepreneur in the Entrepreneurial world Who is adding value at the most

Efficient level Everybody don't make the cut it hurt too Boy Everybody Subtract the weak links from out the Chaining rise and start raining let's be More efficient Efficiency word of the day efficiency Um okay are we shocked at information That was released uh in the leaked Twitter files what and what is what is What is the oh this this whole situation About Um so some information came out from Some people who worked at Twitter Uh two Revelations that people are being Shadow banned majority of people who are Are on the right wing or right-leaning Is one and of course they knew about The Russian Hack before the election and They knew about Hunter Biden's Laptop and had all the information prior To and I've seen a lot of people report On this and do shows and do breakdowns Over the weekend and I'm like oh is Anyone shocked that social media Shadow Man's people I've seen it happen to I don't even want to say his name I love You brother I don't even want to say I Got Shadow band twice um this is early In the early stages of Ernie Alicia my Own personal page I got Shadow band Um I was using you know at that time use

Hashtags so it was like a hack where you Put like 30 hashtags on each post and That that helps your engagement what I Didn't know is that if you do that too Many times it could become a red flag And it could be you know flagged and Spam yeah and um I got Shadow band how I Knew I got Shadow band was uh so Obviously my engagement dropped Everything was lower but you know I did Like a random hashtag that nobody would Have let's say like in Rashad Troy 197 You know something that nobody else Would have right I put that on a post And then I go to that hashtag and then It's not it doesn't show up So that's how I knew okay like this is Like I'm not my posts are not being Shown because when you when you type in A hashtag look on Instagram if you type In you know red chili pepper when you Hit red chili pepper a thousand red Chili pepper posts come up whatever's in There comes up so if if you have a Unique hashtag that nobody else has Then when you type in that then you're Supposed to come up you're gonna be the Only one that comes up because you're The only one that has a hashtag so when You don't come up then it's a red flag And then there was a couple other things That I had noticed but it's definitely Real it's not it's not a conspiracy Theory at all I experienced it firsthand

Like I said I actually experienced it Twice and my page never really fully Recovered from that either at the time I Actually had more followers on my own Personal page than Ernie Alicia had so The the effects are long lasting Um and it's extremely harmful and um It's real so I know it's a lot of people Think like it's a conspiracy and you Know it's but it's not it's actually Real and like I said I could speak from First-hand experience Shadow band is Definitely a real thing and it lasts 14 Days and the crazy thing is I did a Whole research on this and at that time At least it lasts 14 days and 14 days to the day Um I did the same test again and then my Hashtag started working again and it was Like the shadow band was up so now it's Definitely a real thing for sure And now the part that is troubling is if These Tech platforms that are left Leaning because Twitter probably has the Highest Congregation of Left-leaning employees Um are they using that influence to rig An election or influence an election yes I didn't think that was like the most Controversial thing ever Um even with the same making a free Thing All the money that he gave was a very Strategic

Move on this part to receive some Sympathy Um knowing the behind the scenes of the Business makes total sense now And then he went on last leaning media And they gave him softball questions Like I love Andrew Ross talking dearly Uh executive producer one of my favorite Shows ever billions boy did they love Him some softball last questions that I Did not think and I know the thought is It's not our job to Investigate or uncover scams but when You have a person and he's being paraded Around and I think part of it is they're Trying to Make the case In a court of public opinion that he was Unaware and that it was his team that Did The customer transfer so he is not Guilty of fraud I don't want you on anybody but if had There been UI there's no way on Earth I Would be given That kind of Grace publicly amongst any Media I mean I've publicly seen it People copy this show format on large Networks and then I talked to somebody At the large Network and I'm like like It's good for you to come on I'm like The format was good enough to come along What do you mean

So I just think it's interesting Um the purpose of media is to control Public opinion I just don't know why People were shocked that people are Getting Shadow banned and certain Information is being released and leaked And so it's it's the American way of business always has been Always will be it's just different Players in the space now but I don't Think it's the most important news topic For us To cover but it was so much conversation Around it um we definitely had to Address it Hey what's up ripping and the rap Battles

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