Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

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3 Reasons Why You Need Financial Advisors In Achieving Financial Success

People have different strategies when it comes to building wealth. Normally, people would save up through their bank accounts. Others would try to find other sources such as starting up a business, or getting an extra job.

Stock Splits – Are They a Desirable Option?

Stock splits are triggered when share prices increase to levels that are much higher compared to price levels of similar companies in their sector. The motive behind stock splitting is to make shares more affordable to small investors. The underlying value of the company has not changed, but the opportunity to purchase stock in a particular company has opened up. Splits give a signal to the market that a company’s share price is increasing. Investors assume growth will continue which encourages buying stocks.

How Can You Make Money Investing in 2014 and 2015?

The puzzle in 2014 and 2015: where to invest to make money investing if you can’t make money in stocks or bonds without taking undue risk? I’m not playing the role of cheerleader here; because finding where to invest money if stocks and bonds both get hit will be a challenge. This could happen, so let’s look at our options.

Finding the Best Investment For 2014 and Beyond

It’s only natural to want to have the best investment in your pocket so you can make money investing, and lot’s of it. So, how might you go about finding the best investment for 2014 and beyond?

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