INVESTING VS SPENDING – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Is there a balance that you have or Something like a check off where you're Like all right if I've accumulated this I'll now treat myself is there a balance When it comes to investing versus your Spending Oh I treat ourselves absolutely Hey But To everyone in this room my advice Please take it if you make a hundred Thousand put fifty thousand up yes you May if you make two million put a Million up because I believe in putting Up money for a rainy day because you Don't ever know what can happen a lot of Us didn't expect for the pandemic that To happen you know [ __ ] happens yeah you Know it's just that I'm happy that I made smart Investments And I was good through the whole Pandemic and I make sure My whole staff and my team was good but Everyone is not me but I'm gonna push I'm here to push everybody to tell Everybody every day we wake up we got a Chance and we got a choice all any of us Can be great you know just because what I feel is great you may not feel is Great what's great to you on a daily What is great to me Um Just being able to we you know we take

Things for granted yes you know being Able to see you know having 10 fingers Having 10 toes being able to walk you Know being able to taste being able to Smell because if we look at it because I was speaking to a guy the other day And uh he was telling me about Committing suicide like yo you tripping Yeah you know imagine all the people That it's not in your that's not in your Predicament yeah they got a choice and Got a chance where someone got to help Them walk you know they gotta have a Tube to talk so we take a lot of things For granted you know just in life just In general and I don't take nothing for Granted And you say What's great just being able to spend Time with my children pushing them to be Great telling them whatever you want to Accomplish in life go for it I'm not Telling you to be like me be better than Me yeah so let me ask you this as far as On the business side you transition the Game of box and sport of boxing and um 24 7. yes that's your idea a show that I Created yes and then now you see UFC Doing it everything everybody so what Was in your brain it's a lot of things It's a lot of things that are created You know nobody would put be putting the Money to the air if it wasn't for me It's a lot of things what you've created

An IP you created a money phone there it Is but yeah so 24 7. so what what gave You that idea to Chronicle your training Camp and all of that It's just being outside the box You do not want to not want to be like Everyone else like sometimes you may see I may post a photo of It's been like it's okay to be different Just because I may not dress like Everyone else they're like oh we don't Like this well you're not if you're not Worldwide you're just domestic hey it's Like we want to be worldwide if you're Doing it you know I'm I'm you gotta Realize I'm cutting deals worldwide each And every day You I'm all around the world cutting Deals you know I just was just in Abu Dhabi in Dubai Abu Dhabi Dubai Rome Israel and Um Jet setting Just said I and it it's not really Bragging if you're really doing it So I'm really doing it so I'm not Bragging so most time you see you know On social media is to post it's your so It's your platform to post what you want To post it's my platform so only thing I'm doing is posting what what I really Have so when you see a garage with a ton Of black cars that's just one of my Houses those are my cars but guess what

The same people in this room can have The same stuff so like when you saw Because he used to be Pretty Boy Floyd He was extremely successful but you Changed to Money Mayweather and that Changed the game so when you transition That when you're looking at it like I I Know people's gonna hate but this is Good marketing and this is what I need To take my career to the next level no More pretty boy now is money So I want to get this right like this Stuff I just want to get this right so I'm a kid that comes from poverty comes From nothing Seven of us in a one bedroom mother on Drugs dad career didn't go good dad was Ended up in prison and I beat All Odds And worked extremely hard to get to get It the legal way and and I'm proud to Boast and brag about getting the legal Way Slap it up for that it's not a discount With that so now My own people is like [ __ ] him we don't Like him because he's successful Too clean cut it's if you If you winning if I thought everybody in This room wanted to be a winner in life Y'all want to be winners say I'm a Winner So we want to be winners we only can Follow winners I mean I don't I'm I'm I'm not

The one to knock anyone you know Whatever you want to do in life go for It You know um I just can't be stopped whatever I put My mind to do I can do yeah you know you Did you you know when I was walking to New York as a kid that ever when I was Young did everything that I was gonna own this guy straight back I Didn't think about it but now I do oh Nine that's incredible can you talk to Us about maybe one of the biggest Lessons you've learned from Leonard Ellerby Um one you may have taken away from Vince McMahon and then someone else Who's a mentor to you that's had an Impact in your career what they say well They say you are You are the five people that you Surround yourself with that's who you Are yes so of course um I You know Roy Disney is one of my friends Who owns Walt Disney World Um Robert Smith the richest black man in America yes Um in the list um Mark Holiday from SL Green Um Al Haymon these all these guys are It's not just it's not just the money Yeah you know I Many I've dealt with million millions And billions of dollars

Is about building relationships yeah say They talk about that and he always Mentions that it's all about it's not Really the money because you can make a Lot of money but if you don't have a Game plan it's gonna you you you're rich You're not wealthy because rich is when You got it for a short period of time Well it's long term yeah so one of the Things Um that we've noticed obviously you said You were in Dubai in Abu Dhabi we saw You there is that you're you're doing Business deals like I see the exhibition Fights but I'm like he's just doing that But there's something bigger going on Obviously I think it's the deals and so When you're looking at what are you Looking for when deals come across to You right because I'm sure that probably A team that says all right Floyd we have This what are you looking forward to say All right yes we're going with this Because I mean not a skyscrapers that's That's pretty impressive man well you Well I'm I don't want to be the only Smart person with my team so I got to Choose his chess It's just it's real life real life chest Out here in the world so I want to make Sure that You know I got smart individuals that Are that's around me that's going to Tell me don't do that's not smart

You know I've been working on buying a NBA team outright you know there's a Difference between clapping up for that We look You know man actually um one of my other Other business partners Brent Johnson He's here so we've been working on the NBA team for a while now you know it's Kind of it's rough Vegas Um it could be the Vegas franchise it Could be the Seattle franchise yeah or I Could be buying a franchise that's Already up and running gotcha so um the First offer we offer them A little bit over 2 billion for majority Ownership Um do we got do I have it absolutely Absolutely I have it but if I open up For that Of course are you kidding me But it didn't happen it didn't happen Overnight it didn't happen overnight Um It's it's a lot it's a lot when you have So many different businesses all around All around the world actually that's a Lot it's not easy I just followed up Really quick because I wonder when you Walk into a business deal right are they Respecting you as Floyd Mayweather the Businessman are they looking at you as Floyd Mayweather the Hall of Fame boxer The greatest of all time Well exactly right TV what is that like

For you Well I had to be I had to be somewhat Intelligent and smart To be able to make a hundred million and 300 million and actually at my age now I'm still going out there picking up 20 And 30 million for 15 minutes and 20 Minutes I'm a greatest trade ever so Flap it up so so it's obvious it's Obvious that I'm the smart one if I'm able to make The people pay And I'm beating YouTubers Good point so let me let me ask you this This is one thing that I always admired About you I don't think you got enough Credit for because you had we always see LeBron always getting credit for working With his team or black young men but When I look at you and you see Al Haymon And Leonard Ellerbe and your circle is All black as far as on that business Side on a boxing um like the Forefront People so you were early on that and was That important to you or you just that Just kind of happened that way well of Course I'm gonna always I'm gonna always love my people first Always But In business You know I gotta think about my family first I Got to think about my grandson my

Daughter Yeah my two daughters my two Sons I gotta think about them first So when it comes to business It's not no it's not no certain color I Work with everybody it's just like that But as far as my team it just ended up You know my team we I have a real Diverse team you know we got people from All walks of life that's on my team that Us that I'm with every day and I love my Team but when it comes to business I do Business with every with everyone Honestly speaking quick okay a quick Question for you you talked about using The haters Fuel and it's something that I Struggle with but I also use it as fuel At what point does using Negative energy become detrimental to Your life or do you think it's because We grow with childhood traumas that Makes us activate a higher gear when we Hear something negative towards us Um Well they said if you wanna Going back and forth and I and I really Want to apologize because a lot of times I go back and you know I I never I was Always on on the internet I was always The reaction I wasn't the action because I never like I said before I love my People first I'm never going you know But sometimes you can shoot at me you Can shoot at me and I really won't say

Nothing but you know I gotta shoot back You know I got to teach my my children And my family how to defend themselves You know not just in the ring so a lot Of times when people are people don't Really like when you are when you Continue to be successful You know it's even like a woman a woman Can be in your life and she's no longer In your life and she can think that you Know the grass is green on on the other Side she think that you're not going to Continue to be successful shout out to My exes If you could have been here with me and Floyd's forever shot but shout out babe And it's not that works both ways so I Don't want to be in this room I don't Want to be biased it works both ways True you know a lot of times a man like Me I've never been with a woman and when We went our separate ways I was like oh I don't want to see her be successful More power to you yeah that's not going That's not going to change Everything that I got that's not going To change my drive and my desire uh to Be great at whatever I'm you know to be Great at whatever Investments I'm trying To do or whatever I'm trying to go for In life [Music]

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