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[Music] In 2001 Apple released the iPod Legendary iPod Changed music forever The iPod was 399 when it was first Released Um if you would have invested put this On uh Instagram today and Twitter if you Would have invested 399 dollars Uh Because that was the price of the iPod So instead of buying iPod if you invest 399 dollars in Apple stock in 2001. what Would that be today it would be two Hundred and seven thousand dollars Pretty penny 399 Uh in in 2001 Would have grown to 207 000 today so eight that's a lesson in Buying good companies and holding them For a very long period of time what we Always talk about buying hold right it's Also a lesson in ultimately investing in Companies as opposed to buying companies Products you have to you you can't be an Extremist but we all know like you know It's always better to invest in Nike as Opposed to buying I know all the sneaker Heads sneakers can be Investments I get It but I'm just saying generally Speaking right it's always better to Invest in companies as opposed to buying Their products Um so those those are two lessons but

Ultimately people will say well that was 23 years ago how is this helping me now What is the next company what's what's What am I what should I do in 2023 So in 2045 I'm you know I'm comfortable like that Um TI Apple Microsoft Eli Lilly Um I can argue United Healthcare as well And Dustin is really simple man like Companies that are dominant continue to Be so Those that are not popular and I know Everyone's always like well how did you Know back then it would have we know Every [ __ ] thing that's hot that we Want to question if it's hot or not in 2001 when people was like I wouldn't Bought five album and then Jay moved This uh release date up a day early I Have a week early when I got that too Like we know it's hot apple was the one Of the hottest I remember everybody I Went to Indiana University everybody From New Jersey and New York had iPod Y'all was one of them like Rockefeller Chains on campus I'm like they are rich As hell y'all got 400 bucks Right certain brands are going to last Forever so when people say that they Don't know people were having the same Conversation at 010203 Um when Mac had the colored backs for The

Um the desktops desktop like certain Companies are going to like normally a Great company is going to have a 50-year Span of Solid growth a great company because We're one of the few communities who Only thinks on a six month to one year Basis most companies are planning 50 Years at a time Microsoft same way they Won't go anywhere Google same way Hopefully Um at one point meta or Facebook was Very promising to be like the next American iconic company not there Anymore and even if you look at Coca-Cola Pepsi Two brands that have done historically Well a long time like it doesn't matter You just have to make the decision to Stop being a consumer and to put your Money into something Long-term for Apple Microsoft they want To do incredibly well over this next 30 40 year period Yeah it's the truth investing is Everyone put a chat investing is not Hard And and I put this on my story the other Day like I got no messages at 11 o'clock At night on New Year's Eve about Investing Except for one person You have to live this [ __ ] every day so Yes once again I think chat GPT is

Amazing but if you go to ax chat GPT Tell me the third biggest economy right Now and give me the 52nd best company That has the probability of being two Number two in seven years it won't pull That data for you because some of the Data that is input into that model is Blocked Go out here find your Edge in the market Find your Edge in the business write That goal And go after it and that's that's Probably one of the easiest things you Can do Look at the top five and then the Dow 30 To tell you what to invest in Will you put 50 of your money into it Though As much money as I see y'all spend on my Career and I'm gonna say to Mike and Mary garbage Billy Jean Billie Jean overrated but Kudos to him for running that bag On the culture Come on man Um Balenciaga Valencia good day You know people still wearing Valencia That's the crazy thing I knew that That's what I'm saying y'all argue with Me about this people is not only are They wearing Balenciaga they wearing a Full-fledged Balenciaga like with Balenciaga over

Everything it's like I spend money I Spent this much money for it I'm I'm Gonna get my money out of it I'm gonna I'm gonna still wear this look at my List like I'm gonna get my wife 's alarming It's alarming yeah hey the Epstein and Supported Balenciaga and then after only Fashion house that participates in those Kind of activities and endeavors This is also true pretty alarming man go Do your research please No What do I know what do you know What do you know 2023 I'm not convincing Nobody anything if you're not rich Go watch every episode of Market Mondays Every tip trick hack Um idea model Is there for you they said mg where's Balenciaga Mg needs to stop foreign [Music] Forgiveness man you can't beat the Internet forgiveness you can't beat the Internet Um That's funny but if that's true burn That please it's a couple Brands we need To get rid of Which ones That one there's a couple other little Fashion houses I see everybody gave up On Kaepernick too can't wait for this

Super Bowl Oh yeah NFL's back so It's one of these things people have Short attention span they don't care Remember coaches no they just don't care They don't care put the black face on Three times and it's like what they well They they have which honestly and Ice Has always said it's one of the greatest Campaigns Last Monday last Monday They we literally almost watched a man Die on the field yeah Right like thank God and praise God to Him and his family as he still recovers I know uh him you know Mark Hamill was Released from the hospital today Watch the man die on the field Saturday And Sunday Right back to it right back to you this Is America this is back to the crazy Party I saw a clip was it from the pivot Well there was like he's not even Invested yet so if he gets cut no no What the thing is and shout out to the Bills they actually did they actually um They're gonna guarantee his contract for The duration they worked with the Players Association okay and that they Don't have to do that though because It's not it's not but they said I think It's like three million or something Like that it's not a lot of money but It's you know yeah they're gonna they're

Gonna guarantee his contract and this Jersey sales the next day yeah they're Gonna they're gonna make it they're Gonna guarantee yeah man and then I mean Granted everything he was doing for his Community I'm glad it got highlighted That was you know if there was a a great Sign from what from the tragedy that Nearly happened was the amount of work That he was doing in this community and People got to highlight that and I know It's fundraiser that he had created six Months ago that the goal was 2500 and he Didn't they didn't even reach that now I Think it got up to almost nine million Dollars so it's gonna be interesting to See what he can do with that and his Foundation so again prayers go up to him In a a full and healthy recovery uh to Demand him but at some point we gotta we Gotta yeah but at some point we gotta Have a conversation about people's Attention spans remember Gucci remember Montclair member Balenciaga Remember the NFL member Nike like it's Not it doesn't matter nope because They're going to come out with a cool Scarf It really doesn't matter when people Care about drip and looking cute more so Than they care about their own culture And skin that's some people like what About this for the coach I'm like there Is no culture it's the social social

Emotional we said social emotional Investing this is like Like we gotta have like a social Emotional and responsive shopping Black people don't care enough about Being black to give a [ __ ] about any of That that's the truth now I'm glad now This is the part why I love will have no Sponsors now we're gonna say black People don't we're gonna say this after After hours We're saving this for after hours all That cultural generational that should Sound good You spending more money on Tricking off or investing into the Market Well it's interesting that you say that Because we met with somebody and they Was like you know at some point we got To have a conversation about people Selling their company because it was Happening with a lot of entrepreneurs is That they're scared to sell their Company because if they you know when Black people sell their company they get Labeled as themselves oh you sold out It's like you know but what happens if You don't sell your company Nobody ever talks about that like when Your company spirals downward and you Lose 70 percent of the value and now Nobody's going to be there to Champion You at that point in time and it's like

Okay if you're going to complain about People selling their companies But you're not buying their products Like you like you're saying okay this This clothing line sold this company but In your closet Is Nike Balenciaga Gucci you might have one Black designer might have two black Designers then you got a bunch of Ralph Lauren you got all kinds of stuff so It's like on one hand you're complaining About people selling their company But on the other hand You sold out yourself and you don't even Have a company the family in California Should have sold a damn property back to California though Huntington Beach for 20 million did this That's what they sell it for what you Took that [ __ ] right off their hands if I don't know What What can you do what can you do You need money to live in this world and Sometimes when you don't have it you got To make a decision Huge mistake what do I know I'm just Here to serve the people be humble and Kill ego in real time [Music]

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