In Conversation Episode 12 Director Diehl’s Proudest Moment at the U S Mint

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Foreign [Music] You know it's not often that two former Directors of the United States men spend Much time talking to each other let Alone share stories about their time in Office and political careers Welcome to end conversation I'm Chuck Woolery and I'm proud to be friends with Former directors Philip deal and Ed Moy This week they sit down here at the U.S Money Reserve Studio to discuss their Greatest moments leading the United States Mint I benefited from your tenure but when You reflect back on uh what was it that You were proudest The most uh during your tenure what Would that be well I think it was the Legacy that we Created of employees who felt empowered To go out as public servants and change Public perceptions of what we could do And then when I left many of them left And went all through the federal Government that was my own personal Legacy I what interests people is that We took the income and the profits of U.S men from about 700 million dollars a Year to 2.6 billion dollars over the Course of five years and that makes you Know people light up they're interested In that story yep although uh you know a Billion dollars sounds like a lot to us

Yes but it's a relatively drop in the Bucket but still uh it's good to be able To put points on the board for the Taxpayers that's right yeah visit for more information On precious metals coins and precious Metal IRAs America's gold Authority U.S money Reserve is proud to be a leading Distributor of government issue Gold Silver Platinum and Palladium For over 20 years hundreds of thousands Of clients have placed their trust in The company to help select the highest Quality and most appropriate precious Metals for their portfolios So whether you're a first-time buyer or Looking to expand your current portfolio U.S money Reserve is committed to Bringing you a superior customer Experience I'm Chuck Woolery Thank you for watching in conversation

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