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[Music] It was right magic was there so y'all With Jalen shout out to Matthew What are like the three big lessons that You took away from being In the room because we all have a globe When we be around people we're inspired By right both of y'all are like Pikachu Beaming right now what are like three Big lessons you took away uh from the Event yesterday Yeah for sure I think um once again Relationships is extremely important and You know we met a few other people that We what that we didn't take pictures With like Ben Harwin that was my first Time actually meeting him he probably Was the richest person there absolutely If you don't know if you don't know what The hallway says Ben Harwich is the CEO Co-ceo of um address Which is one of the the top potential Capital firms in the world I think he's Worth like um 20 billion dollars Something like that his net worth is Like 20 billion dollars Um he's the one that got nods into Vinci Capital he's the one that got Kanye like A lot of the artists because he's a Really big hip-hop he's a hip-hop head We actually had a conversation with him Uh last month at um at the clf event and We talked about KRS one Chuck D and MC Shan for like 20 minutes I know we

Always talk about people who invite to The cookout Ben is cooking at the Cookout oh yeah I was like I was blown Away he was just like yeah and then we Ran into Fab Five Freddy and he's like That's what I'm my best friends in the World I'm just like this is crazy yeah Yeah so shout out to him but it was a Bunch of people there shout out to the Tavio shout out to um a bunch of people The tavio's ahead of evolve you know if Anyone doesn't know who the tiger was Great great guy by the way but one long Story short I learned that um you know Just relationships is extremely Important and that's the real key Because even the magic situation how That came about was you know we saw Magic and Um Jalen obviously we know Jalen Rose Because we just interviewed Jalen wrote So I'm like all right you know you can Always walk up to somebody and just Introduce yourself but it it doesn't Really it's not this it's the same as if You get an introduction so I'm like yo Jay can you do me a favor he's like What's up I'm like can you introduce us To Magic he's like yeah that's easy so You know he introduce us to Magic And Magic was super cool and we actually Had a conversation with him like we was Talking he was talking about financial

Literacies like it's important business Let's chop it up he's like and then he Did something that he did a few things That was very um Very stuck out to me so I had a glass of Wine in my hand so he's like let's take This picture he's like he's like but put The glass of wine down he's like you're A businessman like you always want to be Seen in a proper light he's like don't Let anybody discredit you and they'll Lose they'll use anything to discredit You so he's like just put the put the Glass of wine and we can take the Picture so I'm like okay that that's Something that you know stuck out to me Because I wasn't thinking about it but I Understood where he's coming from with That and then he did something that a Lot of people do that even I do Afterwards so Jalen's introducing us he Gives us a whole plug magic like you Know we talking to him and afterwards He's like um he's like Jalen like link It up and once again that goes back to a Relationship like you know what I'm Saying it's like so now Jalen he tell me like yeah I'm gonna Link it up so you gotta have if let's Say we did some bad business with Jalen Rose or we put out a clip and tried to You know sensationalize something just To get some views it might have helped Us in the short term but look at the

Bridge that we would have heard in the Long term yeah you know what I'm saying So that relationship is extremely Extremely we always preach that all the Time but people don't I don't think they Get it yet like yeah can I add to your Bridge yeah you can ask one quick Question for you before you jump in Because I think this is yeah yeah Relationships and comparison of stock Are how much more valuable if you got to Put a multiple on it 10x 100x It's yes it's 100. it's every highest Multiple it's everything yeah it's Highest multiple it's everything go Ahead but I need to take that point Because I mean so that was the bridge Right if we're climbing up the bridge Right or the ladder in that sense right Drilling the magic like you know what I'm saying just having that relationship But also we put out an episode last week With Mario Kelly who's from Detroit And we actually ran into him in Chicago And he was telling us about the impact That the episodes had and all the Feedback he's been getting from it and He said you know one of the things I Would love to do is to get with Jalen Like yeah I want to clean his school so I was telling Jalen I'm like hell we Just put out this episode with Scott From Detroit you know he has every arena

In the city And I said he's trying to connect with You he was like that's crazy because the First thing I thought when you said that He has a status I want him to come work At the school so now we're going to be Able to bridge that now so now like That's fine we'll just put out an Episode from the same city and both can Add value to each other and now they're Going to do that so that's that's what That's just the power relationships and The power of just networking just being In the right place at all the time man It's incredible and then I'll add a few More things to the relationship thing so We see magic but we also see Tyler Perry I was gonna go there oh yeah yeah so so The the power relationship but the power Of of keeping your being in uh having Integrity Um and it goes to a long long way so the First thing we did when we got to the The the event is um I just happened to Run into uh one of his assistants uh Chantel and she recognized us and said Hey I love you guys you guys are so Great so professional I love all the Stuff that you did for uh Mr Perry he's About to show up I'm like oh wait wait He's about to show up this is perfect we Just walked in and now he's coming here And um as he you know he he came to the Event and she ran into us again she

Stopped him and said hey there goes During your leisure and he was like oh My gosh like it was just that automatic Hey I'm connected with these guys I you Know we did this obviously we didn't Investors and that was a huge success But the fact that we treated every email Every interaction with integrity and we Were uh people of our word with Everything we did with him yeah she was Like look you have to stop because That's on your legion right everybody That wanted his attention but she was Like no let's just stop and he was Gracious enough to have a brief Conversation as well doesn't take the Picture and you know in exchange that You know if we ever need anything in the Future just let him know no it was Actually a good conversation because When I told him he was you know he was Talking about invest fast and he was Asking us you know everything was going On and I said you know congratulations He just put on a movie and I was like Congratulations and I'm gonna give us Anything that we can do to ever help you Just let us know and he stopped for he Stopped for a minute he looked at me He was like yeah nah I'm gonna hold you To that he's like he's like I'm gonna Need something like he's like like the Way he said it was like He didn't expect me to say that because

Most people don't look to help yeah but He was always looking to take but it's Like now that you do say that you Actually can add some value so let me Think about how you can add value and And then whatever he gonna ask us to do I mean of course that's nothing to do But I just feel like you know that's Once again invest Fest that comes from So that comes from Invest Fest what invest Fest Relationship comes from Steve Harvey Steve Harvey relationship comes from Tabidi to that comes from Nicole and I Heart so yeah domino effect domino Effect domino effect so it's like Compound interest on relationship and You don't know who you don't know how That's going to spin like no I'm saying So it's like all right if we just said Nicole and you might not you never know That Nicole is going to introduce you to This person that's going to introduce You to Steve Harvey and Steve Harvey's Going to introduce you to Tyler Perry Like let's say we would have just been Like nasty to Nicole right none of that Happens yeah you never know who knows That's the butterfly effect that you Don't See like you know what I'm saying like You don't see you just think you're Talking to one person but you don't know You're talking to

10 different people people yeah yeah It's 1 000 true and that's the thing Like just even and it's not just about Like hey she can help us book Talent Like I we I call her just to check in to Make sure everything's good it's like Having those type of relationships is Extends far beyond any type of show or Podcast it's a positive relationship and So if there's anything that ever comes Up oh hey I got this situation in Jamaica that you know you guys might be Interested in of course we're going to Be at the top of Iman just based on that Relationship but another relationship Too just talking on that was Uh we did we went to Howard uh in April And we were on the panel and uh you know Represented from shea moisture was there And uh she actually was at the gala Again last night and that relationship That we just established with her she Was like you guys are great we have to Do something with you we have to let Alone you know a month prior we would Just with the CEO of shea moisture Rich Jenison was like he was saying the same Thing Fast forward we met the the CEO of Essence Festival last night or the other Night and it was just like wow this is Like 360. this thing is happening it's Like a revolving doll of just every time We step into another space with meeting

Somebody and we're networking again and Now more relationships are being Enforced so when people like yo you guys Are everywhere you guys are everywhere Yeah we're very intentional about being Everywhere because you never know who You're going to run you can't connect With everybody via DM or on replays no No you got some things you got to do in Person man and it's like today this was A good week because this this summarizes The whole journey for us like yeah we we In Hollywood and we connect them with All of those people But we also in the same week was in Columbus Ohio at a high school at a high School in Columbus Ohio The furthest thing away from Hollywood As possible right and then we go to Chicago and so it's like you got to keep That balance too because ultimately the Grasp with the people have championed us And the people have elevated us to even Be able to reach Tyler Perry's Steve Harvey different things on nature so we Can't just can forget about that that's Important yeah yeah that's that's just As important as us going to a Gala Because if the people Champion you yeah For sure that Groundswell can push you In the doors that you know why are you Stopping and talking I'm like you have To no you have to and you know so yeah So I just want to put that out there too

Because we we're saying this and this You know You can't forget what else happened and You know like I said even now I mean High schools in Columbus Ohio on a Wednesday night and shout out to Everybody in Columbus the love was Amazing and shout out to everybody in Chicago but you know you gotta do it all You gotta do it all it's like it's like A politician that's why I always give The politician like a politician will Give like a speech in you know Huntsville Alabama and then they'll be At a black tie dinner in New York City For ten thousand dollars a plate with Every single billionaire you know Because they're both important they're Both important you got to be able to hit All spectrums yeah and Chad while you Said Columbus Ohio shout out to the Movies correct you know just another Another this relationship that she's Been forceded he actually introduced me To somebody that you know I grew up just Watching and was one of my favorite Players of all time Clinton Portis and So we connected just because exactly and You know he's had some his story is just So compelling I just about that but you Know I offer just you know if I can add Value to anything you're doing if you Need help with something just let me Know and he was like yo bro I appreciate

That wholeheartedly like this is Somebody I used to wear his jersey and Go to like I drove to DC to watch these Guys play so it's incredible man you Never know man you just never know and For everyone at home listening if you Feel like you can't you know I've Recently saw this on drink Champs in a Good tip that meat gave me ghosts if you Can't fly across the country Become the hottest in your city or Neighborhood and just help there A lot of people always want to know like What's the easy formula to help those Around you if those around you get Traction you never know who they may Know and it is spread so don't feel like This is impossible for you to do as well But if you can get out there and kiss Babies shake hands like we've been doing Get your tickets to invest fast y'all Haven't seen me hopping on planes going Like you have to show like people can't Feel your integrity and spirit online I'm telling you a lot more doors are Going to open in person so please write In chat how many people or events are You going to go to in 2023 and have your Best year ever and when you do it when You add value Don't look for anything in return Yes Just do it like that was one of the Things like I watched Richard Lawson and And Miss Tina Knowles Lawson

The impact that they were having on These young people's lives it must have Been 50 young men and women on stage Like I would not have known that that Was happening if I wasn't there they're Just doing this every day every week Every month all year adding value to Young people's lives and encouraging Them to be the authentic selves we had a Young lady who gave a a just an amazing Uh Speech he would she actually uh as a Poet now she said she was reading on a Second grade level now she's in front of A thousand people just reading her poem That she just wrote it was just like That type of impact is not being Highlighted but it's happening and so Just add value don't look for anything In return just figure out how many People you can impact on a daily basis But the last thing I want to say about This this is Rick Ross said probably the Realest thing I ever heard in my life he Was like yo y'all ask y'all y'all y'all What like people that's like super Successful you know to help you out he Said the analogy that he gave is like he Was like I don't know if he said a well Or ocean he was like but like if you Want to well like on like you at the Bottom he's like Somebody that's super rich super Successful they're not going down to get You they're not he's like they might not

Even they're probably not even gonna Look at you he's like you gotta get to The top like almost close to them and Then they might stick their hand up like A little bit like a little bit Like a little bit yeah so that's so real Because You gotta do the work to put yourself in The room just like now I'm saying like a Lot of times people look at it the wrong Way where it's like I gotta get in the Room yeah that's half the battle but you Gotta actually Provide enough value where you're Invited in the room so don't even worry About nothing else just put the Blindness on folk I promise you once you Get hot everything is the law of inertia Once you get hot everything gonna happen For you then people are going to want to Work with you they're gonna reach out to You you're gonna be able to rub Shoulders with different people I Promise you nobody on that level is Coming to save you they're not going Down they're not going down to get you I Promise you that won't happen and like I Said like he said like at the very least If like if you little below them they Might like a six inch little Nut but I may throw a little line out to Save you and people say why like even if You take Boosie and young blue situation Boosie found blue blue up now all of a

Sudden that's not his artist it happened With Meek and other artists A lot of Times when people are up here they're Afraid to reach down because once they Pull you up what if you're not loyal It happens a lot 2001 I was in grind family Studio shout Out to see boy he was like get so hot That nobody on Earth until you know It's the best piece of advice that if For those you that are trying to break Out Forget the algorithms forget Funnel hacking and all that That's the secret it gets so hot That nobody can ignore you undeniably Guy that is a fact [Music]

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