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[Music] If you were starting anew What would be like the five or ten Things you would do to make sure like if You start from zero Um we don't want this to happen but what Would you do to make sure that the Business pops if you had like one year To make your business incredibly Successful The ones you can give I think it's interesting because we Actually did start at zero let's do this Let's do this let's do this because I'm Actually gonna make an Instagram clip About this too so all right um so but Let me ask you I wanna I wanna ask a Question to everybody because this is Something that actually came up during The um Great chance interview when uh you know The whole thing about Um the 500 uh or 500 000 uh Gift lump sum money 500 that would you take 500 000 or would You take a dinner with Jay-Z gotcha and Um what they did was they showed a clip Of that and people you know kind of took It for however they took it and um you Know a lot of people would like you know There's no way I'm I'm taking a meeting With somebody or dinner with somebody Over 500 000 I don't even make any sense Like you're not speaking any common

Sense right now so This is extremely important people to Understand I want to look at the camera When I say this so Here's the deal the thing with social Media is that is mostly Works off of Hypotheticals and And this is why this this whole Conversation is dangerous because it's Like okay the the question is would you Take five hundred thousand dollars or Would you take a dinner or a meeting With Jay-Z And everybody has an answer to this Right But 99.9 of the population that's actually Commenting on this have never seen five Hundred thousand dollars at one time And they've never met with a billionaire Before I'm not this is just a fact right so Technically you're not qualified to even Answer this question So by the grace of God we have been able To do both several different times So we're actually qualified to answer This question so this isn't a Hypothetical for us it's actually a real Life scenario I'm gonna give you a real Life scenario so this could actually Potentially help you in life So when we meet Steve Harvey And we interview him but it's a meeting

It's a conversation it's an interview no No something that happens right it's an Interaction that happens So What happens after that conversation of Meeting Steve Harvey He decides he wants to become business Partners with us and we become business Partners We make a lot of money from that Situation obviously so does he Takes a liking to us and he opens up his Network to us The first person that he introduced us To is Robert Smith Who's the wealthiest black person in American history right He makes a connection because of that so We only know him because of him so That's that's a billionaire that we got Introduced to because of him What else happened because of that He Made an introduction and made it Possible by Tyler Perry to come to Invest Fest as a result we get a guided Tour Tyler Perry studio we get to have a Conversation with Tyler Perry live on Stage and behind the scenes and we Develop a relationship with Tyler Perry In some regards What else comes from that relationship He Makes the introduction and makes it

Possible for Dan Cathy the CEO of Chick-fil-A one of the richest people in The world it's worth seven billion Dollars to come to Investments we speak With his team we establish a Relationship from that what else happens From that relationship he invites us to Abu Dhabi to his golf tournament where We meet some of the top people in Abu Dhabi in the government in the private Sector hang out with Martin Lawrence and A variety of other high profile Celebrities What am I saying here okay let's say That we we didn't we never met Steve Harvey we just took five hundred Thousand dollars so what people don't Realize is that most businesses fail and Most people have never started the Business so and most people with money End up losing money So just because you have five hundred Thousand dollars everybody's up I get Five hundred thousand dollars I'm gonna Turn that to a hundred million well Probably not no you know right even if You invest it stock market is down you Would have you would you for the year You would have lost money you would have Lost money in crypto maybe real estate You would have lost depending on where You invested there's no guarantee to Even it's not even that easy to flip the 500 000. okay you want to start a

Business we know that ninety percent of Businesses fail even a higher ratio than That so just because you have money Doesn't mean you're going to be Successful you don't have enough Information you don't have enough Knowledge because you don't even have Enough resources to actually know what You're doing So it's like people ridicuing like oh That makes no sense why would you well I'm just giving you a real life example Now this is our story so it's not to say That this is going to be true for every Single person in every single situation Is different every meeting is not going To work out the way it worked out for us But just be careful who you're taking Information from because everybody's not Qualified to speak And also Take things through because if yeah it's Like oh it just sounds like it's stupid Until you actually think about it now Everything that I say what is it is it Is 500 000 more valuable than meeting Three billionaires and having Relationships and establishing business With Steve Harvey and international Trade with Dubai I don't know Try that somebody had that up probably Not so I just think I wanted to say that Because I I read the comments and some Of the comments is like oh stop

Misleading people this is foolishness You've never seen 500 000 and you've Never talked to it and to be real when You get 500 000 at one time you realize It's not a lot of money It's just in bag talk yeah people just Got mad when I was talking that's the Point eight million yeah dog you can Carry 500 000 in a backpack and dude is Doing that and that's what I'm saying Like until you reach that point when you See it and you actually have accumulated It you don't realize it because it feels Like we talked about that thrive or Survival it's like survivors like if I Get to five like this is it and then Your minds are changing you realize like Wait that's 28 billion like this man Right here is worth 181 billion we don't Even report their net worth right these Dudes are doing 100 billion in business Every year It's a different game yeah you gotta and These are the companies that you know About exactly and these are the that's Why I said when Puck had that Conversation was about levels in this Barriers like this barriers at his level But there's another level behind above That that we got to talk to and the Problem is that especially with us in Our community it's like we're all first Generation right like our first Generation well same thing even puff

First generation Robert Smith first Generation we don't even understand like We had a conversation with the fifth Generation Completely different but we're still Figured out for us right now like even The people that we know Oprah first Generation Jay-Z for Let's see how we get to third fourth Generation right my mind says no change How we look at things that are going to Change how we view opportunities are Going to change we got to get there so Like let's not criticize let's really Watch how this thing is going to go Because the further we go the more doors We open like I said It clears a path it gives you a Blueprint like we didn't we don't There's not that many blueprints we're Creating But we got to be patient and understand And have compassion for like the people Are actually doing it the more you Criticize it takes away from the actual Creativity and how far we really can go It's very important to listen to those And that's why I said the top of the Show those that are doing Versus those who are theorizing Um even when I said I think it was Season one Uh in order to be classified as Rich you Need 28 million people like you're crazy

Every top athlete in the NBA look at What the deal is structured at and then Here Comes inflation and covet Etc Um I think if you let's say you are in a Position to meet with Jay-Z you have to Have some of value to even have those Doors open but 500 right now and I get It like when I didn't have a hundred Grand at 50 Grand I thought 500 would be Everything Then you get to that number and you'll Be like this is it like it is a bad Feeling to hit a goal and then be like Damn this is it I should have pushed for 15 X or 20x More because if you're factoring in how Many people like add up all your bills And then take the first 10 people that You care about the most and multiply That times 15 years how much money does It take just to maintain where they're At now no extras No no STK dates me no no vacation I'll Be taking mine on vacation like I'm Going to Atlanta you know what I mean Hey What does it take and then my baby's Straight his college paid for Right it takes work but the thing is the Truth behind a lot of these Posts and the memes are funny like even With Jay just reciting lyrics from the

Album and all that that's funny but the Truth is like in order to enter those Doors It does take a lot of working from a Press side even to let's say a PR person Sets you up with Jay-Z that probably Cost you 150. There is a value of so and not let alone If he introduce you to Tatai and Everybody else that he knows and Everybody in the art world and you know Have to do the work I want everybody to Put in chat what is the number you are Aspiring to hit for 2023 I have 115 next year I feel You're being real yes [Music]

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