How to investment in gold

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Where Are the Best Places to Invest in New Zealand

If you are looking for a good place to invest, New Zealand, because of its products, its pure brand, its people and its proximity to Asia, is considered by many as being a great investment destination. So where are the best places to invest in New Zealand?

When Dumb Money Becomes Smart Money

Common sense investing in the schizophrenic stock market. It goes up it goes down, it goes down, it goes up, in many cases for no good reason, even contrary to reason.

Why Investing in Singapore Is the Business for You

With its ambition, innovation, and rigorous protection of intellectual property rights, Singapore is the second-freest economy of the world. Endorsing and promoting entrepreneurship with every occasion, it manages to build and grow business opportunities at every step, making it a positively wise choice of investment.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Target-Date Funds

The philosophy of target-date funds is that as one ages, the proportion of stocks in their portfolio should decline, while their exposure to less volatile fixed-income positions increases. However, it is important to consider other potential income sources and the timing of your expenses during retirement before committing your nest egg to these investment vehicles.

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