How Russia Could Revalue Gold & Break The West

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So Russia could break the west and Putting could do it with a strategic Revaluation of gold now we have Zoltan Posa the sage of Wall Street the Macroeconomic legendary Credit Suisse Outlining a scenario of how this could Cause gold to explode up to 3 600 and in Fact it could cause gold to go much Higher than if the Middle East joins the Strategy and decides to stick it to the West so according to Zoltan the United States has a major vulnerability that Russia can exploit at least their Strategic petroleum reserves falling Dangerously low now if you didn't know By now Joe Biden our good friend Joe he Drained the SPL since the start of 2022 All the way down to try to push down the Price of oil right now in fact he Released 15 million barrels just to Counter Opex 2 million barrels a day Production cut and this is a one-time Event that is as good as peeing to the Ocean and hoping for the sea level to Rise but the big problem is how America's oil reserves are at a 38 year Low it is near the 1984 levels at only 387 million barrels of oil now the oil Was drained down from a peak of 725 Million barrels and that is a huge Amount now this is dangerous because the U.S is still a net importer of crude oil Importing over 3 million barrels a day To American Shores so the reserves now

Only can help cover energy hungry America for less than 130 days and let's Remember that Joe Biden he announced to The world that he will review the Reserves at 70 dollars a barrel but the Price of crude might not reach that Level Saudi Arabia and OPEC aren't Listening to Biden anymore plus Russia Could very well cut production to turn Up the pain right and this will leave The reserves dangerously low now Zoltan Believes that it is this risk that will Force America to fill up the reserves Once again which opens up a window of Opportunity for Putin right now if Putin Plays his cards right and if Biden's Desperate in enough he could be Compelled to buy Russian oil to refuel The SVO now he heard it right and if They do it we could see a dramatic Valuation of gold we'll also see real Wealth start leaving the west and hate For Russia so we know the G7 price kept On Russian oil is still in effect right And as we know Putin is going to play Ball with the sanctions he has hit time And time again that he will simply cut Production and stop selling to countries That impose a price cap but this is Where things get interesting if Putin Decides to Pivot and price is all in Terms of Golden State now I might say This is crazy Sean it will never happen Gold isn't money and it's too bulky to

Ship but according to Zoltan this is an Improbable in fact from what we have Seen just this year alone Russia could In fact pull this off now Zoltan Mentions how Russia and the G7 unlocked In a battle for tit for Ted you invade Ukraine I freeze your reserves you'll Freeze my reserves and make you pay for Gas in Rubles and the recent price cap Could make Russia do the unthinkable and Price their oil in grams of gold and we Know the price can be said at 60 dollars And sixty dollars just so happens to be The price of one gram of gold today so If Russia packs one barrel of oil at one Gram of gold he can revalue the dollar Against Russian oil gold becomes the new Medium of exchange which allows him to Play with the pricing to break the West So right now Europe and us they are Facing an energy crisis right we know That the EU is suffering from higher oil Prices and the spa home needs refilling So Putin could give the West an offer That they can't refuse Putin could tell Joe Biden and the boys at the EU right Hey how about let you buy some Russian Oil I'll give you two barrels of oil for One gram of gold and the West would be Crazy to pass up such a deal because now They are effectively paying half in Dollar terms for the same barrel of oil So if a gram of gold equals 60 dollars Today and it buys you two barrels of

Russian oil that means the U.S could buy One barrel at 30 technically right it's A fifty percent discount and according To Zoltan if Russia counted the price Pack of sixty dollars by offering two Barrels of oil for one gram of gold gold Prices double and let's discuss why now The power of this idea lies in the fact That this goal revaluation will be Forced by the supply and demand of the Markets right market dynamics will cost The US the EU and the world to beat up The price of gold until the price Gap Closes so the first two barrels of oil Could be bought at 60 dollars but the Next batch will cost 65 and the third Batch could cost eighty dollars and the Fourth batch will then cost hundred Dollars as continues to go up right and It continues to keep heading north until Goal gets revalued to balance with oil We have investors and countries buying Up tons of gold to drive the price up Because between 60 to 120 dollars there Is a huge profit margin and when the United States starts to buy oil they'll Be paying progressively higher prices Driving up the price of gold as well and This is how the price of gold could Reach 120 dollars a gram or around 3 600 An ounce Putin just has to pack Russian Oil to go and give the West an exclusive Deal of one gram of gold for two barrels Of oil he will effectively set a new

Floor on the price of gold and the Market will beat the price up back to The equilibrium now on the surface this Sounds stupid right it seems Russia is Selling their oil at lower prices and Suffering a loss of Revenue as the price Of gold revalues upwards and you will be Right however let's not forget Russia Has some of the world's biggest gold Reserves coming in at 2300 tons that's Even more that China's declared amount But we kind of know China has more but This acts as a counter balance to the Amount of value that they lose in Immediate oil revenues in fact Russia Actually benefits more because as the Price of gold goes up their entire Stockpile of gold grows in Value Plus With every barrel of oil they are Stockpiling even more gold instead of Dollars they are holding more physical Gold that is going up in price right so You've got to think of it this way and Russia's dollar cost averaging their Goal positions as the market is going up And they don't need to produce Additional oil to make it happen that's Important remember oil to the West is Now packed at one gram of gold for two Barrels the pricing is no longer in Dollars but this is just the tip of the Iceberg guys what if the Middle East or OPEC in general decides to price their Barrels of oil in gold as well now that

Will be a game changer this will drive Even further demand for gold because it Is not just a store of value or Commodity to be used in industry and Jewelry it is now money that can be used To exchange for the world's most Important commodity which is energy Which is oil and this will drive more Demand for gold because now it has Become a kind of Reserve currency that Can be exchanged for energy and if the Middle East decides to accumulate more Gold and push-up gold prices they can Simply exchange three barrels of oil for One gram of gold to the West another Black Friday sale to the United States And if opank does this they will out Offer Russia and they have even more oil Reserves to stop power a mountain of Gold they are also the world's top Producers of oil accounting for 35 of Global Production and this will just Push-up prices even higher than 3 600 an Ounce but even if they don't right the Middle East is effectively the Dollarizing the world and diversifying Away from the US dollar we already have China calling on the Gulf States to use Yuan for the oil trades so it's not a Stretch that they could actually choose Gold as an alternative if they are Afraid of pissing off the United States Right and what we could see is the Evolution of two markets for oil one

Could be in currencies which would be Mainly to the reserve currency right the US dollar and the other could be in Physical gold which would be a historic Shift but if you step back and take a Look at a bigger picture this goal Revaluation is a master stroke that goes Beyond just pushing the price of gold up And here's the deal we know China and Russia they're pushing for the Dollarization like never before we also Know China has been stockpiling gold Shipping it from the West to the East And causing physical premium to spike For example China can do this because They can sell almost a trillion dollars Worth of U.S treasuries and use the Money to stockpile gold but remember That Russia can't because they have 300 Billion dollars worth of FX reserves Frozen by the west but if Putin packs His oil to Gold the West himself could Start shipping their own gold to Russia And it doesn't matter if the US uses Their own gold reserves or re-roots gold From the lbma or Switzerland to Russia It is still gold flowing eastwards and If Russia in China get their gold Stockpiles high enough as opposed the G7 We could see a new go back currency it Could really happen I know this sounds Outlandish but it's not impossible and There's most likely a bigger agenda that Involves go you really have to think

About it and it probably centers around Knocking the dollar of the reserve Status now this is obviously bad news For the United States because now we Have a combo of gold flowing to the East And the dollarization happening at the Same time right and that is a dangerous Combo That Could set the dollar up for Disaster now the United States can Counter this move but it also be a very Painful counter and in order to stop Russia from executing this goal Revaluation Biden could immediately Choose to start refilling the SP out Tomorrow and right now the price of Brand crude has fallen to less than 77 Or somewhere around there and yes this Is higher than his 70 initial Target but Buying now might close the vulnerability The United States has however let's get This right if the United States does This they have essentially thrown a Massive bid on the oil markets we are Talking about almost 350 million barrels Which will drive the price of oil out Dramatically and if OPEC and Russia sees This they could drive you up even Further by cutting production so the US They are caught between a rock and a Hard place does Biden does dear Joe Biden choose to squeeze the oil markets Higher to fill up the reserves and Prevent Putin from playing this goal Revaluation card or do they let Putin

Pack oil to go and fall into a trap of Buying cheap oil to reserve the spr Because if they do this it could just Accelerate the dollarization in the long Term now this is a lose-lose situation And the only winning move is to hope and Pray oil prices suddenly crash and they Can refill it at cheaper prices so let's Understand that this scenario is not 100 Certain but as Zoltan posa puts it crazy Yes improbable no this was a year of Unthinkable macro scenarios and the Return of state's craft as the dominant Force driving monetary and fiscal Decisions and what he is saying is that The East and the West they're going to Find inventive ways to try and control The world's monetary system now the G7 Is obviously trying to control it with Sanctions and price caps while Russia Has been on the defensive so far however If Putin decides to do the unthinkable And price oil for gold he could set up a Scenario where gold returns as money as Zoltan sums this up nicely Russia's Decision to link gold to oil could bring Gold back as a settlement medium and Increase its intrinsic value sharply and If physical goal becomes so valuable Just imagine the amount of Leverage Damage this could do to the Western Gold System that's full of paper contracts to Improve right we could finally see a Physical short squeeze in the gold

Markets so let me know what you think in The comments below will Russia's goal Revaluation strategy work can the United States escape this situation let me know Comments below stay safe be sure to Smash the like button and subscribe as We navigate through these crazy times

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