How Much Gold & Silver Does a Person Need? Cheat Sheet

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Canadian Binary Options

Canada is currently listed as one of the top five binary trading options markets globally. At this time there are no geographic restrictions on Canadian trades. You do, however need to be aware of different regulatory agencies. Once you are aware of the rules, being a Canadian option trader is no problem.

2014 Best Investment Ideas and Worst

The best investment ideas for 2014 are few and far between, with no single best investment in sight. The worst ideas for the average investor could be found in BOTH stock funds and bond funds. Has the bond bubble created a stock bubble for 2014?

Understanding Market-Personality for Successful Day Trading

Have you ever noticed that different people have different personalities? Have you ever met someone for the first time and assumed they had a different personality than they actually had when you got to know them better? We might describe someone’s personality as Shy, Confident, Outspoken, etc. In addition, the more time we spend with other people the better we know their individual personalities and the better we can communicate with them. Just like human beings, the markets all have individual ‘personalities’ of which every new day trader needs to learn before they begin trading. Market-personality can be broken into three (3) main categories: 1. Liquidity 2. Volatility 3. Trendiness In this article I will discuss the ways a day trader can use the market’s personality to profit in their trading career.

Is Investing in Gold an Effective Hedge Against Inflation?

Investing in gold is a topic that’s been on a lot of people’s minds over the last several years, and there are very good reasons for that. The economy has been in the doldrums, the stock market continues to show significant volatility, and Congress has been unable to rein in government spending as of yet. With all this commotion, it’s no wonder that Americans are very confused about what role gold can play in their retirement plans.

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