GOING THROUGH STOCKS – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Let's go to HR M y Don't like it how many biosciences Decent but it's too new Ch Um Choice Hotels International not bad Uh 2020 price was great I would probably Wait until Ninety seven dollars to then buy it if I Was looking to acquire let's go to tte It's hovering right at that 200-day Moving average that is something I don't Like to hide last high was 91.34 that is Not a good sign is this stock a good buy Or what should you not touch it But a quick answer is if you do let's do Mathematical calculations from high to Low The low is 9.75 That 50 off range is 50.68 The no by zone is 71.21 and if you look here it almost Touched that 20-day moving average but a Good buy area will be around 17.85 Take your emotions out of if you should Buy it and focus on when is the best Price to buy and it may take you two or Three years for that price to hit but How many of you that were in Bitcoin Higher than 40 000 wish He would have waited to a price around 11

000 or 20 000 that I called Pioneer Natural Resources I like it's a good Stock is up moving to the upside pretty Solid let's go to EOG and for stock club Members I will do a full breakdown of These and have these in kajabi for us on EOG pretty solid let's go back through And see when the best price would be to Buy outside Average Yeah you would definitely have to wait Until at least 60 bucks to to get it Let's go to the next one I don't love This one though Cop is the next one Conical Phillips has been doing Incredibly well it's at a high so we Have to wait for it to pull back Previous high in 2014 was 84 bucks Great Conoco I do like you can put it on Your watch list let's go to h e s And if you guys like this what I'll Start doing I'll start doing this for Bitcoin and all Commodities as well hes Is on a hell of a run previous high was In 2008 I don't like that had a nice Spike in 2014. please go research why There was a spike in 2014. we bottomed Out once again I want you to focus on The bottom areas or the double bottoms That happen and what's a good price Zone A good buy Zone So 35.02 to 26 dollars is a good buy

It is now currently at 125 and it would Have taken two years To go up even if you bought it in 2016 It would have taken like six years but 31.81 if you bought it you'd be at 125 Right now let's do the math on that That's 399 return on investment for Holding for a six-year period how many Of you wish you were up that amount and The truth is like when we hit a Recession The people that get paid the most are The ones who have been waiting in their Positions for the longest the Suave Would say five year and I know some People are like hey it's easy to say Hope for five years and most stocks will Work out I can point you out at least a Thousand that won't work Over a five-year period mro Marathon so You have to search all Commodities Remember a couple years ago going into The new year I told you research the Russell 2000 you now need to research All Commodities and international stocks So look at the nifty 50 in India look at The Australian stock market and look at The the stocks in the African Market as Well to be able to get it get an edge Gww Granger liked the stock a lot put it on Your watch list I will put a price in For stock club members Um and if you guys want the price you

Can join stock Club yes uh a deal for Stock Club will come out at 500 a month In November 1st be prepared it will only Last to the end of the year Um if you pay for a price there will be A second set of bonuses that you would Get included in person time with me and A lot of stock Club calls Um And you will be there with me at some uh Live Events when I do Market Mondays in In live Format moh Molina Healthcare yes another homework Assignment please go study every Healthcare Company the top hundred and Pick the five you should invest in For those who've done the work You've seen riches and wealth flow two So Heritage Commerce not good not good If you got it in 2008 great say you got It at three bucks it went to a high of 17. it's at 12.99 now I would not like To touch it you need to buy things that Are in the trenches and all-time lows Once again City holding I like we have to wait for The price to pull back I would not buy Until it's 69.19 I would give the price To stock club members love you dearly Hae as we wrap up [Music] Interesting [Music]

200-day moving average is telling us to Wait for 1938 if it gets back to 47 Bucks I like it at their price anything Above that is too high but let's look 25 off from the all-time highs telling Us to wait to 39.86 Um and I want you guys to win and I hope In the presentation tonight you can feel That Systems is what creates wealth And all the riches that you want you Heard me talk about it in an interview With Dave chance creativity is an asset Class that they tell us to invest in Because they can use us so I'm able to Quickly go through these stocks and give You this insight and I want you to be Able to do the same especially in the Recession NT nstds is too high I don't Like it uh two new excuse me cvii Churchill Capital huh not yet IBA let's Look at that only have a couple more IBA Don't love And one of these days I'm going to go Through the entire stock market Um This one is too new it's c-o-a-s what Stocks do you want me to review for next Week please put them in Chat I'll be honored to review them for You and my final lesson as we wrap up Here Number one please look at the Macroeconomic environment

To determine If we are in the up Market or down Market number two you have to learn how To swing trade in 2023 and also this Month Um for stock Club I will be given the Swing trade prices for the stocks that We are currently invested in Number three you have to learn how to Short-term invest because if not like The truth is when the market is falling Apart The way it has been kudos to my brother Clint got married like trading because He trades options as well Um and I know something like hey I don't Know you did calls and and puts an Option and gave prices for options when I say you have to learn every market Like I technically if I knew how Many trees were in this Forest I could Tell you mathematically what would be The best place to plant seeds to harvest Trees that would grow the highest in That Forest That we're looking at Math is irrefutable it is a gift from God I told you this the wave the Playa Del Norte theory if you can calculate 40 Feet out how long it takes for the waves To hit Inland on Sand and multiply that Times 100 by season that will give you Your targets to invest in the market That's why I've spent so much time on

The beach all the signs are there from God if you want to get really deep What months did Christopher Columbus and Those who came to the United States and Go to Jamestown what months did they Land and then post them coming to America when did the seasonality of Hurricane season change as a result [Music] I ain't gonna get in my keys and Billy Carson back tonight but 2023 I'm gonna Put some information on your hair top That no one has talked about before Those patterns changed a little bit post Slavery I will say that my final lessons With you After you have those three down decide The prices in which that you need to buy The trenches and if you want the Settings for uh to be able to buy Just go to joyridpanda.com I will send a Link out for you to be able to have them So you can put them on your screen Number four please come to Market Mondays live in New York City if you Come to invest fast Europe it'll be the First time the Trap and I are presented Together and I'm covering the American Market the European market Australian Indian market and how to trade them Kudos to all my traders in in London I Appreciate you guys can't wait to to Meet up with you [Music]

And find your Edge in the market Your biggest moments biggest Breakthroughs are going to come from you Operating in silence executing in Silence during your reading and silence I'm here to help you win and if you're Here to follow me I'm asking you politely going to these Next five years to just follow the Advice that I give you Because you notice when Josh comes on Bottom one comes on Peter comes on when Peter came on you guys love the episode But let's be a thousand it's everything That I have been telling you the past Two or three years right Inverted yield curve quantitative easing EMAs I talk with this kind of passion because Prior to when I was doing this 10 years Ago I couldn't get 50 of us in the room If I gave everybody Sorak all night and It was a free party attached to it But now as I Elevate and I'm getting Ready to do the hedge fund Partnerships And help them out and help square and Maybe even help PayPal and maybe help a Governor or mayor or two I want you to be in alignment so when The Rebellion goes into these companies And I've told you publicly at the Philly Event with JP Morgan my job is to make Sure that everybody in repanda Rebellion Is able to now get jobs inside of these

Hedge funds thanks Streaming platforms so we can change and Shape them for the better The first step in doing that is Following one system I love you guys I know this Market may Seem tricky it may seem hard it may seem Difficult but the truth is if you study The past recessions this is one of the Easiest markets to be able to take Advantage of I love you you deserve all the wealth Happiness joy in the world and I pray That it comes to you and if you walk With us on this journey and be a part of The red panda Rebellion I promise you Those dreams will come true Love you guys over and out put your cash Apps in imma pick a couple of you and Give uh give away some money and what Was the biggest lesson you learned Tonight and if you like these Presentations let me get 5 000 yeses in Chat and share this with your family Let's get this to 15 000 views and I'll Do these every week love y'all [Music]

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