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Get ready for hard times it's something That I've heard said before it sounds Pretty ominous it's a little bit like Prepare for the worst it's not really Meant to be that the worst is coming or Hard times are here it's more about Planning something that you can do that You can control so that if those hard Times do come Well you've already got it figured out [Music] If you watch precious metals content on YouTube there is a really good chance That you're being told that bad things Are coming it's the same as it ever was It's just a little bit louder lately Banks are about to collapse dollars Worthless Cbdc's are here China or Russia or some Other country is doing something right Now that you need to be worried about Whatever some of it it's maybe worth Tuning into but people have figured out That saying scary things Get some attention doesn't even have to Be accurate but the problem that I have With it is that I just don't see many Rational suggestions for what to do About any of it and that always makes me Less interested in the content I would Like to see more ideas on things that People have seen people have done and That have worked to give them a leg up So let's get into some of that I'm going

To reference some things that I've done I'm not going to go too deep because I've already mentioned a lot of it this One is more about how you might go about Getting started on your own plan and Then I'm going to come back to what I Might do if I was starting out today With everything currently going on So the quick view of my plan at least Initially was to buy a quarter ounce of Gold a month for eight years I had other Things happening at the same time but That was my scheduled plan it was just Trying to put aside something extra in Case I ever needed to cover an emergency And after a year of buying a quarter Ounce of gold each month well I had Three ounces that could cover at least Help cover most emergency needs that I Had at the time I've said this before I Think three ounces of gold is a great Initial goal maybe even a final goal it All depends on where you're at in life And at the end of eight years I had 24 Ounces of gold that gave me a way to Subsidize A bad month with an ounce of Gold for two years before I was in Trouble and I'm gonna stop there my Plans my expenses have changed over time I have videos where I've expanded on Those plans explained what I'm up to I've increased those goals for what I Want to hold but the point in this video Isn't what my plan is or was it's about

You having your own plan And I think there are a few Concepts Here that apply to this I'm going to Look at four and I'm going to tell you How they apply to gold for me the first Concept is pretty easy it's just having A plan so you know which direction to Head Navy SEAL training has so many Great points of advice here my favorite Is don't run to your death but if that Seems a little bit morbid the idea of Slow being smooth and smooth being fast Well that works too the idea is to take A minute come up with the strategy Before you jump in in the case that gold Purchases that means figuring out your Budget means figuring out what you can Stick to without being unnecessarily Painful figuring out what to buy so you Don't realize that you've made a mistake Early you've just been repeating it over And over and it means knowing what You're working towards so you can pull Motivation from that progress along the Way in my case that short-term plan was Just to save three ounces of gold and to Buy one quarter ounce a month my longer Term plan was to keep at it and then Bring the goal up so that I could save 24. the second concept is just sticking To it we can jump from Navy Seals to Stoics here stoic philosophy is not About wealth accumulation it's about Learning to live well with what you have

In your power to control which isn't Much it's about self-control rational Decision making and we're talking about Discipline here not getting caught up in What others hype without proper reason Or evidence avoiding impulse buys Because somebody's trying to fire you up Or impulse buy simply to make yourself Feel better just rational disciplined Actions this one's pretty Straightforward the only thing I'll say Here is that discipline doesn't mean Beating yourself up sometime maybe You'll have to miss a month things come Up you just get back to it as soon as You can this means staying on track Constantly working to completion and Focusing on progress Keeping with that stoic Philosophy for a Minute there are stacks of ideas written Two thousand years ago that are still More relevant today than ever ideas About keeping calm avoiding constant Distraction not comparing yourself or Your wealth to others living below your Means all these are great if you want to Dive into that further I think Seneca is A great place to start he points out That people waste a large part of their Lives in the pursuit of wealth that They'll never have time to enjoy he Talks about visualizing worst case Scenario and then being okay with it It's all really interesting stuff and

Stoics they get a bad rap for being a Little bit morbid they meditated on Death you'll hear Memento Mori which is Basically look man you're gonna die at Some point you need to focus on what's Important the real Point really has Nothing to do with death it's that you Have all the tools that you need to be Happy so get on with it The next concept here is it applies to Gold is to just get started get after it Still accept a lot of great Insight on This too only focus on what you can Control you can't do anything about a Possible Bank collapse but you can work On getting rid of debt you can work on Living below your means you can work on Savings you can buy those quarter ounces Of gold one ounce of gold whatever your Plan is you can do that and I found that Buying gold has been just about the Least painful way to work on savings It's actually exceptionally interesting It's kind of fun And the reason that's the third concept And not the first is that you really do Need to get your plan together before Jumping in that helps you save without Getting into trouble in other areas it's Not going to help fund savings if you Have to use debt to do it for instance You go ham on gold and silver because YouTube is screaming about I don't know Cbdc overlords come to steal your monies

Well that isn't going to help put you in A better place 10 years from now I Started with that quarter ounce a month And I did that until the idea locked in I've increased that over time but if I Ran Leroy Jenkins style into 2010 well That wouldn't have ended well that was Really when I got started so I would Have been going up that ramp into 2011 And that would have wrecked me I'm not Sure I'd be doing it today still At some point in your life somebody's Probably told you to work ahead maybe You just started doing it on your own But that way if something comes up Whether it's good or bad you don't have To have the negative impact that comes With the surprise you just roll with it You also sleep well knowing that you're Doing something it's the opposite of Feeling like you're behind an anxiety That is a bad thing And that brings me to the fourth and Final concept which is focusing on what You can control and to a certain extent Being okay with the things that you can I've already touched on this one you can Stock up on gold as a backup but you Cannot prevent today's popular Horror Story So Focus your time Focus your Attention focus your energy on putting Yourself in a better place and then tune Out the people who are trying to get you To focus on the wrong things situational

Awareness is a good thing worrying about Unlikely possibilities that we hear over And over and over is not Okay so since we're here to talk about Gold I'm gonna bring it back to Specifics if I was starting out today And I knew what I know through actual Evidence of likely issues on a Macroeconomic scale and then I knew About gold being on a recent price run Well I would probably consider front end Loading some of my buying just a little Bit and then I would get into a longer Term scheduled buying let's just say That I wanted three ounces of gold and Then I wanted to keep doing it I wanted To continue on I would probably buy an Ounce of gold and then I would move into Purchasing a quarter ounce a month so I Would buy an eagle or a buffalo Initially and then I would move into Quarter ounce Eagles that's me now the Detail of what I'm buying is based on my Ability to sell so Eagles and buffaloes They are no-brainers but there are lots Of other options I can think of five Maybe six Canadian maple leafs Krugerrands possibly philharmonics Britannia's or kangaroos they would all Be just fine And we're really getting into pretty Specific details here I think I need Different videos to fully explain what I'm getting at here but it's possible

That I might want a 24 carat option for My monthly buy I'm not sure Eagles are 22 karat they're just fine they're the Most popular bullion gold coin in the World so that means that they're Exceptionally popular here in the United States I also have a lot of eagles Already so that's where my momentum is I Don't want variety I want easy but there Are days I think I could talk myself Into wanting 24 Karat instead of the 22 Carat and I can convince myself to buy Quarter ounce britannias and if that Seems weird because I listed pretendius Toward the end of my list well they are A 22 millimeter diameter coin and the Size of the quarter ounce coins it Becomes a big deal I love Canadian maple Leafs for instance but the smaller Radius on them they're 20 millimeter Coins makes them seem a little bit Underwhelming at the quarter ounce size Now these laser details that might seem Minor they're definitely things that you Need to decide on but having the fewest Moving Parts in your plan makes it the Easiest to implement it makes it the Easiest to stick to and in the event That you need to actually sell those Coins in some kind of emergency well The benefit of ease and speed becomes a Much bigger deal now I show plenty of Variety on this channel I have some fun Stuff that I really like but there's no

Question where I would start I'd start With the stuff that I know I could Liquidate without any headaches at all The reason that I've circled back on Basic planning here is that there's just So much going on right now there's so Many distractions there's so much bad Information and I understand how that Leads to stress purchases it leads to Overall anxiety and sometimes I just Wonder what YouTube does to people what It does to their mental health like Can't be good and it's not YouTube it's The news cycle in general I just thought That it was a good time to slow it down And focus again on the fundamentals and Then we can get back is some wild stuff In the next one So let's call it good there let us know What your plan is now I know there are a Lot of people that are holding right now Maybe setting the spring for future Price correction if you do have a plan Though that you're already working on You want to give some specifics let us Know either way though it's always good To see what you're up to so hit us up in The comments and then while you're there Be sure to hit that like button if you Found any of this interesting be sure You're subscribed with notifications Turned on if you'd like to see more on The topic and if you're still here Thanks again for watching I always

Appreciate your time Take care [Music] Foreign

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