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Hello Robert Kiyosaki this is more than The good news and bad news about money This is the emergency podcast number Four And we had one two three and now four so Please go through one two three and four Because it's getting worse and the Better prepared you are You know the like we said the last the Last number three was about if you're Prepared the problem is not that you're Prepared the problem is what happens to Your neighbor who's not prepared and That's really that's really the issue There's a lot of people are just Thinking Happy Days Are Here Again And we just did a radio show with uh George Gammon he talks about how the Yield curve inverts everybody thinks Happy days are here again and then it Crashes so anyway this is a very time to Be pessimistic and optimistic and uh the Person that shares the one two and three Four podcasts is Andy scheckman he's the President founder of Miles Franklin Precious metals and for full disclosure We buy a lot of product from Andy and so Is a lot of other people but there's one Reason I buy for many actually two Reasons reason number one he knows the Stuff he has the macro picture on things And and number two he can supply I've I've tapped out a several number of Smaller dealers they just can't get

Product can't get gold or silver and I Said well I can't wait Anyway so Andy welcome back to um Emergency podcast number four the topic Is well France will work with China on Issues ranging from 5G technology to Military So when you sent me that um blurb about Macron and G of China getting together France will work with China what does That mean to you uh it means that a lot Of our alliances are breaking ranks and It's it's very scary I mean it was one Thing when we talked about Mexico Breaking Rank and they have formally Applied to to Bricks we already know That Saudi Arabia has broken rank who's Formally applied to bricks and the Shanghai cooperation organization and Allies like turkey and Egypt these Countries are all starting to slide away We talked about rumors of Australia and New Zealand doing it but when you look At what the french have done It's it's crazy I mean if we recall back In 2022 France was one of the original Allies of the US who stood by us in our Decision to sanction Russia But the idea of our allies slowly Starting to turn their back on us solely Starting to walk away Well this has stunning consequences and If you think about it it is essentially It's it's almost all of the U.S policies

Over the last decade Um which we presume that we were and Always would be the global leader not Just militarily but economically have to Be Um I think thought thought of again I Mean the best laid plans need to be Re-evaluated and those always were what We thought was the rule of the room not So much if we go back Just to July We saw one second you know because One thing about the Rich Dad fans here We like to keep it simple So can you give us the toilet paper Metaphor Yeah you know I'm glad you say that When I my dad talked about life being Like a roll of toilet paper and I kind Of took it a step further but You know he said Andy I'm 80 years old Life is like a roll of toilet paper when You're young you don't notice the role Spinning and as you get older you're More cognizant and aware of the Cardboard getting closer and the role Starts to spin faster When I started talking about these Events in 2020 really really talking About them you know one of the things You and I talked about this last week is Being able to prove and show the things That you said are true and you've done That an amazing job of the calls that

You made you can go back and see them Well the same thing is true here I've Been talking about this exclusively on Every podcast since 2020 but they were Separated by a passage of time the role Was spinning slowly But it's really incredible this Progression of events especially over The last several months you go back to The day we left Afghanistan and move Forward the day the U.S military pulled Out of Afghanistan in a very Un-American Way the role has started to spin faster And most of it centered around growing Alliances and relationships and D Dollarization Moving away from the dollar so yeah so Let me say this much the reason that's Important The reason I buy from Andy number one he Can supply so a lot of people are Running out of supplies right now they Can't provide gold and silver I don't Want to wait And the other thing is that Andy knows His macro and we just spent three days Together with George Gammon and our team Um And the mistake I made at their Three-day here in Scottsdale was I Forgot to say well let's start with Macro first And that came from my my teacher R Buckminster Fuller he says most people

Start small and then they go smaller They go micro to micro And the mistake I made is that I started Macro as best I could and a lot of People say I didn't come for the macro I Went from the micro and that's school Because they teach you to be a Specialist and get more specialized so You become a doctor but then you have to Specialize down so that's going from Micro to micro And so I didn't I forgot to prep the Class was like three or four hundred People And I forgot to say we start with the Biggest picture which is macro so when I First met Andy he was talking about Afghanistan and the average American Doesn't even know where Afghanistan is And what people don't know there was the Afghanistan something that's called a Parrot in the military because those U.S Marine we call it Afghanistan the Parrots beak or something like that And the rule of thumb for the military Is who controls the parrot b or the Parrot Point whatever they called it Controlled the world So that's why when the Taliban and the Russians had Afghanistan it was they Were starting to control the world so Military guys see it that way so when I First met Andy he was Making Waves Talking about Afghanistan I was talking

About Biden pulling down the Keystone XL Pipeline which sent the price of oil Through the roof of men tearing down Trump's wall and then Afghanistan And so all of this stuff is being Orchestrated from America So explain the significance of Afghanistan for people this is podcast Number four well that's when I first met Andy he starts with the macro and what Does it mean to you and me yeah and I Think micro you could say is learning More and more about less and less till You know everything about nothing yeah Macro on the other hand is is what it's All about and putting the macro pieces Together the day we left Afghanistan Signaled the end of the dollar because It is the protection of the Saudi Kingdom that gives us the dollar Hegemony that gives us the petrol Standard it was the promise of our Protection of the Saudi Kingdom And by extension OPEC and Saudi Arabia Agrees to sell oil globally in dollars Well the day we left Saudi Arabia struck A deal with Russia to for joint military Cooperation this was the beginning of it They said if they're going to turn and Run like this on their allies on the 2 000 Americans that were left Behind Enemy Lines and the thousands of freedom Fighters who gave their lives to fight For the Americans and they're still very

Living in tent villages Waiting to get out That was signaled to Saudi Arabia that Hey we need to find an alternative to That closely followed by the Weaponization of the dollar and kicking Russia out of Swift which alerted the Rest of the world correct we can't trust America right can I go back a little bit Further is that when Nixon took the Dollar off the gold standard in 781 and The economy went crazy so with gold not Going 74 he sent Nixon sent Kissinger to Saudi Arabia and instead of being a gold Back currency the dollar it became a Petrol backed dollar and that gave us Gave the United States much more power So when I first met Andy I wasn't aware Of what happened in Afghanistan I saw From the military side we left what 90 Billion dollars with the best equipment In the World Behind I mean thank you Joe Biden and your son Hunter I'm sure he Broke up that deal but you know what I Mean and then Saudi Arabia says man we Can't trust America right and so that's Why the oil prices and first First Act Was to cut off the Keystone XL pipeline And send oil from thirty dollars about 130 a barrel which causes inflation and Then he pulls up Afghanistan so this is When Andy and I bonded as brothers are Going holy mackerel and he seized the Macro first

And then Saudi Arabia says were out of It so they joined the bricks which is Brazil Russia India China South Africa Then it became Brazil Russia India China South Africa Saudi Arabia and how many Other countries have joined brics now There's over 60 countries that have Applied or in the process of applying And you know when you put bricks Together with two other groups that Being the Shanghai cooperation Organization which in and of themselves Are pretty darn close to 60 percent of Human population and the Belt Road Initiative over 150 countries you're Talking a mass of humanity Using the US dollar that's what it means That's right If I'm going to try to give this whole Mass of humanity a macro view that macro View is developing prod projects That would be called peaceful Modernization Applied to sustainable development they Are peacefully making deals to modernize These countries China comes in and Builds ports and bridges and Railways And Roads builds oil rigs and refineries And and Gold and Silver Mines and the Ability to pull it out of the ground and Get it to Market to build and modernize These countries that have been under the Thumb of the West forever and this is About Mutual beneficial arrangements and

Using the US dollar as the reserve Currency of the world but correct but I I think um let me get my thoughts Together on this whole thing so when France and XI of China started buddy and Budding Andy called yesterday and says guess What they did so today's emergency Podcast number four what does it mean That suddenly France jumped up and Joined is I don't have to joined the Breaks but what what does France and XI Getting together which cause emergency Podcast number four what does it mean to Andy checkman it means that they're Beginning to break ranks so if we go Back just a few months go back to July France signed at that time in agreement With the United Bay of Emirates for Strategic cooperation in the energy Sector that was kind of the beginning of It Um but here just a week ago uh Xi Jinping uh rolled out the red carpet for Macron in China and they struck a 51 Point joint declaration as you mentioned Issues ranging from 5G to military Engagement And it was very important that the Article made very distinct reference That in this 51 point Engagement agreement that no commitment From China to use its influence to end The Ukrainian war was part of it they

Did not demand that China use its Influence to get this broker deal to do This deal with France they did not have To guarantee that they would try and and And step in and broker a peace deal Um this is big because just a few days Earlier uh there was an article that Talked about France and China doing a Deal with uh the um United Arab Emirates It for Um 65 000 tons of liquefied natural gas Paid in Yuan settled in Yuan France paid In Yuan not in dollars this is a massive Departure from the decades-long practice Of conducting Global oil and liquid Natural gas and energy sales exclusively In US Dollars it's one thing For a country like Brazil to do it who Just did all of their trades are now Being settled with China in Yuan big big Deal But it's a bigger deal altogether to see Our alliance our our partners Start to do the exact same thing and Without really Consulting the us about This this is a massive deal and the Funny thing is to your point Robert the Article that I was reading I scoured I Read about half a dozen articles on this And I wrote this down Just because it really underscores what You just said it says As for the UAE the Move is part of a larger trend of Persian Gulf countries opening up to

China in the aftermath of the U.S Withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Biden administration's shift in Regional Policies the move out of Afghanistan in And of itself was embarrassing to the U.S but what it signaled to its allies Was even more detrimental that hey we Don't have your back if the chips are Down And that is why these countries on top Of moving away from the Western Sanctions Are getting to the point of it's every Man for himself and it's time to start Making deals with the countries that are Going to further Our best interests and you know they Also went on to say some very Interesting things if you'll indulge me But this is exactly what macron said and I quote Europe must reduce its Dependency on the United States and Avoid getting dragged into confrontation Between China and the U.S over Taiwan he Said this uh he also said that Europeans Cannot resolve the crisis in the Ukraine How can we credibly say on Taiwan watch Out if you do something wrong we will be There he's saying we're not going to be There and we're not gonna back the west But France is not right that's exactly Right and he also talked about he said Some in Europe have complained about the Weaponization of the Dollar by

Washington this is what we've been Saying which forces European companies To give up business and cut ties with With countries or face crippling Secondary sanctions so not only have our Foes realize that those sanctions would Demon require moving away and finding Another path now our allies are doing The same thing but really the most Important thing that I took away from This article Is what wasn't said and there was a There was a disclaimer I this was Written in political the magazine Political But check this out Robert if this Doesn't blow you away if this doesn't Underscore everything listen to this I'm Going to read this political's Disclosure at the end of the the article This weekend indicates that that macron Had much harsher things to say listen to This as is common in France and many Other European countries the French President's office known as the Elise Palace I know I didn't say that right But Elise Palace insisted on checking And proofreading all of the president's Quotes to be published in this article And as a condition of granting the Interview this violates politico's Editorial standards and policy however We agreed to the terms in order to speak Directly with the French President

Political insisted that it cannot Deceive its readers and would not Publish anything the president did not Say the quotes in this article were all Actually said by the president but some Parts of the interview in which the President spoke even more candidly about Taiwan and Europe's strategic autonomy Were cut out by the Elise So you have them pulling things out that They don't want the West to hear Basically saying we're not going to back Them when they go after uh China if they Uh if they go after Taiwan you're on Your own Um and and speaking candidly about the Sanctions and the D dollarization and And what that means to the French you Know it wasn't too long ago where one of The French banks was sanctioned by the West and threatened with swift sanctions To the tune of several billion dollars For working with an Iranian Company so it's our prerogative to tell The world who who they can and cannot Work with and it's now starting to Actually create backlash from our allies It's a huge deal Robert it is more and More and more of these pieces all coming Together just to show that what we are Doing is going to create a massive Backlash against the soap Explain what it means when the Swift When the US does something Swift deal

Against a bank what does that mean to Delay a person like me it just simply Says that if you are not in if you want To transact dollars you have to use the Swift system which is a mess kind of Like a messaging system it's the it's The oxygen that allows money to go Through the system and if you're not Allowed to use Swift you cannot transact In US Dollars which is the settlement Currency for energy for now so it is the Major major it's basically like saying To someone if if you don't do what we do We're going to take the keys of your car And you can't drive anymore that's Pretty much what it says you can't go Anywhere I heard it best describe it's like You're on oxygen and they're going yes You're cutting off the oxygen supply Yeah and so the whole thing collapses on Them It's a weaponization Of our our U.S dollar Against the world and the world's pissed Off about it right now absolutely and It's not just France look at you know Our relationship with Mexico is is Rocky Our relationship with Germany is Rocky After what happened with with with the Pipeline and and energy and and now Germany is is really our relationships With all of our allies are breaking down And it is showing that we are being

Isolated And all of our allies are beginning to Think for themselves and when you talk About Japan rumored to join Australia Rumored to join New Zealand rumored to Join and what France is doing and and And how we've aggravated Germany and Truly pissed off the rest of the world It is a spinning of the toilet paper Roll spinning faster and faster and Faster and God help us when we get to The cardboard what is the cardboard the Cardboard is D dollarization on a Massive scale It's it's it's the switching out of the Dollar as the global Reserve currency And when our allies are breaking rank it Is going to speed things up I believe Tremendously and the last meta for the Um Andy always talks about It's just like you know the U.S has been The big bully in the uh In the play yard right suddenly all the Other kids are saying well you're not Going to be the bullet anymore we're Going to gang up on you and correct That's what the bricks are they said hey We're going to take you down bully so When we come back with Andy scheckman Against founder and president of Miles Franklin precious metals full disclosure By a lot of precious metals for Mandy Because I love gold and silver But when we come back we'll talk what

Does it mean to you and me what does it Mean now that we can see the cardboard On the toilet paper roll we'll be right Back [Music] If you're concerned about high inflation Looming recession a stock market Correction or out of control spending in Washington this is an important message To hear because the fact is during every Major crisis in U.S history many of Those who failed to prepare watch their Savings Investments or retirement funds Go down while many with the foresight to Own gold helped preserve their Purchasing power gold even made some Folks richer now we're facing several Major crises at once and experts say we May soon face even more economic trouble So please don't wait learn the simple Way you can diversify with gold and put Yourself on the road to financial peace Of mind even in uncertain times the new Free 2023 gold guide from our friends at Gold Alliance can show you how just Visit Robert or call 1-800-473-4585 Republican governor and Conservative commentator Mike Huckabee Says gold Alliance is the only goal Provider he recommends to his friends And family find out why and visit Robert or call now at 1-800-473-4585

[Music] Feeling powerless over current events And your financial future Financial Freedom is your freedom Robert Kiyosaki Is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad over 40 million people have Taken Robert's advice now it's your turn Attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at don't wait access Is limited go to that's Rich Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about me once again this is the Emergency podcast number four please go Into our archives and listen to one two Three and now it's four Because it's all coming down fast right Now it's going faster like the toilet Paper roll it's going faster and faster And faster and just yesterday I was Talking to Andy about France joining China I mean uh France now working with China That's one of our biggest trading Partners saying screw you us we're going To deal with China in Chinese currency Not the US dollar the average American Has no idea what that means so one of The reasons we archive our programs at is so you can listen to Again and then discuss listen to it Again and discuss and you'll learn more

And more about what's going on the macro Macro world of money So again we have friends working with China and a full disclosure I deal with Andy schechman president of Miles Franklin precious metals number one is He can supply not everybody can supply Today because supplies are running short You know gold and silver are pouring out Of the doors and the mints right now But not only that Andy has the big macro Picture of what's going on some of the Gold dealers I deal with They may have some gold but they don't Have the big picture so I have full Disclosure that's why we deal with Andy So Andy again one one more time you talk About that game Jingo or something like That what does that mean people it's a Game where you you have a tower with Individual pieces and the object is to Pull pieces out and not be the one to Make the whole power Fall one by one Right so France France is one of those Pieces coming out now correct A big piece and it's wobbling since our Last meeting there have been so many Things that have happened I'd like to Touch on a couple of them because You mentioned macro to me everything is Macro yeah it's not about why it's not About what coins to buy it's about why Do you need to own it it's not about Buying a new fancy car or a new car it's

About why do you have to you come to Grips with the realization I need to buy A car picking out the making the model Is the fun part but the macro is why do I need it what's the big picture when we Talk about a big picture just in the Last 10 days or so there's been a dozen Or more things that have happened that Are all making the rolls spin faster I'm Just going to read a few of them here to You Saudi Arabia enters trade alliance With China Russia India and Pakistan and Four Central Asian Nations to step Further away from Reliance on the US Dollar number one we talked about China And France complete first liquid natural Gas trade using Yuan ending the Reliance On the US dollar number two China and Brazil have settled their trades in Their own currencies ditching the US Dollar number three Brazil is the the Second largest exporter of corn in the World we've talked a lot about the this New brics currency but there's Russia State Duma Deputy Deputy chairman Babakoff says that the brics reserve Currency will be backed by gold and Other Commodities such as rare Earth Elements and it's interesting the President of um Uh what does nadudu the President of Indonesia an OPEC country said we need To by the way create an OPEC style Cartel for these rare earth metals

That's really something that the West Hasn't thought out too well when they're Talking about going green we talked About the Kenyan deal with with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Where they're going to use Kenyan Shillings instead of dollars and their President telling everyone get out of Dollars or you're going to go broke Things will be different in a few weeks There was a meeting of the association Of the Southwest Asian Nations that Talked about dropping the dollar the Euro the Yen and the pound for local Currency Financial settlements now Remember this is all in one week we got Another report that India is to settle Trade in rupees with countries that Instead of US Dollars Um and and trade in rupees with Countries that are facing currency Failure or have dollar shortage another Piece out of the Jenga Tower Uh we got news that in Brazil the the Chinese Yuan has surpassed the Euro as Brazil's second largest International Reserve currency starting to speed up we Find out that Saudi Arabia joined the Shanghai cooperation organization and to Me what is most relevant about that is That they are a military cooperation uh Organization as well so on one hand the Day we left Afghanistan they signed this Deal with Russia and on the other hand

Now with China they're being protected In essence by Russia and China they are In a game of chess they are they're Getting into into place to have all of Their angles covered and and so the Playground is ganging up against the Bully which is the U.S absolutely and Then the last piece of the puzzle was Not only talked about the the OPEC style Cartel he publicly said that these Partners in this this group that is Looking to dump dollars in favor of Local currencies needs to drop Western Payment systems like visa and MasterCard And start using locally developed Systems arguing that the region needs to Shield itself from possible geopolitical Repercussions and and they he used the Sanctions on Russia with visa and MasterCard as as as his impetus for Saying this so on one hand the world is Moving away from our bullying and Hypocrisy and on the other hand China And the rest of these countries in the Belt Road and and on the Shanghai Cooperation organization the word being Cooperative Are trying to use peaceful modernization Apply to sustainable development they Are trying to bring all of these Countries together and unify them under This this guise of unification uh and Against the west and like we talked About last time there are now embassies

That are going to be put into Iran and Saudi Arabia these two countries who Have hated each other Sunni and Shiite Are joining under a peaceful Sustainable agreement against the West So what does it mean to all of us it's What I've been saying for a very long Time you know all of a sudden you've got Everyone talking about this including Fox and CNN and a lot of the Commentators in our space who weren't Talking about it now are that's true I'm Happy for that but what they're all Missing is what happens when the switch Is flipped you know you talk about the Fact that I can deliver another part of My message over the last three years has Been this industry will ultimately Define Itself by the inability to Source Product Because let's let's be honest you know Robert you have a very large following Three four five million people on your On your YouTube channel and they're Enlightened and and they're aware but That represents but it varies a tiny Minority of the people in this country As you said in your show the conference The other day people cannot get out of The way of what they don't see coming Amen and people don't see this coming And what will happen when the Awakening Comes is that they'll realize where the Hell do I put my money in a system where

Interest rates now are massively spiking Because the dollar has been dumped and It creates this tsunami of inflation What happens to the dollar The dollar collapses interest rates Spike in everything that makes us feel Wealthy is inversely correlated to that Event so where do you go and the smart Money understands that it's gold and Silver do you think there's any reason Why the central banks have bought the Second most amount of gold in history Last year The second the most since 1967 why in January those numbers are up 196 percent From December doubling down their Efforts month over month because they See what's coming there should be no Surprise that the comex and the lbma the Centers for the big centers for Supply Are being drained dried before this Moment happens yes I can deliver now but Ultimately I am very convinced that it Will Define this industry the inability To Source anything Because the world will wake up all at Once after it's too late so so so let me Explain from a macro macro on this whole Thing like I said we had three days and I forgot to to let people know When you study a subject you want to go From the biggest picture of all But our academic systems start small and Goes smaller so they teach you to be a

Little mouse and then bury a little hole So you go you become a doctor and you Become more specialized But you think you're smart and that's Why Our account our CPA in the room tell Them we already says his wife refuses to Work with dollars I mean we're doctors Because they go from small to smaller And I'm starting from the biggest Possible so what Andy is talking about Here there's two basic laws that are Value violated when Nixon in 781 took The dollar off the gold standard What happened was that he violated Gresham's law and gresham's law says When bad money enters a system good Money goes into hiding so in what Happened in 70 to 71 Nixon took the Dollar off the gold standard people Started you know guys like me started Buying more gold The second law is triffin's dilemma and That happened in 1944 what happened in 1944 at the Bretton Woods agreement in New Hampshire is the world said that we Agree that the world would trade in U.S Dollars And everything was hunky-dory and fine After 1944. But now the Bretton Woods agreement is Falling apart because trifant dilemma Says that this is the big point that Andy woke me up to

Dilemma meant the U.S had to supply Dollars to every Central Bank throughout The world So we have to print not probably Quadrillions of dollars and what happens Is is when the when the playground Bullied the U.S and the brics Nations Gang up against the bully they say take Your dollars back and when those dollars Come roaring back into America we have a Thing called hyperinflation and every Time there's hyperinflation guess what Happens dictators arise and when Dictators arise the murder starts so so Andy gave me one of my most precious Gifts is ever again it's like those Posters hanging behind them was Executive order You know an executive order we talked About we had General Jack Bergman at our Three-day in in Scottsdale An executive one he's a congressman he And I were both pilots in the Marine Corps he became a three-star General now He's a congressman what an executive Order means it's a dictatorship you Don't need the Congress or the Senate to Change anything they just eow it Executive order it so now we're a Dictator and please see what I'm saying That's when the murder ring starts there Was a woman there I didn't have a chance To bring her up but she's some loud Cambodia and she saw her sister raped

And murdered by Pol Pot But that's what happens when the economy Crashes so trifling's dilemma violates Britain's the Bretton Woods 1944 And trillions of dollars will come Floating back across America And inflict we haven't seen inflation Yet is that what you were telling me That's exactly it Robert I couldn't have Said it any better that's exactly it and So you have a lot of people giving their Synopsis of what they believed the Future will look like within a bubble Assuming that we still are the world Reserve currency But if you just take a step back and Look what see what's happening Objectively you can see that these Alliances are being made to ultimately Challenge the dollar for that right and It's as simple as the rest of the world Not needing to hold dollars to buy oil Anymore they will be dumped and they Will create massive inflation and the Byproduct of that is spiked interest Rates and when you look at the idiocy of All of the policy decisions that keep Being made over and over and over again Both inside the country and outside the Country you have to wonder was this done Intentionally because they realize we're Backed against the law you know they Talk about this quantitative tightening To normalize their balance sheets so

That foreigners won't have to accept Inflated dollars Right but it started to break the Banking system we saw that and so now in The last three weeks or so They have erased two-thirds of all the Quantitative tightening Over the last 11 months in three weeks They can't tighten they can't normalize They are going to have to inflate or Default so they've chosen inflation We're back to quantitative easing again To bail out the banks under the table We're easing the rest of the world at Some point says why do I want to sell You our oil or anything that we produce For these dollars that are becoming Worth less And when the brics Nations tell us that Our new system will be pegged to Commodities and I believe it will be Using the blockchain or distributed Ledger technology you call it the Auditor blockchain is the auditor for The world to see what has been pegged Backing this new system of transparency And of Commodities back to a system that Creates a a value the dollar used to be Backed by gold it had a value it was as Good as gold that's what they will Attempt to do and do it the right way by Pegging what every country pledges to to Distribute Ledger technology on the Heels I believe of the digital Yuan

Which they will roll out for the new Brick settlement system it's coming and That is the scariest Thought of all is what does it mean when That happens you know Jim Rickards who Talked at your show made a very Interesting point about how the banking Problems happened on a Sunday night I've Always said that's the way it's going to Happen you'll wake up Monday morning and It will be oh my God what just happened Because in the middle of the night while We're all sleeping all of the the all of The OPEC members who are all on the Belt Road initiative they'll stand arm and Arms say we've decided to now take the New we're going to take the Yuan until The new brics currency is out or Whatever they say Those dollars will start flooding home Before we even wake up and will wake up To interest rates spiking and markets Limit down and and the whole system in Chaos you have to be proactive to this And when you see our allies like France Breaking ranks and quietly slowly Backing out of the room It should be a massive wake-up call to Everybody that this is accelerating in Pace when our own allies are saying you Know what we have to protect our own Interests as well so let's go let's go Macro macro one more time yesterday I Was thinking at the Biltmore shopping

Center talking to Andy because he was he Says hey did you see France and China Said no I didn't pay attention to that Well we're talking about the ripple Effect of what what's going to happen And then there's a there's a video or YouTube thing put up by Ray dalio it's Called The Changing world order that is Macro macro macro and the so that's what Delio writes about and he says that So after what happened after 1944 there Was a period of Peace because people Said oh America won World War II we're Now the Global Currency the power Shifter from from Dutch to England to The United States in 1944 we became the Reserve currency which when tripling Salama kicked in trillions and probably Quadrillions of dollars went out and it Turning changing while War orders is What dalio says the next thing that Always happens is that then the peace Goes to a split inside the country so The Civil War inside the country between The rich and the poor happens all the Time but then he also says what also Happens is then we go to war with Outside the country so that's China Today and then I was talking to Andy About my teacher Buckminster Foley he Called it the Northwest spiral and he Said civilization always goes in a Northwest spiral so we're talking about It at the three day in Scottsdale here

It starts in Singapore I mean in Singapore Thailand area And it goes uh Northwest so it went from There to France to Germany to England to The United States to Japan and now it's In China So what that means is that with the Northwest spiral War is going to be inevitable One way or the other So it's what that's why Andy called just Saying France and France now joined China France was one of our best allies ever So again it's this laws are being broken And the macro macro level number one Number one is triffin's dilemma we have To flood the world with dollars the Second is gresham's law is that when bad Money entered the system which happened In 1971 but when Nixon's adult the gold Standard we flooded the world even more Fake dollars and South Africa which says Savers or losers the rich don't work for Money the work work for assets And the best assets today at commodity Is I saw my friend Greg Jaggers Is raising waigu cattle The mother friend Mike Maselli produces Real oil not oil stocks but real oil and The people who are producing real food Will do well So that's what we're getting at out of

All this chaos and the dollar going bad The dollar is going to come back in Trillions Hyperinflation War breaks out starvation Increases the question is what do you do So that's why Andy called me yesterday So France and China got together that's Why with emergency podcast number four So any any recommendations what a person Can do besides go on suicide watch now Well yeah real quick you know the more I Started to research bug Mr Fuller and And his ripple effect were the Northwest Spiral Spiral if you know if you look at Where the the cradle of civilization and It has it spun this way and and my Question to you is what happens when it Goes past us and now moving back towards Asia again and and that's we're left in The wake of the chaos and I think it's Happening and and the ripple effect what Was the stone that created the Ripple Right so mad what Fuller said he says Once it gets back to China or the Asia Like Thailand there in Singapore area We enter the new age of integrity He says what will happen for those who Get the message and to the new age of Integrity He didn't say it directly but that's Singapore you ever been to Singapore you Break me of the rules You know Laughing with Veronica tan who was

Success resources out of Singapore was The first people they ever talked about Rich Dad it's the first place we ever Played the cash flow board game where Entering the age of integrity and and in Singapore you cannot chew gum and you Cannot pee on the streets You know you don't you don't tag you Don't put you know they take you to jail So the age of Integrity is you'd better Obey the Raw And that's where it's going to go Because rule breaking has been the norm Now You know they put spray paint everywhere Now break Windows you're supposed to fix The window as soon as they're broken But that's the age of integrity and That's why we're going to smaller groups Like I don't hang out with people who Like cheat and steal that is not worth Hanging out with them Well that's why Andy that's why I say I Buy from Andy sheckman for two reasons Number one he can supply but he knows His macro And so when you're moving forward right Now you better know who you're doing Business with Does that make sense to you Andy it does Counterparty risk I think will be the Buzzword in the near future with the Systemic nature of things with the Quadrillion dollars in derivatives that

Have created a massive amount of Counterparty liability it's a bit it's a Very big deal and that's one reason I Like gold and silver so much Robert is Because it removes counterparty Liability they are assets that are not Simultaneously someone else's liability And one other thing that that Unexplained counterparty because people Get confused about that Let's say you have a friend or a Brother-in-law let's say he's a drug Addict and unemployed And you lend him a hundred thousand Dollars The counterparty at risk is your Brother-in-law is a drug addict and Unemployed And that's a lot of times where you got To be reasonable gold and silver it Stands all alone by itself but not gold And silver ETFs SLV or GLT I want nothing paper so The reason I buy physical from Andy Scheckman miles Franklin precious metals It's a moment that gold or silver coin Or bars in my hand it's mine there's Nobody else that counterparted to that You know that's not somebody else I'm Depending upon like if I have an SLV Which is silver ETF I've got a control On the guy who produces that s that s That's being administrated by the Biggest crook of all JP Morgan HSBC Bank

For GLD your counterparty risk if you Look at it rationally is extraordinary With those two funds you're right and The governments around the world are not Buying ETFs with gold in them they're Buying physical gold right right Completely The only other thing that really blew my Mind in in listening to the teachings of Fuller was the ripple effect and it Makes such great sense that this is a Law of nature you drop a stone in the Water and there's a ripple effect or in My case you hit a golf ball in the water Here there is a ripple effect so What was the stone that what you could Think of several stones to me it was the Weaponizing of the dollar which created This massive ripple effect where the Rest of the world says if they can do That to Russia if they can kick them out What does that mean to us and this has Accentuated and and sped up this process Of dedolarization and even the president Of France said what did he say he's Concerned about the weaponization of the West where they can sanction Banks French banks not just China or Russia or Saudi Arabia but our own allies we will Use it against them so this Weaponization that we have done Against the world is creating a massive Ripple effect and this is and this is my Ripple effect because in 1971 I was a

Pilot in Vietnam flying with the Marine Corps and that's when Nixon took the Dollar off the gold standard and that's When I blew off my carrier I'm U.S Marine went Behind Enemy Lines and Bought my first gold Because you you know when they took the Dollar off the gold standard Nixon did In 781 it became fake money And that's when I started buying gold And silver I still have that gold and That gold coin I bought But I don't store it in the US also I'm Gonna tell you where I stole it not that Silly definitely not stolen not stored In my house But ladies and gentlemen is that if you Don't trust your money that's the Problem And the world is now waking up that they Don't trust the money but worst of all Tripping dilemma is going to kick in in Trillions of dollars will come washing Back on our shore and you're going to See hyperinflation like you've never Seen before because I hope I'm wrong no Yeah I don't think you are and that's Exactly the whole thing in a nutshell What happens when that happens what does That dilemma really look like wait wait It always it always historically this is Ray Daley who's a changing World Order Leads to internal conflict and external Conflict always always throughout

History five thousand years of History It happens every single time but in in History you never had the massive Leverage that you have right now the Leverage will this entire system In this country that's the scary part And when you talk about conflict inside When everyone loses everything they've Got nothing to lose and that's when it Gets really frightening and maybe that's Why several years years ago the social Media Administration that was the Emergency podcast number three you might Be prepared but if your neighbor isn't Prepared you'll have visitors right and Why did Social Security Administration Load up on AR-15s and and ammunition and And why did the uh you know why why is This being done at the unemployment Agencies and and all of these government Agencies that are buying and and arming Themselves are they expecting some form Of of uh of social uh pushback or I don't know it's just I think that that Type of of of a frightening scenario is Real again so let me say that that's Ray Dalius called The Changing world order It's about an hour-long video is well Done lots of pictures and graphs Explaining because this has happened Before And that's why you can't see the future Unless you understand history And that's part of all the Northwest

Spiral that Buckminster Fuller talked About it's now today or the jynga game Or the toilet paper roll is now exposed Hey Andy I want to thank you you know We're out of time but this is the Emergency podcast number four please Listen to one two three and four so Thank you my friend it's really been Exciting working with you because we Always talk about it we've lost a lot of Friends because we kept trying to warn People and say what everything is fine Yeah but the toilet paper is getting Close to the roll Thank you Robert I appreciate it it's uh It's it's a it's a pure joy I look Forward to chatting with you again and Picking up where we left off and it's Great to be able to get get the message Out there I hope it I hope people are Listening and and doing the research for Themselves and seeing what's really Coming I think if you look at it with an Open mind it's pretty hard to come to Any other conclusion but that we better Get out of the way of what is coming and At least they'll be able to see what's Coming so yesterday Andy and I are Working on the solution we talk about The problem what's the solution so Andy Are going to start working on a book Together And you know it's everything is fake Right now this fake gold fake silver

Fake real estate when you want to when You think about that You won't be able to put down this book Anyway Andy it's nice working on a Project that enlightens the world so Thank you Dad Radio Show I'll be right Back thank you [Music] Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki I want to Thank Andy sheckman this is emergency Podcast number four please go to our Archives at listen to One two three and four because they're All different So I want to thank Andy scheckman for us Spreading the alarm this is as fast as People were here and again yesterday I Was at the shopping center And he calls up you see France and China Got together go what does that mean And we I sat in the In the shopping center for a couple of Hours just talking about what it is so That's what we decided to do to Rich Dad Emergency podcast number four with Andy Scheckman so Sarah what did you think Yeah I think that I think For um I think it was like Midway we Talked about if all of those dollars Start coming back to the U.S that's Truffman's dilemma hyperinflation hyper And I can't I can't stop but thinking About what's the wheelbarrow money you Know like they stole the wheelbarrow but

Left the cash that's in our future That's a real possibility in the United States correct cash is trash I've I've Been saying that for years Andy and I Have talked about how we lose friends Because I said what do you mean you know Don't fight the fed the feds on your Side But I think that's the emergency podcast Number two It's about what's happening with the fed And the treasury and Janet Yellen who's A treasure secret he used to be the FED Chairman that's called collusion it's Supposed to be separation And we also talked about earlier with George Gammon on the regular Rich dads Show what happens if we go to Fed Now Versus fed coin or cbdc Central Bank Digital currency so what I'm looking at Right now is Ray Delia the changing World order I hate to say this and I Hope I'm wrong it's the end of the American Empire it happens all the time And it doesn't happen peacefully Anything else you want to say sir just Like just a question something that just Keeps going back You know in my mind is Is it too late to stop I mean are we on This train that's that's a great Question because Andy am I talking about Yesterday what we're talking about Buckman's affili talking about the

Northwest right What fully was saying in our history is Wrong it's a lie history is his story And there was and even um what's his Name Jim Rickers talks about the Bronze Age and people who wrote the history say The bronze started in Europe And what Bucky Fuller is saying it Started in Asia near Thailand But he also the Hope and Dreams are the New age of Integrity will begin and that Singapore where you'd better abide by The rules and the law but that's why Blockchain is coming in and crypto and All this stuff you want to break the law They're going to track you so if they go To a central bank digital currency or Fed coin that's Orwell George Orwell 1984. big brother will watch you so I Don't like it but maybe we do need some More Integrity well and maybe this is I Mean I know the great reset you know but Maybe this this train we're on maybe This this leads us to the new Empire and What what does that look like but that's What Ray Dalia again it's called a Changing World Order go to YouTube study That really is well done But there's always violence and there's A woman at the the three-day event here In Scottsdale she saw her sister raped And murdered and that's what happens When civil order breaks down so what Dally was saying there's a piece after

1944 there was some peace with the Bretton Woods agreement But then what happened the gap between Rich and poor grows and then the Fighting turns out internally in the Next War goes external and that's Probably China I hope I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong but I'm paying attention to it All so I want to thank you all for Listening to the Rich Dad Radio Show Again this is emergency podcast number Four all of our Park podcasts are Archive that Rich Dad The four emergency podcasts are Extremely different all with Andy but He's talking about that toilet paper Roll getting down to the roll So listen to this get your friends and Family listen together and discuss it of Course there will be people who won't Believe a word we're said But that's the presidency podcast number Three Is that you may be prepared but if your Friends and family aren't you'll have Visitors anyway thank you for listening To the Rich Dad radio program emergency Podcast number four with Andy Sheckler

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