Finance Pro Reacts to Investing Advice on TikTok (FUNNY)

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Hey everybody welcome back to wayport Finance my name is Marco and I'm here to Help you master your money and build Your wealth the reason I have a smile on My face is because I wanted to lighten Up the mood a little bit the last few Videos we've been doing have been Primarily macro focused uh we've been Talking about cbdc's Petro Yuan Petro Dollar Bank collapses all that stuff so What I wanted to do is uh my research Analyst and I we compiled a bunch of uh Terrible Financial advice from Tick Tock YouTube shorts and reels and we're going To break down a couple of these and Explain why you know a lot of this stuff Just doesn't make sense it's not to make Fun of anybody in these videos I think Uh I think most people know that it's Terrible advice to begin with but I Wanted to take it a step further and Just kind of educate people and see why Some of this stuff doesn't make sense so I'm going to slap on the headphones a Lot of these are coming from my buddy Who runs the tick tock investors account On Twitter he doesn't even know I'm Making this video I'm not gonna say his Real name but he's a good dude and go Follow him if you don't already he has a Ton of funny stuff let's get into it Would you rather have an A50 credit card Credit scores right now or 4K a week for The rest of your life

850 credit score that's easy why because You can easily get the money off the Credit you can literally go and apply For any any and every credit card Knowing the man and they would give you Over two million dollars within a day oh My God any credit card known a man you Can get over 2 million Increase that one time and that way it Only counted as one inquiry for each Different credit bureau [Music] Okay okay so a lot of things wrong with That uh she's basically asking him would You rather have an 850 credit score you Know perfect credit would you rather Have two million dollars right now you Know in cash or instantly wired to you Or would you have four thousand dollars For the rest of your life you know paid Out every week okay so this guy goes Super confidently goes yo that's easy 850 credit score right because then you Can just you know pull out the credit Take on debt and each credit card is Just going to give you two million Dollars straight off the rip right so Obviously that's not true most credit Cards they start you at four or five Digits in a credit limit and if you show That you're a good credit score and you Show that you're a loyal customer AKA Paying back your debts you can then ask For increases okay unless you're a super

High net worth or you have a business Line of credit no one's giving you two Million bucks right so that's the first Thing wrong with this the second thing Is I want to break this down just a Little bit further if we go to Um Google and we ask it hey you know What's the average lifespan in the United States it's 77.28 years so we're Actually going to figure out if the two Million dollars straight up right now or The four grand a week for the rest of Your life makes more sense so if we know That the average lifespan let's just say It's 77.28 years I'm going to go into Here do 77.28 the girl in the video said The rest of your life so let's just Pretend that gentleman is 30 years old For easy numbers that leaves us with 47.28 years for the rest of his life Times 52 weeks a year that gives us 2 458 weeks for the rest of his life times Four thousand dollars that gives us nine Million eight hundred thirty four Thousand two hundred and forty dollars So most of you are thinking well that's A no-brainer that's way more than two Million bucks right you know I'm going To take that you know four grand for the Rest of my life but what a lot of people Don't think about is what we've talked On this channel is inflation okay and We'll see why this doesn't make sense so If we go into a net present value

Calculator let's say the future value uh This gentleman does opt for the four Grand and he gets nine million eight Hundred thirty four thousand two hundred Forty over the rest of his life but Inflation let's just say is three point Five percent uh for the next 47 years Right right so if we calculate the Net Present Value you'd actually be Surprised to see that actually comes out To less than two million dollars it Comes out to 1.95 million if that Inflation rate is correct uh if Inflation is closer to three percent you Can see that that decision makes sense Because he's making about uh four Hundred thousand dollars more he's Walking away 2.4 million so this is why You need to account for inflation and This is why taking the lump sum may Actually make sense if inflation is high Over the course of a long period of time Please [Music] Okay let's get into the next one how About these Rising interest rates it's Crazy it's making it tough for people to Buy houses well yeah it's always Confusing to me because if the interest Rates are rising But it's tougher to buy a house does That mean that so many people are more Interested in a house and so that's why It's harder to buy a house how do they

Even determine Interest rates like how many people are Interested I think the FED does it right Yeah do they do a survey They don't ask they just tell us what's Up I've never been asked no I wouldn't Even know what to say I'd be super Confused yeah He goes I've never been asked So they're talking about the FED funds Rate so these dudes are thinking like Interest rates He goes is it a survey I've never been asked I would even know What to say like am I interested in a House he's talking about uh interest Rates aka the FED funds rate which we've Been talking about on this channel for a Long time so this is straight off the New York fed's website uh the federal Funds Market consists of domestic Unsecured borrowings and US Dollars by Depository institutions AKA commercial Banks essentially from other depository Institutions and certain other entities Primarily government-sponsored Enterprises so uh these two dudes they Thought they were talking about if People are interested in buying a house He's thinking of it as like a demand Survey right yeah definitely not the Case Okay so these two this is one of The first tick tocks that started uh Tick Tock investors account because this

Is so bad and of course he's got the Ohio State hoodie on classic Um also just watch this girl's eyes in The video please it's like straight up Grifter eyes just watch Make money from home for starters this Is not a sponsored video we just get This question all the time and honestly The answer is really simple so basically I just trade stocks on an app called Robinhood which I left a link in our bio If you want to check it out it's free to Download free to sign up they actually Give you a free stock yeah they're Paying you to sign up but again not Sponsored and I know trading sounds Intimidating here's my strategy in a Nutshell I see a stock going up and I Buy it and I just watch it until it Stops going up and then I sell it and I Do that over and over and it pays for Our whole lifestyle Um if you're wondering how much you can Make doing this and this month I turned About 400 into 14 000 and in this month I turned less than a thousand into Twenty thousand and honestly my favorite Part about this isn't even the amount of Money you can make but just the fact That we don't have to go to a nine to Five job yeah we can focus on things That we actually enjoy doing so if you Have friends that like want to make Money from home you can tag them or send

Them a link or if you make money this Way share it in the comments so other People know like there's more people Doing this now Dude so simple all you have to do guys This is so easy I'm such an idiot I Can't believe I went to college and got A finance degree all you need to do is Watch the stock like you buy it low and Then you wait till it goes higher and Then you sell it high So this is this is the problem with Stuff like this you guys they have like The way they talk to you is so Disingenuous it's so like uh you know It's it's pretty you know we just wish More people knew about this like you Know we we don't have to go to a nine to Five I just buy it when it's low and I Sell it high it's you know it's a really Simple app you can get free stocks down Below you know not an affiliate link or Anything like that right uh so yeah That's the problem with stuff like this You guys it's people that don't that Generally don't know about you know uh Investing trading whatever Um I'll be the first one to tell you I Don't trade you know I do maybe some Swing trades you know momentum trades But I'm a Buy and Hold investor that's Just how I'm programmed Um but for people that are looking to Get rich quick or people people that

Feel disenfranchised they genuinely Believe stuff like this is like good Advice like oh okay like I just buy it Low and I sell it High duh I'm gonna go Start my hedge fund tomorrow right All right let's get into the next one I Got a cheat code right now if you have 250 in your bank account go buy a stock Tomorrow it's the stock market so low Right now that it's buy season like this Is where you get rich right here this is When people are like damn I should have Bought Amazon or damn I should have Bought out tell them the price of Amazon Stuff right now things are like eighty Nine dollars in a share 89 Bro just grab a quick tent just grab a Quick tent so the reason this is funny Uh not just because it's it's it's Incredibly stupid it's funny because This dude doesn't even know that uh Amazon went through a 20 to one stock Split so on June 6 2022 Amazon went to a 20 to 1 stock split so if you don't know What a stock split is is picture a pizza And say there's one slice right you own One share of Amazon you have one uh Pizza there's no slices it's just a Whole circle now divide that by 20. you Now have 20 slices okay you get 19 Additional uh pieces of pizza if you Will the market cap of the company Doesn't change so the reason the stock Went from like twenty four hundred

Dollars which you can see in this Article right here it basically went From 2447 to roughly 122 and yes 89 was low And if you bought it you know 89 and it Went up to 122 great but that's because It dropped after it went after the stock Split now it's somewhere right around 100 something bucks a share again but The funny part is this dude actually Thought that Amazon went from 2447 or 2 400 in his words uh losing 99.9 percent of its value going all the Way down to 122 or share right no that Happened because it was a stock split Okay all right let's get into the last One here and you don't pay the debt Collectors which by the way to the Audience you should never pay a debt Collector because that doesn't belong to You it belongs let me explain this to You if IO Amex a thousand dollars and I Say I refuse to pay you right and they Sell my debt to ABC debt collections Company LLC that doesn't belong to James Chang anymore so that belongs to ABC Debt collection why should I pay a debt That doesn't even belong to me anymore Most people get scared if you don't pay We're gonna go under show it they get Scared no no it's against the fair debt Collection practices that you don't have To pay debt collectors And you don't pay the debt the guy goes

Oh wow uh so I worked as a credit Analyst at a publicly traded bank here In Cleveland so Um but not only did we analyze Individuals credit reports we can see Literally everything the cars they own Their car payments you know houses Mortgages all that stuff not only could I see all that on an individual level I Could see everything from the business Level as well because we're rating for Business uh credit uh to see if they're Worthy to be lended to right credit Worthiness so Um what everything this guy is saying so I'm not a debt collector I've never Worked in uh debt uh collections I've Never worked in improving people's Credit scores or negotiating to get them A debt payment plan or anything like That so I'm not going to pretend like I'm an expert in that however what I can Tell you is if you take out debt and you Don't pay it back your credit score is Smoked okay especially if you claim you Know certain types of bankruptcy and Things like that so my point is in the United States your credit score is Everything okay it can save you tens of Thousands if not hundreds of thousands Of dollars in interest on mortgages on Business loans on if you're borrowing For assets for a business for example Because you're getting better rates the

More credit worthy you are the higher Credit score the lower risk you are to Potential lenders meaning that they can They can offer you a lower interest rate On the debt that you are borrowing from Them so my point is is that advice like This especially with dudes that have Um Diamond neck tattoos kind kind of a Sick fade not gonna lie but uh Diamond Neck tattoos you may want to tread Carefully getting advice from these People Okay so a little bit different than what We normally do on this channel but I Wanted to switch it up we have way more Of these I try to incorporate ones that Are just blatantly bad with some that Are can be perceived as okay but they Didn't kind of debunk them and then also I like the ones where it gives you Different options kind of like oh if you Win the lottery you know would you take The lump sum would you take the Installments would you take the payments Things like that so I think I've tried I Tried to incorporate a little bit of Education with a little bit of humor but Some of this stuff is just straight up Bad you guys again just Caveat Emptor Buyer beware be careful who you're Getting your not Financial advice from Especially on the Internet thanks for Watching and have a prosperous day hello Yeah hey can you hear me

Yeah okay kind of cut off for a sec okay So here I'm doing an experiment this is For my channel okay so I'm I'm reviewing Like ridiculously bad Finance tick tocks Okay so if you could have I'm just gonna Repeat I'm just gonna repeat what the Tick tock was if you could have an 850 Credit score two million dollars cash Right now instantly or four thousand Dollars uh for the every week for the Rest of your life which one would you Take I take the uh That's a good question so You said 850 credit score and two Million no no no no no no it's three Options 850 credit score just have a 850 Credit score two million dollars or four Grand a week for the rest of your life All right no no 850 credit score that's Full that's so far is completely so you Know if you use that new content um the Two million uh if I could get that now And invest it to get the same rate of Return as like four grand and yes but I Would basically probably I think I'd Probably use that Yeah that's a good question you know What if it see that that's that's hard The dude in The Tick Tock said 850 Credit score he said that's easy I've Taken the 850 credit score Uh you got to be serious oh my God no That is ridiculous

Um I would and this is where I'd have to Literally talk to my financial advisor AKA you uh it'd probably be if I could Use that 2 million somehow and I'd Probably go with that good answer Excellent answer yeah I can tell that You're my brother-in-law and I've Treated I've taught you well Um yeah okay the last option would be to Take the 850 credit score take the Foreground over the agency press on top Of that okay well you'll see in the Video Um you made you made a good decision Um if you watch the video you'll see but Okay good stuff but you're not taking it You're not a minute you're not taking The 850 credit score right All right sounds good all right I'm Gonna put this in the video All right all right see you bro bye [Music] Foreign

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