ELON MUSK VS APPLE – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Elon versus Apple yeah what what's the Deal ah man so Elon Musk man it's Interesting right this is the wealthiest Man in the world where's the wealthiest Company in the world that's what that's What we're putting chat who's going to Win this war So uh he has said that Apple has Threatened to withhold Twitter from the App Store Um but they won't tell him why he's also Tweeted uh the Apple has mostly stopped Advertising on Twitter do they hate uh Free speech in America so those are the Two tweets that he put out Um I mean it's tough It's an interesting Thing right like he highlighted Apple But if you look out how many people have Stopped advertising or pause advertising With Twitter the list goes down pretty Long and it's interesting because There's one industry that sticks out When you talk about people that paused Or pulled advertising so Mercedes uh Benz uh McDonald's Chevrolet uh Chipotle Ford Jeep GM and General Mills have all Paused or pulled advertising on uh Twitter now it's interesting because Most of those are Auto industry Companies right but when you have Somebody who is in that field who was Leading it from the EV side I didn't even think about it but I'm

Like why would they put their Advertising on Twitter if the person That owns the company has something that Is competitive in the space Or if the platform is considered Unstable and allows allows on all the Activity which is a bad reflection of a Company of that scale Um yeah apple is always okay I was gonna Say that every every company has pretty Much took the stance that they um They're taking action against the social App over changes with the new ownership With offering uh any advice they're Saying that obviously some of the rules And regulations that they're putting in They have it they're waiting to see you Flushed out before they continue Advertising if they continue advertising Um the whenever before I get my answer On who I think will win this War I do Want to say I do think This is a real-time example of how how Hard entrepreneurship is I know everyone Thinks that entrepreneurship is sexy and The acquisition is was great Whatever your perspective was on that Like building a company Of immense value at scale is incredibly Hard I do love that he's sharing these Challenges that he is facing Um to choose to go to war with apple Will be a death sentence Um

Zuckerberg chose to wage war against Apple it is a war he has not won kudos To the entire staff at meta I will be There at 3 15 p.m with me in the Rebellion I appreciate you and prayer And I appreciate you guys for being at The show last night Um apple is not a Company or Empire that you are able to Face so I just thought like recently Watching you know House of dragon or Like Game of Thrones what's her name Khaleesi with the dragon Apple has 1 000 Dragon and the little zombie dude in the Middle of Siberia you cannot fight him So with him trying to run SpaceX Um Tesla all the other Ventures that he Has at one time this isn't the war that He wants to fight sometimes you have to Play nice to build your cash reserves to Then be able to make the moves that you Want to Apple's going to win this war Out right now and I know they talked About making a Tesla phone that's Something they should have did three or Four years ago when they had the idea to Do so I think it would be great if they Found a way for Twitter to have more Of an effective platform inside the cars But when you are down this much money And you don't have the staff to Build an amazing product And the acquisition alone was not a game

Changer you can't afford to go to war Okay this war is too costly His next tweet was the he had the car And the fork of the road where it was Like painted 30 fee or go to war and the Car swerving support to go to war The 30 fee we already saw that that's I Mean we saw what happened with epic Games right they said they tried to cite This is Monopoly we shouldn't do it Didn't really work out for them not not A world you want to fight and we've Already seen somebody fight the war so It's like why would we even battle the The Stance is going to be the stance Right 30 of nothing is going to be Nothing or you can have 30 and have Access to the entire world you gotta we Have to be like with that 30 percent Vids that they get like the mafia Apple In itself is an index line If I told you like every company on Earth that is Upscale pays me 30 why would you not Want to invest in me and epic games is a Better platform than Twitter If you go look at the growth of fortnite When they decided to break away from the App Store the popularity of the game has Went down You have to know when to fight an Empire When you have to say hey I'm not going To fight those dragons and Tim Cook and Uh Khaleesi and everyone else they have

No don't do it things later yes Yes so how do you think that this will End up you think uh Elon will just end Up falling back If if someone wants to say that they're Going to send a heat-seeking missile at Me I'm going to Bow he should do the Same you have to like honestly in any Competition you have to know who you can Defeat I mean who is better than you Going into the competition Um I like his honesty I do like some of The jokes that he tells on Twitter but It is a sign And I think he'll be able to figure it Out but maybe in three or four years Um Twitter is going to have to acquire Some of the and I've said this before I Love the tech space I popularized two Tattoo index strategy a lot of these Tech companies are not making anything That is like a lot of these are remixes Of Black Planet And AIM instant messenger from 2005. We haven't seen any immense Innovation Like even when he took over the first Cash flow idea which was not a horrible Idea I think it was executed poorly as You talked about last week was the Verified blue check No talks about making the platform Better and I know he's talking about Free Speech there's like a hundred black Content creators I can name right now

Talib kwali being one of them who's Still off the platform Who's still off the platform off Twitter Tell him quality is off Twitter Has been for a long time I think they Said they're going to start uh reissuing Re-reversing suspensions this week Trump Got back on and said I didn't want to be There I said one big teeth like he don't Want you well you got true social Well played got it on your on on your Truth no pun intended on your platform Yeah so like that goes against what Elon's saying right like if he's talking About Free Speech we're gonna have to Agree with this speech but The true social is an absolute Paul is An app in the app store fan base shout Out to fan base Can we get anyone on a legal side to Please comment on this and confirm this Free speech is only for private parties And in-house You there is no such thing as free Speech People take that one excerpt And think that you can say whatever you Want to speech costs What say what do you mean is that again There's a there's a price there's Limitations there's limit there's Limitations to free speech There's limitations to free speech Right people people can't State whatever

They want to you are able to say what You want to inside of your house or in Your place of business I'm a small group Of people you can't broad because Technically anything more than 50 people That's technically a broadcast well you Can say it but if if you're still in Somebody else's house right so you can Say whatever you want to say you're not Going to go to jail for it but you might Get kicked off of a platform because but That's the owner of the platform it Depends on it depends on what you say Right It depends you still have but you still Have free speech Right like you can't be like some Countries you could be jailed for Speaking Like you speak out against the Government you can actually get put in Jail Has been chasing going to jail for the Last nine years for the free speech that He put out And it was snowing he jammed up and uh Where's he at he's in the uh Embassy in Venezuela or something yeah And it's a few people who are some black Site I don't want to go to my little Blacklist thing but it's a few people You know I'm gonna sit down since you want to Have some little commentary let's put

You in this but I'm just saying so like Omar Johnson could pretty much say Whatever he wants to say right nobody's Gonna arrest him for saying it over to The right group He said it he's who has he not decided To he says it to everybody he speaks Freely You might not agree with it but he Speaks freely right Yeah you don't think so Is it is it so this is donations I like Umar but you can have Free Speech but There's consequences to the speech yeah Of course that's but that's life though Right right but some consequences it's Not consequences like What I'm trying to say is like you still Have the free the consequences are from The public sector not the government There's no concept like you're not going To get put in jail for talking about the President here no that's not true so you Have so it is true who gets put in jail For talking about Kanye went on top And look every cutting his water no he Leaked he leaked files that's different Bro he leaked classified files that's Completely different from going on Twitter and talking about Donald Trump They're not the same thing he leaked Thousands of files that's he compromised Government security I'm not saying what He did is right or wrong but I'm just

Saying what he did was actually a crime Against the United States of America he Didn't he didn't just he wasn't just Talking he leaked the files he did he Did it's documented there are three People I would never wish on Earth to Have as an animal Regardless Shout out to the 13 families that run That the Vatican and Bill Clinton You want to talk about people Who are elected to say things and as Jay Prince will say then you got selected I'm gonna leave it there I want to keep us on air but we can Bring keys on and have a nice little Keep it keep campaigning you don't get Elected that's what you're saying Okay Yes Charming guy Come on listen and once again for the Audience I don't do any of this for Conjecture thank God that I've mastered His skill set I don't have to be one of The people that does things for how I Don't do know how it takes my takes just Hot baby Is that again and Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Um Donald Trump television Donald Trump Won on National Television doing a Presidential debate and was talking About Bill Clinton cheating on on his Wife he said that to Hillary Clinton

That's one of the most disrespectful Things in American history He had no regard no care no cares in the World nothing was no nothing was going To stop him from saying that no nobody Nobody could have stopped him from Saying it listen Keon is asking me to Stop so I'm gonna stop you I'm gonna Listen to counsel but we can have this Conversation online all right we'll move On to this situation Um I like that [Music]

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