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[Music] Let's talk about Disney stock Um at one point you were you were a Disney stock Enthusiast I'm still a Disney stockholder no I understand that But I'm saying are you enthusiastic About the stock yeah you are Enthusiastic well because I'm doing it For long term so like when I did it so Why are you why are you enthusiastic for A long term it's the same it was the Same reasons then when we were in the Pandemic when I was talking about the Parks and I was talking about opening What I'm saying I'm talking about yeah I'm talking about the expansion with the Parks I was talking about streaming I Was talking about from a production Standpoint even if you look from The Hollywood Reporter right their movies Did 4 billion last year which is by far I mean it below every Studio They're on Pace they have potential to Do that every year just from a Production standpoint from the films but The expansion of streaming like I said I Think is is the biggest play here now They the Hulu piece they still they Haven't really gotten Comcast over Ownership just yet Um but the Fox Searchlight part of it Adds more catalog of content to the Bureau Um obviously we know from a licensing

Standpoint uh with with all their Characters They're in a position where they can Have money just generate and generate And generate now like we what we saw With during covid they the cruise ships Took a hit the parts took a hit Will that happen in 2025 probably not There probably won't be a world pandemic Lord willing there won't be but they Have the same thing that YouTube has and Which is why I love them their Population always gets younger and if Your population can always get younger You're always going to be in business Kids will always Have a face even in this era because if They don't acquire Mr Beast which Mr Beast May slowly be one of the people we Need to watch out for in terms of taking Something public in the next two years But if they're not acquiring a bunch of Those YouTube kids will they really give A damn about Beauty and the Beast and Well so that's the thing right that's Why you have to create newer content Right because Beauty and the Beast Doesn't mean like you can see it when if You look at the views for like when they Do these live productions of Beauty and The Beast or any of those like classical Disney stories like and shout out to her I thought it was great and the Little Mermaid was great too but people they're

Not really checking for it because those Stories don't resonate with a younger Pop this population so they have to Create so having that Pixar bag is Vitally important right because now you Can create new characters like I told my Son I said look you know Buzz Lightyear Didn't exist when I was a kid like he Came out when I was a teenager right Like that didn't exist these characters Are like they're out of somebody's mind Right like Monsters Inc didn't exist but Those characters exist in our kids world Right and so like as long as they have The creativity and they have the Production Studios to create and be Innovative they're gonna be great and Then Avatar too like if we're seeing What that's doing right now from just a A box over Smash and what they can do With that franchise and add it to the Parks as well there's just so many Things I think they can do from a Creative standpoint with content For my technicians if you draw your Fibonacci retracements put your 100 Level of top and zero at the bottom Um Disney was at uh 1.23 back in 1985 The high was 200 203 dollars and two set That was last year the 38 2 level which Is 74.69 if it breaks underneath that it's Going to have a little bit of trouble Um it really depends the survival the

Ability to survive during this recession And once again whatever's in between Recession and depression like that's What this category over the last four Years would be called when it's all said And done And it's going to depend on if they can Weather the storm Um I do think they have some great Assets but at the end of the day the Splits on Your net margin matters more than Anything Um the operating margin is too low and If we let's say we stay here for a Decade They're going to have a tougher time but If they break underneath 76 I'm going to Be a little bit worried overall I still Think it's a great company I don't think It's going to die in the next five years But I think we are going to start to see Some of these generational companies Um slowly Decay they'll be around but They won't have the impact they did Um I'm really interested seeing what his Plan is Especially over the first 90 days when He comes back and that will be the Telltale sign on what they'll be able to Do but they have to cut costs like crazy And they have to get these margins to be A hell of a lot better yeah and I think His succession plan is important

Right because like he's coming back on An intern basis and so The one of the caveats of him coming Back was to train the next person he's Only going to be doing this for two Years he came back out of retirement to Right the ship again but also train the Next person so that's important too we We just saw like obviously when you Brought up the WWE what having Leadership come back can look like and What it can do for a stock so that's Important too I'll take if if Disney Falls to 59 bucks they really should consider Selling to Apple Something I was gonna say what if they Get acquired yeah some of these Companies are gonna have to consolidate Not happening um yeah because of uh Restrictions from the government but What besides that why do you think it Wouldn't happen I mean it's already Pre-existing relationship there every Year Disney puts out a letter saying That they're not going to sell that yeah Disney I think Disney Is One of these companies it's American Culture what do you think about Disney It's a staple in in the world so it was A clan they were not as popular as they Used to be either Can you name all nine members of the

Wu-Tang Clan I can't only one I really like was meth And ghosts You didn't like Raekwon what he was Solid what It's solid oh man he just didn't do it For me don't I don't want no smoke Either right here Right I'll pull up on you gotta show That dude man It's just not what I what I listen to Shout out don't say you don't get enough Credit for giving up that blueprint for Just blazing Kanye too and Bing What blueprint are you referring to that That sample heavy based sped up sample Ghostface or Rizza Ghostface was like doing that early on You don't think blueprints sounded like Ghostface remix a little bit I've never heard which which was good Which album I have to listen yeah Iron Man what you talking about fish scale Which one let me see let me see let me Let me go back Hit the like button let's get this bad Boy up to 6 000 people remember when They did investing takes to not rap come Here to hear that One thing that one thing that is very True you have to you have to skew y'all Now you have to ask you young um cousin My boy Jess yup shout out to Jess no Business can survive if they don't skew

Young No musician skewing young is the key That's hip-hop music if you think about It right hip hop music has been able to Skew young this is why jazz Is almost Irrelevant at this point unfortunately Because Jazz wasn't able to skew young The blues wasn't able to secure young Even rock and roll after a certain point And lost his ability to secure Young There's only going to be so many people That's going to watch The Grateful Dead When they're 90 years old they try Um but hip-hop music has been able to Skew young not always the most Productive thing no but that's a Different conversation but you have to If if you're an entrepreneur or if You're a personality or if you're an Artist You have to find ways to skew Young Very important extremely important all Right let's talk about Bed Bath and Beyond Bed Bath and Beyond the store I'm sure You're all very familiar with it I'm Sure you all probably shop this you got Your coupons in the mail Um their stock is at 1.60 yeah now it's 52 week high was thirty dollars Thirty It got to thirty dollars So I went from thirty dollars to a

Dollar sixty and a couple years ago it Was it had peaked at 76 dollars so Bed Bath and Beyond first question is Will it go out of business The second question is Should you load the boats should you be Buying Bed Bath and Beyond I want I Wanted this I want this moment right Here go ahead I waited for this moment I Didn't talk to you about this because I Just want to know if we put in a Tombstone up tonight Santa It's all over about the second bed I'm I'm listen it was 88 back in 93. it was Almost at the price that it was at Um oh 93 sorry about that that it was in 1993 when I think doggy style came out 93. It's over with like and this is the Segment where we're just doing pure Common sense right when's the last time You went in Bed Bath and Beyond and you Spent 200 on anything Tough time And highly unlikely Um they've been in uh My favorite phrase precipitous decline Since 2016. Um they shot up a bit in 21 Them in Toys R Us for two other Companies that kind of signaled to me That we were coming into a recession Shout out to my OG red panda members

Um who were with me proud of 2020 but Yeah those that's a company when I Started to go see The inventory was slowing down the sales Were down I'm like we're going to have a Hard downturn and even when it had a few Up years and Mid 2010s 2010 through 20 14 that was Only a four year run when they did it Incredibly well Um I don't know maybe Ty Lopez will scooped This one up cheap like he did In 2020. How's Radio Shack doing Sorry Lopez where where's Ty Lopez how's Models doing killing oh where is he Though killing in his house Uh getting more knowledge now I will say Because I know shout out to Sean boss uh One of the guys who like does is Advertising In California Payless and all that Well talk about the title and if I'm Gonna be real he cleared because he Avoided all that Andrew Tate smoke too He was involved that was his Ty Lopez Was like the first Andrew Tate Ty Lopez So he's on that type of tone I don't Remember that I don't remember that so Before because anytime at scale you Start to show people how to make money And that's why I say you always have to

Pay the big and always have to pay the Toll road so when he was teaching people How to make money and do all this stuff And you know had all the programs he was Making it I want I want to say at one Point like Ty Lopez company was making Like 50 million dollars a month Gross right Then there was an exit strategy because There's only for so long you can be a Public figure and make a certain amount Of money and not get attacked from all Angles you got quiet 2020 happened made Some acquisitions So some of those off and he's one and I Always said it the true and Josh said it Too the true sign of wealth is when Someone just like slowly Fades to Black And now you let Andrew take come in with The little top G and come in And fill that void meanwhile Ty has more Time on his hands than ever and his Business is doing better than ever He exited at the right time Yeah well you have to know yeah it's all Lopez Bed Bath and Beyond Um I just wrote a few things man and I Think you nailed it like if you look at The same sales stores uh year over year Since 2017 it's been a decline I think Last last two years has been over 20 Percent store traffic has dwindled and We're in a recessionary environment and So you got to think about who was going

Into Bed Bath and Beyond and what are They spending money on right if people Don't have enough money for groceries They're probably not going to have Enough money for a blender Or candles or new pillows it's just I Mean you got to really decide on what You're going to be spending your money On And what's up [Music] What's up

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