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[Music] Deion Sanders yes has taken a job at Colorado University 's very passionate about this topic yeah But like I said it's bigger than Sports It is a financial topic on a variety of Different levels he left Jackson State University shout out to Jackson State Swac Champions undefeated yep to become The new head coach of Colorado University boulders They had a record of one in 11 last year They are in the pack 12. me and Troy were actually debating This yesterday yes we were so okay Passionately let's get into this Conversation Deion Sanders What are your thoughts on this uh Initial thoughts great move Um he's you know he set a trend uh about Going to hbcus and making it relevant to Celebrate uh what coaching could look Like when you add a social aspect to it When you add Flair to it when you add Swag to it he did all those things he Set out to change the lives of young men And young student athletes he's done That not only did he do it but he Involved his family right and so he had His daughter working there he had his Two sons playing He had the number one recruit in the Country come to the school all these

Things were attention Brought attention but even more so it Brought capital and it was one of the Things that we spoke about with him we Were in Jackson Mississippi and we saw The conditions that his student athletes Were preparing to play in and a lot of Them living in Um and we saw the revenue for Jackson go Up by 30 percent a lot of it was Attributed to what was going on with the Football team then how much does he get Paid I'm going to cut you off but how Much was he earning per year I think like 300 000. Right it was in the mid 100s right out Of game seven So I mean he did three seasons he went To a bowl game last season they were 10-2 this year they're 11-0 and Obviously will be in some type of bowl Game this year and it's about expansion Right he he never said that he was going To beat it for 50 years he never said he Was going to be there for 10 years he Said he wants to impact as many young Men's lives as possible has he done that Yes has he brought awareness to hpcu Football and sports and student Athletics absolutely What needs to happen to now in my Opinion is now that the trend has been Set Who files in the lead right you still

Have prominent football coaches And basketball coaches and I mean Professors that are still at these Universities in schools uh Eddie George Being one who's in his conference Sean Daddy George I know Ray Lewis is another Athlete who is a pro I mean Hall of Fame Talent that can do the same now that's Ray Lewis yeah what did he do no he's a Hall of he's trying to get into coaching Ray Lewis trying to become a coach and So somebody needs to he's lit the torch Now who carries the torch right because Now Dion gets to do it at another level Pac-12 is a power five conference The facilities are unmatched it's not Even comparable to where he was at And if you looked at the press Conference today He said listen not only am I coming here I'm bringing my luggage with me Right I'm not hiding that I'm a black Man that's obvious I'm not leaving a Black Culture I'm bringing my luggage With me he's bringing his son with him He's bringing some of his staff with him He's bringing the swag And he's going to bring his expertise And so it's it's a win for Dion and his Family it's a win for college sports Because I mean what we watching HBCU Football prior to this I know I'm a Die-hard sportsman I wasn't but anytime They came on ESPN2 I was watching I'm on

Instagram I'm watching I want to see What's happening with Jackson State Football so I'm happy for them I know Some people in in Mississippi probably Won't be and throughout hbcus probably Won't be but that's okay that's okay It's now somebody else's turn to to pick Up the torch and bring as much attention To the sport into these schools and Hopefully some of the alumni from these Schools will come back and look and say Look he can do that for their school Who's going to do it for ours and what Are we doing for ours because a lot of Prominent people that have graduated From Missouri black colleges They need y'all to come back and he said It on the episode we need y'all to come Back Need y'all to help because it is in dire Need of help Um so it's one story but it shouldn't be The only Um what is he earning now as a person Who lived in Colorado beautiful campus You got 30 million contract for five Years I think and that's still Underpinned Yeah yeah 30 million for five years Nick Saban makes 12 million dollars a Year at Alabama Dabo Sweeney makes 11 Million dollars at Clemson Like Guys this is an investment show so let's

Just talk brass tax around numbers that Is a hundred X return on investment So what if Jackson State would have gave Him Half of all increases on gross revenue Or concessions or jerseys or this the Deal part that we don't talk about now I'll just talk about the superior I Think a lot of the pushback was the University if it was like the Ohio uh Ohio State Are you Purdue Penn people could have Understood it Um UC Boulder needs a lot of work in Terms of the team But when you're looking at a hundred Extra turns so I want everyone to put in Chat not the real number but what is a 100x your salary and would you not leave Where you're working now to go somewhere Else I think one of number two the Biggest issue people may have had was a Succession plan so it's great that he's Taking his son a love that he has to do His best for him But I think one of the issues was Um for those that are in Mississippi Like hey what do we do about who will be Next So the succession although we can argue That's really not up to him and if he Wasn't getting the resources that he Needed sometimes you have to make an Offer so irresistible that a person will

Not leave you And JSU did not do that We also have to have the conversation as Do we want a limitation on the success Of the people that are in our space or Not I still don't think UC Boulder was Probably the best fit ultimately I think He should do two more terms at two Different schools and push really hard To be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys Be a hell of a story hell of a press run For all you Cowboys fans he's better Than the coach y'all have now I actually played the game at a high Level actually as a big draw Right Um so when you go to celebrity CEOs Celebrity coaches they do bring a Certain value To the table I think the biggest issue Is that it felt like he left us Um to go to Colorado But it's really hard to argue with 100x Return if people were not supporting Going to the games buying jerseys Because that's why I say it's one thing To support online and Instagram that's Not a real metric Support is actually showing up shout out To everybody in New York New Jersey Chicago Arizona La who showed up to Madison Square I appreciate you Um but we have to do a better job about

Having a strategic plan around how we Support our entrepreneurs because if We're going to be honest if we think if Meta is falling apart With the PowerHouse of Instagram and the Other Powerhouse of WhatsApp And they own them You think likes and reshares reposting The stories is actually moving the Needle that's a vanity metric that does Not matter that won't even save the Company they made it Um I'm happy for Dion I think he could Have picked a better school but if I get 100x Should I too I go invest and trade for UC Boulder too they give me 100 that's What I'm making right now and I'm Straight so I'm not mad at it but he was Underpaid then and now What's up [Music]

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