Coin shop owner wisdom on LOW PREMIUM silver

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The refiners do not want to melt these Or those nickels because there's too Much waste so under 80 percent silver They're just not interested would you be Able to Um show me an example of maybe what you Would charge compared to the red book 1900 ms63 on a Morgan Dollar kind of Putting me on the spot here Did you know SD bullion is giving away a Monster box of 2023 Silver Eagles sign Up today at sweepstakes There you go these are 35 silver because During World War II the copper and Nickel were strategic Metals for weapons And they had to come up with some way to Make these coins that were in demand so It was the nickel at that time was Perhaps more valuable than the silver Well more valuable for the war effort Not necessarily more valuable pound for Pound right you could always tell a Silver nickel because it's got a large Mint mark above the Dome and Interestingly unlike dimes and quarters That you don't find anymore and change You can still find a silver nickel in Change because at Quick Glance it Doesn't really look much different than Anything else and so once in a great While you'll get one of these in change But you'll always know it's silver with The big mint mark above the Dome yeah if You've got a jar of change you

Definitely need to look through it for Uh for war nickels because you get some Free silver I mean you're charging a Dollar fifty so obviously this is worth A lot more than five morning was 1.39 so It's just just right about melt so this Is probably one of the best deals do People buy these for like stacking Purposes definitely yeah it's an like an Entry level coin to stack with not very Expensive but definitely silver so this Would probably be one of the lowest Premium things you guys have in the shop The 40 Kennedy half dollars These are melting the hair under four Dollars this morning Wow look at that so from 1965 to 1970 The Kennedy half dollars were the only Coins that still had any silver in them Right they went from 90 and 64 and these Five uh these six years they made it in 40 Silver and people buy these for Stacking as well yes well I mean that's A great price if you're basically Getting these at spot but the premium on The 90 is you know getting up there Certainly uh this would be a better Option to get more silver but when People go to sell these they're going to Get probably under spot you think Definitely they're not as desirable and One of the reasons is unfortunately a Lot of this as we said in an earlier Video is getting melted the refiners do

Not want to melt these or those nickels Because there's too much waste so we're Under 80 silver they're just not Interested yeah so it doesn't make any Sense for them to try and refine out the Copper and whatnot I mean they can but It's just a real messy job oh I mean They still are cool and it still is Silver and certainly if you're trading Silver person-to-person bartering and Someone else is willing to accept it for The silver value right then this would Probably be be a better option because It's such a lower premium but just be Aware in that scenario where there is Barter that a 1964 Kennedy half is 90 Silver and none of us should accept one Of these as a 90 if it is 65 through 70. I've heard that the 70s are a little bit More rare do they have a bit more of a Premium or no one really cares no they Do because they were only available in Mint sets and proof sets they were not Available for circulate General business Strikes and so they are far more scarce So pretty much the 1965 to 1969 Kennedy Half dollars are you know the Run-of-the-mill ones if you have a 70 Maybe pull it out because yeah it's got A it's got a premium above Um these however sometimes you see them Tarnished and worn because someone broke It out of a set years ago and spent it And so it might end up in a tray like

This if you look through here you know You could find us 1970. wasn't there Also Um like the bicentennial year or Something there was one that was silver There was um there was the the Eisenhower dollar the Kennedy half Dollar and the Washington quarter were 40 that year in fact it's the only year Washington quarters were 40 Silver Really 1976. and those were only Available in a in a special set yes Adrian can show you here Oh wow and is this a proof set yes this Is the three-piece uncirculated set this Is so insane there's a quarter that's 40 Silver I've never heard of that before Yeah it's it's a one-year type so if You're again if you're a collector of Washington quarters that's an Interesting one to have okay so we have Three different Eisenhower dollars here This one in the Brown case is the brown Egg yes and those are usually proof I'm Always proof actually in those some People have bought these directly from The mint yes so those were purchased From the mint and um quite popular so People still enjoy collecting those Eisenhower dollars they're 40 Silver Those are forty percent yes and then the Blue ones here people also bought those From The Mint or where do people get These yes so they would come in these

Envelopes And these were 40 yes okay so we got 40 40 and 40. well so what's the name for This one then so it's it's the Bicentennial set it's a three-piece Silver three piece silver yeah Okay see the back here Liberty Bell There oh wow look at that as these have The eagle on the back Yeah the eagle oh that's so interesting So these were the only times that the Eisenhower dollars were made out of Silver right well from I think it's 71 To 75 or through seven and there's 76 Yeah the proof the only way to get them Was from the mint they weren't they were Never released as business strikes for Circulation yeah because people are Always asking me or thinking oh I have All of these old Eisenhower dollars they Must be silver but it's kind of rare That they are these are the only three Times they would have been we get a lot Of calls people say we have a bunch of Silver Eisenhower dollars and I and I Ask are they in the government sets or Holders and if they say no almost always They are what Adrian's showing here the Clad ice nickel copper nickel the main Way you can tell is the edge of the Dollar here oh right just like with Regular coins yeah so it looks a little Bit more white when they're the um the 40 Silver should you compare those two

Edges there yeah you could certainly Tell which one's the silver so that's Pretty much the best way to to figure Out if it's silver or not just look at The edge that's a quick way to look at It yeah I guess with any with any coin Right yeah if you're not sure of the Dates The Edge isn't a giveaway that's Another thing like I was saying with History of coins I still learned Something new every time I come in here It's the thing you know with Harry we Always talk about it so we're learning Every day you know we never like to Think that we know it all but I mean It's it's in this business you're always Learning something new yeah we love the The collecting aspect of coins not just The bullion which is important for sure To a lot of us But we started out as collectors not Stackers yeah and so we have a love for All coins be it ancient or collectible Us or just modern foreign we have in Bins over there thousands of coins at 15 Cents each and there's not a day goes by That a few people don't sit there for an Hour or so going through those yeah Because it's a hobby and it's supposed To be fun absolutely uh one of the coins That I know is very highly collected That everyone always asks about is the Morgan dollars yes and I know you guys Have quite a few well I mean we have a

Wide range of them we have some here That we keep in trees different Conditions different years And I mean yeah I mean this is you can Find some really nice stuff with some Good uh lusts are still in them and yeah Definitely a nice selection of them And so these are going for 35 each yes And so this is not considered junk Silver yeah there's definitely a Collector base for for the Morgans as You were saying so people are buying This for the date and condition and that Kind of stuff but this is where someone Would want to start with uh sort of the Probably lower grade cheaper Morgan Dollars definitely and uh we do have Some nicer ones that are uncirculated Which I can show you understand so it's A really nice series I mean starts from 78 1878 it goes to 1904 and then it Starts again in 21. so definitely nice Series that you know it speculated that It was designed after a school teacher Really this image of Lady Liberty yes But the the guy who did the design his Name was Morgan or C Morgan yes okay so That's what they call them Morgan Dollars yeah but yeah you see here we Have quite a bit a variety different Conditions mint marks years So these if you had to uh speculate the Grade I know a lot of them they say Unk Right or uncirculated yes

Is that something you would do or people Need to look at them and decide oh I Think this is a ms62 or what yeah so we We never like to put a an actual grade On the coin if it's not in a holder of Course okay um because it's you know It's just I feel like it's just an Opinion you know unless it's in a holder Then you know we'll sell it as what it Is so we price them accordingly to what It's in the men's State condition and Then you know if it if you think that Agree it's a 63 and that's something you Want to buy then you know that's that's What you can do and we've had people That come in and say Hey you know this Coin graded really well and yeah they'll Buy it for essentially Ms 60 money But they come back with a 63 grade and It's a nice you know they scored and That's good yeah Good morning if people are trying to Figure out the value of their Morgan Dollars maybe they inherited some or Maybe they bought them a long time ago Do you recommend them using like the red Book I see you guys got the red book Here or what's the best way to sort of Price the coins the red book is very High retail okay part of the reason is There they come out a year in advance Like the 2024 has just got released oh Really we're still in early 2023 so They're anticipating always into the

Future it's a good The pricing in there the relative Pricing is really handy so in other Words if if you see a column of coins Worth 40 40 and you see one that's 180 You know that that date and mint mark is An exception to the norm right so even Though that the relative price to the Reality might be high relative to the Other common ones it tells you hey I've Got a rarity here so it's it's a good It's a good resource it's a good tool But for for figuring out an exact price You would say these prices are a little Bit elevated typically I believe they Are I think there's a lot of good Information on the web you can go to and you can you can get an idea What something's worth would you be able To Um show me an example of maybe what you Would charge compared to the red book Like could we look one of these coins up And just see take our chances here Um yeah I guess if you have a graded one That's probably the best way to do it Um 1900 ms-63 on a Morgan Dollar kind of Putting me on the spot here That's what we like to do right okay so Here here's an example the red book says This coin is worth 85 all right we say It's worth 80. not a material difference But definitely higher in the red book

Yeah well there you go yeah and I was Just honestly curious because I always See Morgan dollars all the coin shops Have them it's definitely a big deal People are interested in but I just Don't have that information I don't know That much about them because I never Collected them really well you see a lot Of them because number one a lot of them Were made but more importantly they're a Beautiful coin probably the most popular Series collected of the United States Series and it's a big heavy coin that Has a lot of room for the design so it's On a bigger bigger canvas if you were Thinking of of a painting and maybe they Were a little bit less circulated I Don't know I feel like there's a lot of Them and still pretty decent condition Compared to the other silver coins There's a reason for that actually there Was a lot of politics involved and with The silver uh interests the miners Wanting the government to Mint these Coins as a place to sell their their Silver particularly out of the Nevada Mines and A lot of them were unnecessary so they Lived for decades and decades in storage In sewn canvas bags and never saw the Light a day because they weren't Necessary for Commerce dollar was a Decent amount of money people carried You know the Workhorse in the early

1900s was the nickel yeah a nickel could Buy you lunch but there were over 400 Million altogether minted so there are Some rare dates to be sure but there are A lot of Morgan dollars still out there If someone wanted to collect U.S mint Coins today this is something that they Could reasonably try and find a good Amount of them at not too high of a Price and they could have a beautiful Collection with some key exceptions yes So some of the coins are just too rare Too expensive I mean the 1893 s and 1895 Philadelphia it's a proof only issue and Once you get into the Carson cities some Of the San Francisco mints so it Definitely becomes challenging but I Mean we get them all so it's we have Collectors that come in here to complete Their Collections and you guys also will Sell some of these online too right with The whatnot app yeah so um we we have a Presence on whatnot we do a lot of type Coins we do some some gold some silver Um we actually have a show coming up Here we try to run at least one to two a Week and we do plan on growing that Um so yeah we definitely have a lot of Silver dollars on there a lot of type Coins so yeah definitely a place where We set them that's awesome well once Again we're here at uh Harry's coin shop And their selection does not disappoint Whatnot we're under the username Beach

City coins um Beach City coins City Coins yes well hey I learned a lot today We went over a lot of cool coins I Really appreciate the time and uh we'll Have to do it again well thank you Silver Dragon thank you yep yep thank You

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