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My uh vocational occupation was a New York City firefighter where I've made Another family so to speak I had to Joined the fire department in March Of 84. You Walked In the first day you were Treated as a member of family The value of the dollar is what's really Frightening myself as I grow older and For the future of my family as they try To build their own families Precious metals in my eyes are just Another Avenue to create wealth or Create stability in life My experience with U.S money has been as Advertised What they say they're going to do they Do They deliver as promised if you've Bought gold in the past or would like to Learn more about why physical gold Should be an important part of your Portfolio pick up the phone and call to Receive the complete guide to buying Gold which will provide you important Never seen before facts and information You should know about making gold silver And platinum purchases My father he worked in Brooklyn And my mother she was a remarkable woman She'd take us into the city for parades And anything that we wanted to do we got There It was just a different world than it is Today you know it was it was screaming

Out the front door you know dinner And if you didn't come home you didn't You didn't eat And they'd be right back out and uh play Again My father tell me stories you know he's A depression baby The security of having something to lean On Something to uh you know get you through Any hard times or anything which may uh Pop up See how they all get together now and Then in unity there is strength right or At least safety all my family that's Been instilled in them and we've been Pretty good at it uh unfortunately some Of the people I've grown up with do not Have that same dedication and they may Not be reaping the benefits of saving as We get older Our country and uh the whole world in General it's it's frightening as uh I don't know if we can maintain our Standard of living you know people talk That The last generation will be the first One that hasn't lived better than the Than the prior one And that's frightening because you're Always looking to you know make mankind Better in the big picture you really Have to kind of have some sort of plan As to how you're going to get through

How you're going to pull your family Through and what kind of lessons you're Going to leave for your for your family And uh and the people behind you founded At the turn of the 21st century U.S Money Reserve has over 2.3 billion Dollars in trusted transactions and is One of the nation's largest precious Metals Distributors we are proud to have Served more than 650 000 individual Clients providing them with more than 3.8 million physical bars bullion or Coins all securely shipped directly from Our main Vault facility at U.S money Reserve we know the importance of Selecting the right Gold Silver Platinum And Palladium options to help provide Long-term wealth protection for your Portfolio Call to received the complete guide to Buying gold which will provide you Important never seen before facts you Should know about making gold silver Platinum and Palladium purchases They're beautiful pieces certainly works Of art all but that's not their function Their function is to keep you viable in The days weeks and years ahead Like on this table here right now There's gold there's silver I have Palladium in my hand right now And you see all the different forms That's in You know it's all about building for

Your family This is stuff I hopefully I'll never Need to Cash in or trade in just like to pass on To my family But should the day come who I need Cash for whatever reason This will be A better hedge than if I kept the cash Myself All I would say is take a look There's something for everybody if you Do want to get involved All it is a phone call it's a great Company I really think I've done a good thing Here and uh solidified Some security for my family down the Line Pick up the phone and call America's Gold Authority U.S money Reserve with Two decades in business over a billion Dollars in transactions and more than a Half a million clients worldwide U.S Money Reserve is one of the most Dependable Gold Distributors in America

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