CHEVRON HAS A RECORD BREAKING 2022 – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Uh Chevron Chevron has a record-breaking 2022. Profits were 35 billion for the year Well their historic run continue in 2023 Chevron nobody's ever talking about Chevron that's the that's the crazy Thing about it like who's ever talking About Chevron Oil I mean I mean I'm just talking about Just in general what they've I got you The general World got you Um oil is not dead apparently So let's talk about that yeah if you Look at the number one sector last year Was energy So I think energy was up 23 last year uh Some some number like that These are one of those Necessities when We talk about the things that you will Need right These things are Necessities assuming Sable's assessities energy is a Necessity Chevron had a great quarter uh and I'll Let you touch on it a little bit but I Mean tomorrow we're going to see another Company that nobody talks about that's Probably gonna have an even better Quarter in Exxon right they're looking At what did they do 35 billion they're Looking at estimated of 56 to 59 billion In Revenue Um for the year so

Energy is one of those those sectors man When when you get the time and write on It and you look at the world factors Obviously the crisis in Russia we've Seen you know all prices Spike and we You know we haven't had a solution there Yet so This is one of those sectors man you got You got to look at and this is a Stallworth this is one of those those Legacy Brands especially when and wait Wait Define stalworth come on you're in Teacher mode Let's Go It was a Texas reference Um I got it Yeah it's just one of those those Legacy Companies Um that you know we we don't think about When we think of investors because it's Just it's not sexy enough you know it's Just not sexy enough but there's growth There if you you get into the right uh If you're getting at the right number Yeah Chevron is the second most dominant Player in the energy space Um amazing management uh also please Write this down anytime that oil or Energy companies go up a lot it's Usually a sign that we are in a Recession so one of the indicators I'm Looking at I told you before to see if We come out of a recession that's how Well Um China's covet policy is reversed so

When they start to let people come out Of mass number two how well Alibaba does Number three I'm looking at Chevron to See how well they do this year which Would be an indication on if we are in a Recession or not so if you go back to Four years is 1985 IPO the law of that year was 7.31 by 2002 it was at 32.50 which is a great Load to vote price for the stock Um so incredible return from there from 2002 up to 2016. it was at 77.84 Another great loadable price and 2020 it Came down to 50.97 from there it went from 50 to 174. Um this is what I always say too I'm not Trying to play both sides of the coin But this is why I say you need to hold For five because minimum ideally 30 to Maximize your wealth and invest in the Top two companies uh Chevron has amazing Management I don't think they'll have The same kind of run this year but if They get to like 102.46 Sometime this year or next year I'll be Really happy and I see it going back up To like 172. Um from the entry point but yes I don't Think they'll have the same Record-breaking year that they did last Year but it is absolutely an amazing Company we got to keep those things like You said recession inflation all these

Things play into a role we talk about Gas prices going up oil prices going up Obviously the profits are going to go up As well for the company that's producing It so Almost every asset class works if you Hold it for a long period of time Um the biggest mistake we make is Holding on to assets for too little and Sometimes we do it in personal Relationships you like you got what We're trying not to because you're smart But everyone in the audience and Everyone watching have you ever like Held on to a bad relationship too long And then you have something good and You're like We'll often do the same thing with Um a great company versus a bad one like When everyone was aims GameStop and AMC Crazy I didn't hear anyone mention the Exxon really or Chevron and these turned Out to be two really good stocks to hold For the long term yeah as well Yep All right well We'll we'll monitor the situation but Can we Monitor and bring Shield shouty Out please Chill out you uh yeah we're gonna chill You can't Um Can't go crazy every week you gotta you Know take take time I learned that the

Hard way too take time off so I'm gonna Be diplomatic diplomatic this time Around And you need me to get the leather Jacket I can go back to my normal state Diplomatic man hit the like button And share this video Please you know Kevin Sammy used to he Used to just not even talk until they Got a certain amount of likes I'm not Talking we should do the same thing Rest in peace Kevin Samuel to The Godfather God Father Yes I know we talked about on CNBC but I Think it's a huge mistake that match Tucker mtch or hinge or Bumble I think They took us B and bl did not grab him Or any of the people in the dating space To put their content exclusively on Their app Huge mistake match give us a call I got A couple ideas because y'all start Getting beat up too so Valentine's Day Around the corner and if you need to get Your love life together match call us Well we can you know I think matches at 52 bucks right now is at 182 back in 2021 You your stock is taking up pounding Like how some of you are going on Valentine's Day you know what I'm saying Just kidding these are jokes written by

85 South Charlemagne to God or Andrew Schultz The boy funny Gotta protect providing no respectfully British pounds Hey Dad your king comedy special is Coming soon let's go But what do I know Valentine's Day Is fastly approaching approaching I hope everybody start acting right You've earned your love out there earn Your love on your love Valentine's Day is here man it's here And there's no can we get me and Brittany right on our first episode but Then Everything was popping What are we doing Hey Yeah [Laughter] There you have it shout out to Amber Rose Amber been Wilding lately yeah Amber Rose Hey Amber Oh man yes Yes Hey y'all Boy Very important You want to run down some songs um well I'm gonna talk about this restaurant Situations let's do that so many

Restaurants are beginning to test Digital only restaurants How will this affect the economy Over the next decade what is a digital Only restaurant Um remember when ghost kitchens got Really popular during covet and people Were like having pop-ups and delivering The food that Taco Bell is the one that Uh issued in and shout out to academic Because he's the one who I saw make the Post first they did a pilot here in Texas where the Taco Bell was fully Automated I think I had one person in There like watching everything but no Employees Um I have a buddy that works in a Restaurant industry and they said in Four years they want to have majority Like 30 of the workforce to be I mean 30 Of the restaurants that are fast food Based to be robot driven so you Potentially could have a lot of these Restaurants Um Eliminate Workforce would clear up a lot Of money on a bug save a lot of Revenue And probably could drive profits I've Been looking at Darden Restaurants and tickers dri historically An amazing company to invest in I'm mad I didn't call in 2020. 2020 went down to 29.11 it is now at 146.92 everyone put in chat what are

Some of the companies that Darden owns Um but for lower and probably won't be McDonald's but like Burger King Taco Bell Jack in the Box uh In and Out Burger I can see them making a switch to Put in Automation and for everyone who May think that it's crazy I don't know If you've been to the grocery store Lately self-check I was getting bigger And bigger and I'm seeing less people at The checkout Lanes when I actually do go To The grocery store um and if I was a Business owner the profitability of a Place would go up tremendously if I only Had one person working inside of the Business and all of your orders would be In push out the drive-through by Um by robots I'm sure Dan Cathy won't Adjust to this model because he has an Amazing Dank had together no more trap house on Earth like the efficiency of Chick-fil-A And they're happy every time I'm like How do you do it but Burger King or Jack In the Box or uh You know there's a couple other Restaurants that that need some help I Think their profits will increase Dramatically unfortunately for a lot of Us That um you know in our communities Those jobs are going to be taken away And they'll never be replaced that's the

Trade-off and I truly believe this Automation is being done to destroy the Job market for us Yeah I mean that a lot of people I mean You know a lot of people start you know Especially young young adults they work In these these job environments um so to Have that type of automation is like When we talk about you have to have a Skill set you need to start training Kids and educating kids on different Type of skill sets and different type of Tech it's for a reason man because there Won't be opportunities for them right And if there's no opportunities for them We know what comes on the other side of That right poor decision making You know you know Reckless yes a lot of That comes with not having opportunity In economic resources so It's scary man who was it was a Taco Bell that that did it first they have The automated yeah Taco Bell I want to go check it out yo Quiero Taco Bell another eight Taco Bell In my life you Of course really yeah I never of course Taco Bell when I was in college I ate Taco Bell Uh chicken burrito chicken bro So that was like uh Taco Bell yeah that's tough shout out to KFC remember the honey barbecue wings When they first dropped used to be fire

Back in the day KFC changed the game Three times so honey barbecue original Um the original Batter when they was cooking up when They was cooking up with the original is That pause That changed the game and then they came Out with those Um Those uh honey honey barbecue joints and That was revolutionary that was those Are different that was very Revolutionary at the time was the third Um the sandwich potato wedges Maybe They were the first to do that ever That was the first saw Bay but yeah no They didn't start using that test tube Chicken No no you couldn't pay me chicken Cocaine white like chicken somebody put Popcorn chicken look like this I'm like I've never seen chicken that white ever Movie yes just for clarity you couldn't Pay me to eat this stuff now you can't Eat KFC right now yeah yo this is There's an Infinity I'm telling you Jamaica you won't go to a diner in New York what do you mean this is something About KFC that Jamaicans just have an Affection for like this if you look you Don't see any other fast food in Jamaica You will see a Kentucky Fried Chicken There's just something that we I don't Know what it is I don't know I mean

Because black people love chicken it's Just a little it's different though we Got like we got food it's just one of These things it's not hard to figure out Mike can we clip that out [Music] I know they can't stand it

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